Motorsports, technology and top speed in decision-making

What is the common denominator between the lives of a racing driver and corporate decision makers? We can summarize the search for solutions and firm answers in the shortest possible time. After all, just as in motorsports, where drivers have a margin of milliseconds to decide what to do at every turn or overtake, we live in an increasingly fluid and dynamic corporate world, full of stimuli and demands, that require that let us be Faster to follow everything that is happening around us and make more assertive decisions when deciding which direction to take in business.

Decisions made without concrete data, such as revenue indicators, sales results, accounts payable and receivable, for example, can destroy the company’s image and internal operations, leading to a loss of control and even huge losses.

On the other hand, there is an urgent issue, whereby we are required to be more flexible and efficient when making a decision. Faced with this scenario, the big dilemma for managers remains: use the brakes to be more assertive, or accelerate even if you do not have the necessary information on hand so as not to lose your place in the competition?

If these options were cars in a race, none would come first. This is because, in the first case, valuable time that could mean closing a large contract would be wasted. While in the second case, there is an increase in risk, because there is no control over the repercussions, not to mention the damage that may occur later in the company’s operations. Winning the answer lies in combining speed with the ability to deliver the right data, to the right people at the right time. After all, everything today revolves around information.

Technology, through cloud computing and collaboration solutions, for example, is undoubtedly an ally that is indispensable to achieve this level of speed and reliability. To give you an idea, the currently major partners of professional racing teams are technology companies that provide solutions that are able to help communicate and improve the processes that teams go through to prepare drivers and cars, with the goal of making them more competitive, even while racing.

Using the cloud, can decision-makers, as well as pilots and authors of the auto access to important data wherever they are – in the car or in the pits or in the home office or in the office or on the road – to determine the direction you should go, information counter, either from other business sectors or the other racers to take a broad look at what is happening around them, and the possibilities that can be explored: in the case of the pilot, the best way to overtaking by example; The decision maker, provide a discount for the customer, or embark on a marketing action focused on a specific target audience, based on the size of their stocks.

Additionally, in a cloud computing environment, where there are no limitations on storage and data processing capacity, racing teams can run thousands of simulations regarding every event they will be competing in, such as wet or dry weather, crashes and crashes. Time to refuel at the stop, etc., in order to prepare for the unexpected. Decision makers can do the same regarding long-term company growth, seasonal sales scenarios, among many other examples, which are vital to good corporate planning.

Collaboration tools already keep integrated internal teams working together more easily and more productively. As it happens in the race where each team sends out real-time instructions and actions based on road conditions, engine, vehicle fuel level etc., to help the pilot make the best and timely decisions, the areas of the company need to communicate constantly in one channel to provide similar statistics.

Both technologies are closely related to the operations of any business, regardless of the sector, since they “connect” people and information, so that together they can build an efficient production environment, aligned with the goals and objectives of the company, and which is directly reflected in the way business is done.

That’s why I firmly believe in the partnership between technology companies and highly competitive racing teams, such as the Porsche Cup, one of the fiercest and most advanced competitions in motorsport. Being in the Porsche Cup, caring for driver Andrei Gaidzinsky, is a way that we, as a company, have found to make our customers, employees and partners realize that going forward, it is necessary to be agile in decision-making, whether to reach the highest peak on the podium, or to close a new deal

So do not stop at the beginning, start by placing the information technology area in the center of your business, looking for able to meet your partners. In this way, your team can begin to identify opportunities and resolve gaps, to start the digital transformation is necessary to put your company in the new information age is the most flexible and dynamic. Do not waste time, because the life decision-makers require maximum speed.

Written by Cesar Schmitzhaus, Director of Technology and Innovation at Teltec Solutions.


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