Juan Carlos arrived in Spain for a short visit after two years in exile

The Honorary King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, arrived this afternoon at Vigo Airport (Galicia), on a short visit to Spain, after nearly two years of “golden exile” in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

The former king had his daughter Elena waiting for him, who would accompany him for the next few days, as he would stay at the house of his friend, a businessman and president of the Nautical Club where Juan Carlos expected to attend, and perhaps participate. At a sailing regatta over the weekend.

The honorary king set foot on Spanish soil after spending 655 days in the United Arab Emirates, the country he moved to in what was a historic decision, following the controversy caused by reports of his work abroad and the decision of the Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court. Justice to open an investigation.

Expectations are high in the municipality of Sansenso (Pontevedra), particularly around the city’s marina, the base of the regattas that the King will attend, with more than 100 media already approved to cover the visit of Juan Carlos I.

Following the decision by the public prosecutor on March 2 to close the pending cases, the honorary king wrote to his son, Felipe VI, five days later to express his desire to return to Spain and his “deep regret” for the way he led your private life.

Juan Carlos will travel to Madrid on Monday to meet his son, his wife Reina Sofia and other members of his family at Zarzuela Palace on the outskirts of the Spanish capital, and is scheduled to return the same day. Abu Dhabi, where he “established permanent and stable residence”.

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