Learn about the groups of the Northeast Conference of the Brazilian Football League

With the start of the BFA League fast approaching, it’s time to provide more details about the competition, which divides teams by regions in Brazil. In this first post, we’ll talk about the Northeast Conference, the largest in this edition. It is where Joao Pessoa Espectros of Paraíba is the last champion of the tournament and his task is to defend the title.

The Northeast Conference has 16 teams, which are divided into three groups. The division was based on the standings of the teams in the last tournament played three years ago. The first group will receive the classified ads of the 2019 AFC League Qualifiers. They are: Joao Pessoa Espectros-BP, America Bulls-RN, Ciara Cacdores-E and Receive Mariners-B.

In turn, Group B will be played by six teams, four of which were eliminated in the 2019 regular season and two others who played in the access division of the BFA League. The teams are: Cavalaria 2 de Julho-BA, Fortaleza Tritões-CE, Natal Scorpions-RN, Recife Apaches-PE, Santa Cruz Pirates-PE and Ufersa Petroleiros-RN.
Group C consists of six clubs, some of which are new to the tournament. The teams are: Carrancas FA-PE, Jangadeiros-AL, Maceió Marechais-AL, Santana Red Bulls-BA, São Bento Snakes-PB and Sergipe Redentores-SE.

In the regular season, each team will play four times, twice at home and twice away. The first phase will start in the first week of June.

Regional Qualifiers
The two best teams in Group A will advance to the regional semi-finals. The third-placed team at this point will be eliminated from a duel between the captain of Group B and the captain of Group C. The semi-finalist will be determined after a confrontation between the third-placed team in Group A and the second. A team in group B.

The field leaders in the semi-finals and regional finals will be the teams with the best record in the regular season.

National qualifiers
The winner of the Northeast Conference will advance to the semi-finals at the national level. At this point, the winning Northeast team will face the Southeast Conference. The team that wins the duel will play in Brazil, scheduled for November 19 or 20.

Here is the list of Northeast Conference regular season games:

04 or 05. June: Recife Apaches-PE x Maceió Marechais-AL
04 or 05. June: Sergipe Redentores-SE x Jangadeiros-AL
June 11 or 12: Fortaleza Tritões-CE vs Ceará Caçadores-CE
June 11 or 12: Cavalry 2 de Julho-BA x Carrancas-PE
June 11 or 12: Natal Scorpions-RN vs América Bulls-RN
June 11 or 12: São Bento Snakes-PB vs João Pessoa Espectros-PB
July 2 or 3: Ciara Cacadores – CE x Ufersa Petroleiros-RN
02 or 03 July: Jangadeiros-AL x Maceió Marechais-AL
July 2 or 3: Receive Mariners-B vs. Santa Cruz Pirates-B
July 9 or 10: Carrancas-PE vs São Bento Snakes-PB
July 09 or 10: América Bulls-RN vs Recife Apaches-PE
July 09 or 10: Sergipe Redentores-SE vs Santana Red Bulls-BA
July 16 or 17: Fortaleza Tritões-CE x Natal Scorpions-RN
July 16 or 17: Jangadeiros-AL x João Pessoa Espectros-PB
July 16 or 17: Recife Mariners-PE x Cavalaria 2 de Julho-BA
July 23 or 24: Maceió Marechais-AL x Santana Red Bulls-BA
July 23 or 24: Ufersa Petroleiros-RN x São Bento Snakes-PB
July 23 or 24: Santa Cruz Pirates-PE vs Recife Apaches-PE
July 30 or 31: América Bulls-RN vs Recife Mariners-PE
July 30 or 31: Carrancas-PE vs Sergipe Redentores-SE
July 30 or 31: João Pessoa Spectros-PB vs Ceará Caçadores-CE
August 06 or 07: Ufersa Petroleiros-RN vs Fortaleza Tritões-CE
August 6 or 7: Santana Red Bulls-PA vs Cavalaria 2 de Gulho-PA
August 06 or 07: Santa Cruz Pirates-PE vs Natal Scorpions-RN
August 20 or 21: Recife Apaches-PE x Jangadeiros-AL
August 20 or 21: Ceará Caçadores-CE vs. América Bulls-RN
August 20 or 21: Cavalry 2 de Julho-BA vs Santa Cruz Pirates-PE
August 20 or 21: João Pessoa Spectros-PB vs Recife Mariners-PE
August 20 or 21: Maceió Marechais-AL vs Sergipe Redentores-SE
August 20 or 21: Santana Red Bulls-BA vs. Carrancas-PE
August 20 or 21: Natal Scorpions-RN x Ufersa Petroleiros-RN
August 20 or 21: São Bento Snakes-PB vs Fortaleza Tritões-CE

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