PURINA is present at the Pet Festival to promote the care and well-being of pets, the people they love and the planet we share

Linda Velha May 19, 2022 – PURINA is once again joining the Pet Festival, the largest event dedicated to educators and pets in Portugal, which takes place on May 20, 21 and 22, at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL), in the Parque of Nations.
Because we believe we’re better in the company of our pets, will PURINA highlight its goal of making a difference in the lives of animals, the people they love and the planet we share? With brands and products such as GOURMET Revelations and PURINA PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR – the first and only cat food with the ability to reduce allergens in cat fur – among other dynamics that will add value to the whole family!

At Purina, we care here and here
The PURINA Pavilion will invite visitors to the Pet Festival to learn more about PURINA’s commitments to animals, families and the planet.
At PURINA, we take care of what matters to you so you can live a happy and healthy life with your best friend. Nutrition is at the heart of our business.? But that’s not all we do.
In a space where we give insight into the PURINA commitments, through the company’s CARE HERE AND HERE campaign, we invite consumers to sign up for our database to receive all the necessary advice for their best friends to enjoy a healthy and happy life.?
• The first 3,000 consumers to register or update their dog or cat profile will receive a PURINA bag containing samples and brand brochures.
PURINA PetSchool: Future Teachers Corner
PURINA cares about the youngest, and wants to provide them with all the information so that they become responsible guardians and care about the happiness and health of pets. Thus, families with children will be able to learn about the PetSchool project, through the PetSchool guide presented at the brand stand.
# Together we are better
To engage the fan community, the brand invites all visitors to the Pet Festival to sign up for the moment with a photo of how we really are better with our pets, using #JuntosWe are Melhor when sharing on social networks.

PURINA PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR: The first and only food that has the ability to reduce allergens in cat fur.
Sensitivity to cat allergens is a problem that affects one in five adults worldwide. That’s why, after more than 10 years of research, PURINA PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR, a revolutionary cat food that reduces, on average, 47% of allergens in cat fur, starting in the third week of daily feeding*. This will be the featured product in the PRO PLAN space so that those passing by will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of the product, namely the ability to neutralize the main allergens produced by cats, Fel d 1, in a simple and safe way and allowing these teachers to enjoy the company of their best feline friends.

PRO + . plan
The PRO PLAN loyalty program is now 100% digital. The new PRO PLAN+ platform will also have a dedicated area in the PRO PLAN space, where teachers can interact with the brand and receive awards. With the new platform, teachers can easily register purchases of PRO PLAN products, which are worth points that can be redeemed for products! In PRO PLAN + educators will also be able to take advantage of a range of services that help them in their daily lives, such as recording events in the lives of companion animals on the agenda, finding pet-friendly places, animal stores and veterinary clinics, finding out all the news and you can still Access to exclusive benefits!

GOURMET: All the refinement to our cats!
GOURMET Revelations, the latest recipes from the GOURMET collection will enrich your pet festival experience. With the smooth texture of fluffy mousse, topped with a streak of delicious sauce, that reveals itself after the meal is placed on the plate, GOURMET Revelations has truly conquered the preference of cats and educators. An authentic culinary experience for true connoisseurs!

“Nutrition is at the core of what Purina does, but it is not everything we do. We work on 10 different commitments that help us take care of our pets, the people they love and our planet. The brand is already making a difference through innovation to improve the health and well-being of pets, by promoting transparency and quality across their product range; by helping reduce the risk of obesity in dogs and cats; by encouraging responsible adoption through partnerships; by promoting the presence of companion animals in the workplace; by educating children through programs on how to be a responsible guardian; or by Improving the environmental performance of branded product packaging and implementing sustainable sourcing.This is why it is important for us to go hand in hand with the Pet Festival, a creative event where we see ourselves for the affection and dedication we have towards pets, teachers and passionate friends of the animal world. Pet.”, Joao Castanheira, Purina Portugal Business Executive.

About Nestlé Purina
Purina believes that animals and humans are better together and is committed to helping animals live longer, healthier, and happier lives by providing them with the best care. For 125 years, PURINA has been a leader in developing food innovations and according to the highest standards of quality and safety. The brand thus contributes to a significant improvement in the health and well-being of pets.
PURINA’s passion for animals extends beyond nutritional developments, and in 2016, PURINA PetCare Europe launched the 10 Commitments of PURINA in Society to make a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them, including encouraging animal adoption, and the existence of animals. In the workplace, establish programs to reduce obesity risks. Purina is committed to doing more for animals, their families, and the planet we share.
NESTLÉ PURINA, a global manufacturer of pet products, is part of Switzerland-based Nestlé SA, a global leader in nutrition, health and wellness.
For more information, visit the PURINA website: www.purina.pt.


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