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The House of Representatives, on Wednesday (18), approved the basic text of a bill regulating the practice of home education. Analysis of highlights and suggestions for changes to the proposal is scheduled for Thursday (19).

In the same session, the deputies approved the system of urgency to prepare the project in the parliament. In practice, this text was prevented from being analyzed in a special committee and allowed for direct voting in plenary.

The text amends the Education and Law of Basics (LDB) Guidelines for the admission of homeschooling into basic education (pre-school, elementary, and secondary school). Homeschooling is one of President Jair Bolsonaro’s flags. The topic was among the priority goals for the first 100 days of governance, but it has yet to be voted on.

For Bolsonaro and government supporters, homeschooling is a way for parents and legal guardians to protect their children from purported ideologies that are transmitted within the classroom. The NGO Todos Bella Ediokasau classifies the measure as “misleading”.

Deputy Bacelar (BA), the PV leader in the chamber, was against the project.

“Families have their already guaranteed right to choose the education of their children and adolescents. The law allows parents or teachers to choose the school, the pedagogical line, and what they consider most appropriate for their children’s education. The family devalues ​​the teaching profession and science.”

Deputy Alice Portugal (PC do B-BA) also spoke of rejecting the proposal. He declared, “What is being done is isolating the children. The school is mostly plural, generous, with a process of cognitive and emotional development, where they learn to win and lose.”

In contrast, parties from the grassroots supported the agenda. Captain Alberto Neto (AM), Deputy Leader of the PL, stated that the mandate is a way of regulating the situation of families already adopting this practice. “Over 11,000 children are home schooled, and we just want to get organized. Our goal is to work for everyone.”

“I am an educator father, and a father who made the choice of homeschooling during the pandemic,” said Representative Diego Garcia (PR Republican). Homeschooling allows for a preference for family ties.

Currently, homeschooling is not allowed by a decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which ruled in September 2018 that there is no law regulating homeschooling in the country. While the practice is not expressly prohibited by law, it is also not permitted.

STF Discusses Homeschooling, Homeschooling, This Thursday (30)

STF Discusses Homeschooling, Homeschooling, This Thursday (30)

According to the project, “Basic homeschooling is accepted, by free choice and under the responsibility of the students’ parents or legal guardians.”

To choose this type of education, officials must formalize the selection with accredited educational institutions, enroll the student annually and submit:

  • proof of higher education, including technical vocational education, in a course recognized by legislation, by at least one of the student’s parents or legal guardians;
  • Criminal affidavits issued by the federal and state or provincial courts to parents or guardians;
  • Quarterly reports with a list of pedagogical activities carried out in the period;
  • Follow up with a teacher-teacher from the institution in which the child is registered and hold semi-annual meetings with the student and officials;
  • annual learning assessments;
  • A semi-annual evaluation of the progress of a student with a developmental disability or disorder.

The proposal also establishes a transition period regarding requirements for proof of higher education, if officials opt for “homeschooling” in the first two years after the regulation went into effect.

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