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After Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Dias Toffoli blocked President Jair Bolsonaro (PL)’s move against Minister Alexandre de Moraes, the retired captain contacted the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PGR).

The allegation is that Moraes would have used his power, in an “unjustified investigation” of the false news investigation. Through a messaging app, Bolsonaro said the minister’s position would be “a disrespect for the constitution and contempt for fundamental rights and guarantees.”

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However, PGR Augusto Aras must follow Toffoli’s understanding and take no further action. The STF Minister, in his decision, stated that the facts raised by Bolsonaro “do not constitute a crime and there is no just cause for the continuation of the act.”

“The facts described in ‘News Crime’ do not provide evidence, even if slight, of criminal significance, and there is no possibility of framing the imputed behavior in any of the model numbers indicated,” Toffoli said in the decision.

Toffoli also argued that the STF “has already had the opportunity to address some of the issues raised here, and the use of ‘criminal news’ as a substitute for appeal or as a way of reviving issues that have already been appreciated and well established” cannot be accepted by the court.

Bolsonaro and Dias Toffoli / Marcos Correia / PR

After the procedure was rejected, Toffoli’s decision was sent to the Attorney General’s Office, and sent to the office of the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, Lindora Araujo, one of Augusto Arras’s assistants.

This is not the first time Bolsonaro has taken an initiative against Moraes. In August of last year, the president sent a motion to the Senate to impeach a minister and remove him for an eight-year term from any public office. The Speaker of the House, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), did not bring the matter to plenary and hung the case off the shelf.

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Although he refused, the measure would be used politically by Bolsonaro to maintain the existing tension with the judiciary. The tone of bitterness rose after the retired captain granted a presidential pardon to Federal Rep. Daniel Silvera (PRTB-RJ), rescinding the eight-year and nine-month prison sentence handed out by the STF for involvement in anti-democratic actions and attacks on institutions. .

Bolsonaro is doing school

Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) did his homework and said that if the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) does not make the changes indicated by the armed forces, the reaction “will not be judicial.” He said this Wednesday (18), in an interview with SBT . Newswhich “cannot predict what will happen in Brazil” during this year’s elections.

Following in his father’s footsteps, the senator said the armed forces would have shown the Supreme Electoral Tribunal’s “weaknesses” in the electoral process. “If they accept the invitation and show problems, we will solve the problem because otherwise it will generate distrust of the outcome, whatever it is, because the population is watching.”

Son of President Flavio Bolsonaro / Sergio Lima / Agence France-Presse

The president’s son was also asked about the reaction of the Bolsonaro groups if the former Labor candidate, former President Lula, won the election. But he said he was “convinced” that his father would be re-elected in the first round of elections. Otherwise, there will be a “judicial dilemma for whom? for themselves? ”

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“that they [TSE] Concerned about their image. They do not care about democracy nor respect for the will of the majority of the population, and this is very dangerous. What will happen [se Bolsonaro perder] I don’t know, but it is clear that this will lead to a revolution in a large part of the population. It is up to TSE to solve this problem.”

Joao Doria, the last card of his own deck

MDB, PSDB and Citizenship, at a meeting of the presidents of the three parties, respectively Bruno Araujo, Palea Rossi and Roberto Freire, decided that Senator Simon Tibet (MDB-MS) would be the third name in this year’s presidential election. As a result, the former governor of São Paulo was left out of the picture by the political group.

However, the decision will still be endorsed by the parties’ national executive councils, which are scheduled to convene next Tuesday (24).

The senator’s name won the spot Doria had been struggling to get after a poll on voting intentions commissioned by the Guimarães Institute by the three acronyms showed Tibet the most electoral potential and the least disapproval. In the latest Genial/Quaest poll, Doria emerged with 3% voting intent, versus 1% for Tebet.

Joao Doria / Nelson Almeida / AFP

On Monday (16), Doria accused the SPD leadership of coup d’état and rejected the criteria for quantitative and qualitative polls for voting intentions used by his party, MDB and Cidadania to choose a name for the so-called “third way”.

“we ask you to [Bruno Araújo, presidente da legenda] Respect for the PSDB Basic Law and the will democratically expressed by the vast majority of the thirty thousand voters of our party,” said the former governor of São Paulo in a letter to Araujo.

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Although we legitimately won party rallies, coup attempts continued. Doria said in the letter, which was also signed by her husband, a lawyer.

This Tuesday (17), Federal Representative Ishio Neves (PSDB-MG), during a party meeting to determine the future of the candidacy, said Doria “will have two alternatives: the gesture of political grandeur, which some still expect, or staying in this confrontation – then, It is clear that he will take on the responsibilities ahead.”

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