Manaus Public Tender 2022: Check Opportunities Outlook

The year 2022 is hot for those who want to enter the public career in Manaus, Amazonas. In addition to employment in the areas of health and education, there are expectations for new public notices for the Municipal Guard and the role of traffic agent. (Public Tender in Manaus)

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Manaus Public Tender 2022: Education

by selective process doing it Amazonas governmentThere are open opportunities to teach in Manaus. Display selection 416 vacancies to teachers (formal education, technological education, indigenous education) and Recordings It must be implemented Until May 26, 2022. See more details in the notice.

Before that, in June 2021implemented by the municipality of Manaus selective process to pick 85 substitute teachers, Who should have a temporary role in elementary school – sixth to ninth grade, in the areas of science (30) and mathematics (55). Contracts are for 12 months, renewable for an equal period. The public notice remains in effect until June 2022, and may be extended until June 2023.

The Minister of Education of Manaus, Pauderney Avelino, announced in December 2021, the Intention to hold a new competition audience with show 3500 vacancies, which was opened in the Department of Education in the municipality. The proceedings are carried out in the civil house, after which the application is referred to a vote in the Chamber. It is not yet known what situations will be addressed.

Manaus Public Tender 2022: Health

Offered the municipality of Manaus, in February 2022more than 2000 vacancies At different levels of education to be provided in the municipal health network. There was also a provision to form Booking registration.

The three public notices were published in 2021, but have undergone corrections and did not occur until 2022. The event management was in charge of the bank FGV.

Certified professionals will carry out their duties in 20 to 40 hours of work per week. Salaries range from R$2537.25 to R$13867.91 Per month.

See the distribution of vacancies:

  • Notice No. 001/2021: anesthesiologist (1); cardiologist (1); a surgeon (1); General Practitioner (58); functional physician (2); Endocrinologist (1); epidemiologist (1); Obstetrician and Gynecologist (11); infectious disease doctor (3); Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist (4); neonatologist (6); neurologist (3); pathologist (4); pediatrician (5); pulmonologist (1); psychiatrist (11); Ultrasound doctor (2); emergency physician (15);
  • Notice No. 002/2021: general manager (3); attorney (2); database analyst (2); Systems Development Analyst (3); IT Infrastructure Analyst (3); IT Support Analyst (3); Architect and Urban Planner (1); general social worker (32); biologist (2); general dental surgeon (13); Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (2); dental surgeon; dentist (4); pediatric dental surgeon (7); Dental Surgeon; Orthodontist (4); dental surgeon (7); Periodontist and dental surgeon (4); dentist (4); social communication (1); counter (2); economical (1); Epidemiology Nurse (3); general nurse (158); intensive nurse (7); midwife (11); civil engineer (1); Work Safety Engineer (1); electrical engineer (1); statistician (1); general pharmacist (47); Clinical Cytology Pharmacist (5); Pharmacist in Clinical Analysis (6); health inspector nurse (2); Health Inspector; Civil Engineer (2); pharmaceutical health inspector (2); physical health inspector (1); public health inspector (1); medical health inspector (1); veterinary health inspector (3); Nutritional Hygiene Inspector (1); chemical health inspector (1); Physiotherapist (11); speech therapist (5); veterinarian (6); Nutritionist (11); physical education specialist (4); Psychologist (11); functional therapist (2); administration assistant (284); Oral Hygiene Aide (32); Foreman (5); computer programmer (11); nursing technician (712); IT Equipment Maintenance Technician (11); Clinical Pathology Technician (64); Medical Radiology Technician (5); Oral Hygiene Technician (42); Occupational Safety Technician (2); Community Health Agent II (315); River Cook (2); stretcher (5); sailor deck (4); river sailor machine (2); car driver (11); river driver (2);
  • Notice No. 003/2021: Ambulance driver (26) and engine driver (32).

As of approval of the final result, the notices will be valid for two years, renewable for an equal period. There is no expectation One of the new competitions, right now.

Public Tender Manaus 2022: Municipal Guard

New public notice to the Municipal Guard of Manaus is waiting It must be Published until 2022! It is expected to be announced 200 immediate vacancies. The mayor, David Almeida, confirmed the event.

The last appointments at GM were made in 2012. Competition, organized by FunCap (More details on the website), selected candidates with Average level to 293 immediate vacanciesin addition to the text on the formation Booking registration.

In addition to other benefits, the offered wage was R$900.00, but the amount is outdated. Candidates were assessed through objective tests, medical assessment, psychological examination and physical abilities test.

Manaus Public Tender 2022: Urban Mobility Institute

One New contest for position traffic agent for the city of Manaus Request By Board Member Gander Lobato (PSB).

The application must undergo technical feasibility studies before the public notice is approved.

Check the advisor’s word: “According to the National Traffic Administration (Sinatran), for every thousand vehicles, a traffic agent is needed; Detran-AM says that there are about 920 thousand cars in Manaus, so we have 300 agents, that is, we have delay agents 600. The The last competition was in 2010and took over 340 agents at that time. But as many have done in other competitions, unfortunately, the epidemic took many colleagues, and we had many casualties. I appeal to the mayor, and colleagues in the House of Representatives, so that we can assess this possibility of a new event.”

ISS Manaus

Municipal Farm has released its latest public notice on 2019to pick 50 professionals from intermediate, technical and high levels of education. Remuneration ranged from 8211.81 Brazilian Real to 17,436.29 Brazilian Real.

See job vacancies offered by public notifications, organized by FCC: Municipal Tax Auditor (10); farm technician (2); IT technician at the municipal treasury (8); Web Design Technician at Fazenda Municipal (1); farm technical assistant (5); IT technical assistant in the municipal farm – programmer (12); IT Technical Assistant in Municipal Farm – Support (12).

The notices are valid for two years, renewable for an equal period. See details on the bank’s website. still There are no movements Municipal tax authorities to implement new tenders.

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