Paolo Cupertino’s daughter says she is comfortable with prison and doesn’t want to keep in touch with her father | Sao Paulo

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Isabella was a friend of Rafael Miguel. Security camera footage shows that he shot the three victims 13 times. Isabella and her mother were witnesses to the crime, but the killer did not target them and they were not shot. At the time, she was 18 years old.

  • Paolo Cupertino is undergoing a custody hearing and must be referred to the CDP in Guarulhos

“Having to get all of this back is not easy, especially through all the efforts to separate my image from all these negative repercussions, but it’s news that doesn’t relieve much, but it doesn’t solve much. It’s very good to know that he was caught. It’s out of justice. I want him to He pays for what he did,” Isabella said.

Rafael Miguel's sister talks about the feeling after the arrest of Paulo Cupertino

Rafael Miguel’s sister talks about the feeling after the arrest of Paulo Cupertino

The young woman said that she had tried many times in these three years to get up, but to no avail. She said she’d like to work, but companies prefer “divergence”. Isabella works in the commercial district.

Isabella Tippirani, daughter of Paolo Cupertino, says she does not want to keep in touch with her father and is relieved by the arrest – Photo: TV Globo

Regarding her father, Isabella said that she does not want to maintain any kind of connection and nothing that comes of it surprises her.

Tibsharani said.

Upon his arrest, Cupertino stated that “his daughter is happier now than she was when she was dating the boy.”

The young woman also said that she always remembered Rafael Miguel with great affection and love. “Today it is no longer a burden to talk about it because we are learning how to deal with the pain. There are times when we have nothing else to do, you have to go on living and connected with my life, but I always remember him with so much affection and love. And his parents too.”

Isabella Ticherani and Rafael Miguel were friends until her father shot and killed the actor in 2019 – Photo: clone / social networks

Cupertino ranked first on the wanted list

“Always Fringe” is a phrase tattooed on the forearm of Paolo Cupertino, the killer of actor Rafael Miguel – Photo: Reproduction / Police Civil DSP

The search for and arrest of Cupertino became a matter of honor for the civil police of São Paulo, who were on the verge of arresting the wanted a few years ago, when he was in hiding in other states, such as Mato Grosso do Sul, and even abroad. , such as Paraguay. In these places, he came to dress up and work.

Cupertino is included in Interpol’s Red Diffusion, the first name on the list of the most dangerous and wanted criminals by the São Paulo police.

When he arrived at the police headquarters, Cupertino denied the crimes committed by the journalists. “I’m innocent. I didn’t kill anyone.”

According to the police officers who arrested the killer, he returned to the capital, São Paulo, because he needed the money to continue hiding. Therefore, he lived in a rented building and was trying to work with the informal street trade.

Spent the night in Police District 77 (DP), Santa Cecilia, downtown.

Actor Rafael Miguel dies: Remember the case

Actor Rafael Miguel dies: Remember the case

Rafael is known in the media for playing the character Paçoca in the SBT TV series “Chiquititas”, and for his work in a popular commercial in which a child asks his mother about broccoli. He has also worked on Globo series, such as “Pé na Jaca”, “Cama de Gato” and the year-end special “O Natal do Menino Emperor”. Read more about the actor.

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