Football Without Borders #50: Milan is reborn and is close to the Italian title – 05/19/2022

Powers of Italian and European football, Milan have spent the past few seasons in a minor role even within their own country. With secret campaigns, the club Rossoneri Juventus, Inter Milan and Napoli were considered heroes in domestic and continental conflicts. But things have turned, and the team is just one point away from winning the Italian title after an 11-year hiatus.

in the podcast Football Without Borders #50 (listen in full in the episode above), columnist Julio Gomes and international correspondent Jamil Shady spoke with Leonardo Bertozzi, Canals Disney commentator and Italian football expert. They explained how AC Milan, who lost their credibility at the start of the season, turned very close to the Italian title.

“I am very happy with Milan’s status for a reason. We always get messages like ‘I miss Milan from the Dutch’ or ‘I miss Milan from Kaka, Ancelotti, Seedorf and Dida’. The reference to Milan was always in the past and seemed like a club living on its past laurels. But anyone He knows Milan knows he’s gone through much worse moments than the last decade,” said Bertozzi.

The commentator explained that the club had suffered two falls to the second degree, one of which was involved in the match-fixing scandal, which became known as Totonero. “When [Silvio] Berlusconi took over in the 1980s, and Milan had already gone into Serie B due to a scandal. Then he went down to the field. In other words, there were two landings, one administrative and one athletic. This terrible contract that Milan has lived through, staying seven years outside the Champions League and away from competing for the Italian title is a difficult time, but it is part of the club cycle”, explained Bertozzi.

The birth of the new AC Milan also encourages Jamil, who sees scope for the club to emerge once again among the powers of the continent. “It’s a very interesting discussion. This story has many levels, but the main point is that it’s a ‘team from the past and has no place among the new rich Europeans.’ But Real Madrid is also a great story from the past that preserves”, commented the international correspondent and columnist in UOL.

The secret to Milan’s return to its glory days lies in one of the most famous names in the club’s history: Paolo Maldini. Multichampion as a player, today works alongside Frederic Massara as coaches. “Milan’s sporting project bears the name of Maldini,” said Bertozzi. “The tasks were to cut costs, return to the Champions League and value the club so that it could be an asset.” The former defender took over as director of strategic development for the sports area in 2018, shortly after the Elliott Management fund took control of the club with a default by Chinese businessman Li Yonghong, then Milan strongman.

Maldini’s work soon began to bear fruit, Bertozzi showed. “In recent years, Milan has managed to reduce salaries a lot. The Chinese left bad management: they spent a lot of money and poorly, making an uncompetitive team. Maldini was smarter in looking for players, without being a hostage of a businessman who is the architect of this growth Without him, we can hardly talk about the possibility that Milan will be champions on Sunday,” the journalist praised, referring to the signings of goalkeeper Mike Minnian and striker Rafael Leao as being accurate.

Julio celebrated the former player’s success as a coach. “He did not appear as a sporting director. Maldini has a history of 20 years at the club, playing and winning more than losing. He is a very symbolic figure for Milan. It is good that he also knew how to build the team,” the Milan columnist highlighted.

cup in hand

Milan leads the Italian Serie A With 83 points, two points ahead of arch-rival Inter Milan. In the final round of the tournament, he was Rossoneri Visit Sassuolo on Sunday (22), while Inter welcome Sampdoria. The two matches start at 1:00 pm (Brazilian time), accompanied by UOL . points.

“Milan just needs a draw. Against bigger salaries like Juventus and against current champions and big rivals, Inter. Expectations and anxiety are very high. It will be a historic era,” Bertozzi said. ecstasy of the crowd Rossoneri It is measured by the high demand for tickets to the decisive match, which brought down the Sassuolo website.

The commentator chose the defining moment for Milan to start the season and head towards the title. “The big turning point was the derby. In the second round, Inter played better and made the score 1-0. Suddenly, Giroud appeared, scored two goals and Milan won. Since that match, Inter began to doubt and falter,” he continued.

Listen to the podcast Football Without Borders Also check out how Milan is ready to retain its leadership role. Julio, Jamil and Bertozzi detail the sale of the club, whose control may pass to a group of Bahrain. They also talk about Silvio Berlusconi’s empire building, and how he went from cruise singer to being the most powerful man in Italy.

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