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Karina Dom and dogs Kiva and Kai (Photo: Disclosure / Jennifer Amaral)

Karina Dom and dogs Kiva and Kai (Photo: Jennifer Amaral/Advertiser)

Karina Dohm She is so attached to dogs and is such a teacher that she can’t leave them outside one of the most special days of her life. So much so, that 7-year-old Samoyeds Kiva and Kay were responsible for carrying the rings to the altar at the actress’ wedding with the businessman. Lucas Lopez Camargoin 2019.

“Our wedding was completely devoid of religious rituals, we wanted something with the soul, that represented us. It was impossible to think of the soul, in our history, without considering it as a part of it. So, we decided that they would take the rings. It was perfect, and they entered the sound of Here comes the sun, by The Beatles. They are our suns,” says the translator of the villain Teca in The more life, the better In an exclusive interview with animal life.

By the way, Karina does not deny that being an animal lover was an important trait to take care of in Lucas. “Sure, but I think I finished teaching him a little bit about it. He really liked [animais]but I think the desire to be a teacher came from seeing my relationship with Ninmah, the golden retriever I lost a few years ago,” she says, who is considering having children in the future.

The dogs Karina Dohm teacher had carried their rings at her wedding to the altar (Photo: Disclosure/Marcos Mistorini)

The dogs that Karina Dom tutored took the rings down the aisle at the actress’ wedding to businessman Lucas Lopez Camargo (Photo: Marcos Mistorini/Disclosure)

Taking care of a dog after the death of a father

Currently, in addition to Kiva and Kay – the first was a gift from her husband; The second that the actress adopts after being abused and rescued by a friend – Kareena is also a teacher to Pippa, an 8-year-old Labrador.

“Peppa lives with my father, I chose her and gave him a gift. And when he passed away [em julho de 2018], I understood that it was my duty to stay with her. We really had a very strong bond and she was always my daughter and she got along really well with Kiva and Kay. It was what our family lacked.”

Stopping the salaries of non-governmental organizations

Karina does not only care about dogs, she is the guardian of them, but also about animals in general. So much so that the actress devotes part of her income to projects dedicated to animals. “I donate a portion of my salary to serious NGOs, who do very important work with animals. That’s why I help out the most. I admire people who dedicate themselves to this, and the more I can, the more I do for them,” he says.

Karina Dohm and Pippa (Photo: Personal Archive)

Karina Dom and Peppa, the dog the actress inherited from her father (Photo: Karina Dom/Personal Archive)

She says that if she could, she would adopt every animal she finds. “I really want to adopt one or two others, and I would like to have someone who is physically disabled. They are usually not remembered. I have stopped a few times on the road to help with running dogs, I have rescued a stray dog ​​and taken care of it so I have a guardian to adopt,” he stated. in the text. “I am dangerous [risos]! If you allow me, I will set up a kennel,” he adds.

Losing dogs during recordings

Living in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, it was difficult for Karina to stay away from dogs while recording The more life, the betterthat took place in Rio de Janeiro. “It was a difficult part of this job, because I lived in Rio for a year in a very young ‘Father’ and they stayed home with my husband,” he says. Farewell “”.

Actress and Lucas always take a dog’s routine into account when planning trips and tours. “We are very concerned about them, so everything we do outside the home we have to keep in mind: where they will stay, if it’s safe, find out where or ask a family member to be with them,” he says.

Karina Dom and her husband Lucas Lopez Camargo with dogs Kefa and Kai (Photo: Disclosure / Dina Majzoub)

Karina Dom and her husband Lucas Lopez Camargo with their dogs Kiva and Kai (Photo: Dina Majzoub/Disclosure)

pain of loss

Karina has been an “animal hallucinator”, as she defines herself, since she was a child. “In my childhood I had a dog, a chick that turned into a rooster, a fish, a cat … I said I was going to be a vet. I’m the one who saves the bee that falls into soda, you know? I can’t kill an ant,” he admits.

But that passion became even greater when she introduced her dad in 2008 to the golden retriever Niinmah. “This dog changed everything in my life, it was my soul mate relationship. I died at just 5 years old, from a disease in the womb, and I almost died together. After that, animals became more important to me,” he recalled, Farah.

For Karina, losing an animal is the hardest part of being a will. “I think the biggest challenge for everyone, without a doubt, is knowing that they are going to leave before us and we will lose beings that we love with all our hearts,” he says.

Karina Dohm with dogs is a teacher (Image: Instagram / @karinadohme/reproduction)

Karina Dohm with dogs is a teacher (Image: Instagram / @karinadohme/reproduction)

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