Galistio scolds Ruggiero for taking the oath live

Adriane Galisteu, once again, needed to catch the attention of the participants of “Power Couple 6”. In the second DR formation, businessman Rogério Silva was reprimanded by the announcer for speaking the word “caral**” during the programme’s live broadcast, on RecordTV.

Funk singer MC Gui’s father started his vote with a provocative tone. “So, Dre, I don’t even need to say who I’m going to vote for. I’m going to vote for the Muppets, Carol and Mosonzinho,” he said.

“Don’t say anything,” Carol asks. “A doll?” asks Mosonzinho. “Yes, my vote, Ué,” Ruggiero disagreed. “Rugero, with all due respect, no puppet. Contrary to what I said yesterday: ‘If I have more than three votes here, I know it’s been agreed.’” MC Gui’s father pointed out: “It’s just that your wife brought up a whole agenda which I heard with my own ear. . The public is watching.”

Caroline Menezes saw her nervous husband. “I even talked about you, Claudia [Baronesa]which my daughter called me and everyone else.”

“And I was wrong. Look how wrong I was,” blew Baronesa. “I said the affection continues,” Caroline insisted. “No, I don’t finish, Carol,” said the businesswoman. “My affection does not last,” Ruggiero confirmed. The influencer’s response is “It’s okay. I respect.” “I’ll respect you in the game and that’s it,” MC Gui’s mother pointed out. Mosonzinho agreed, “Yes. It’s good.”

Caroline Menezes continues the debate, pleading for respect after being called a “doll”. Then Ruggiero woke up and began questioning Mosonzinho about what his wife had said about the need for the drug for the couple, Brenda Paixao and Matthew Sampaio.

I was talking to you, Mawson. If you are a man, you have to respect your pants. I was talking to you about his medication [apontando para Matheus Sampaio].

“No. In that conversation, I came to ask you how Matthews was, because he was crying profusely and talking about hitting his head,” Mosonzinho corrected. “After that, their medical agenda came,” Ruggiero recalls. And I said, “I don’t know what the drug is on,” and she began to explain to me,” the actor highlighted. “That’s it. What did your wife say when you arrived?” asked the businessman. “I don’t want you to talk about the couple,” Carolyn Menezes exclaimed. “Remedio is the ** man, it’s fake,” said the businessman. That’s what she said.”

As Brenda Picasso and Carol started talking, the “Power Couple” presenter decided to step in to remind Ruggiero and the other residents of the Palace of Power that voting was going live and there could be kids watching RecordTV.

Please be careful with the word alliance. We live for the whole of Brazil. Ruggiero, be careful with bad words… Guys, let me say something, I understand that on voting night, the blood really heats up, but be careful with bad words because there are kids watching.
Adrian Galisto

Thus, the vote continued live on RecordTV and a second DR was formed between pairs Baronesa, Rogério, Brenda Paixão, Matheus Sampaio, Erika Dias and Dinei. The outcome of the game’s pairs future is in the public’s hands and will be released Thursday night (19th), live, on RecordTV.

‘Power Couple’: Baronesa, Rogério, Brenda, Matheus, Erika and Dinei are in the DR in ‘Power Couple’: Who do you want to stay?

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