Cryptocurrency companies invest in football and reveal a new trend

The interaction between cryptocurrency companies and the football world is getting stronger. In Série A of the Brazilian championship, eight clubs have already launched “Fan Tokens”and proprietary digital assets that provide exclusive access to prizes, sweepstakes, tickets, and licensed products. Six other Brazilian teams have entered into business deals with companies in the sector, totaling 14 unions, with either digital assets, sponsorship or sale NFTs for players.

“The cryptocurrency market is growing in football. However, clubs are still understanding this new culture and are undergoing a process of adaptation. Fortaleza is sponsored by Bitci, which is active in this market. There is already a plan to create new experiences, in which they will be able to participate in different situations. and unusual, such as the choice of uniforms for the game, the board within the club structure, among other decisions that were previously exclusive to the board of NFTs, but in the meantime Victor Simpson, Commercial Director of Fortaleza, said there is the potential for a few more months to create these products” .

CBF launched its licensed token in July last year and sold out assets in half an hour, with more than 30 million units sold.

CBF launched its licensed token in July last year and sold out assets in half an hour, with more than 30 million units sold.

Photo: CBF/Publicity/Estadão

For Sylmara Multini, CEO of IDG (International Digital Group), the crypto-asset market must unify the physical experience with the digital experience. Based in California, the startup already has projects to launch in the entertainment, sports and music fields in the coming months. The company specializes in technology, with a commercial focus on NFTs, and has clients such as ex-volleyball player Giba, ex-driver Christian Fittipaldi, nephew of two-time Formula 1 world champion Emerson Fittipaldi and commentator on ESPN channels for IndyCar racing, and FIBA ​​(International Federation of Football Associations). basket).

“There is still plenty of room in the market for NFTs to grow. Working on historical moments and engaging great idols is one of the most promising areas. IDG will be facing a challenge that encompasses this area soon, and the goal is to connect physical things to the business,” explained the businesswoman, who has worked in entertainment licensing with brands Such as Warner Bros., Disney and Mattel, and led the licensing of products and stores for Rio games in 2016.

Other celebrities such as Serena Williams, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Drake, Eminem and Paris Hilton have publicly admitted that they invest in crypto.

In addition to clubs, the cryptocurrency market has also invested in the main entity of the national football. In July last year, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) launched its licensed token, which was a sales success. The assets were sold out in half an hour and more than 30 million units were sold, resulting in a turnover of R$91 million for the foundation’s coffers. The cryptocurrency was launched in partnership with Bitci Technology, which sponsors the Brazilian team.

In the opinion of CEO Jorge Avancini, Vice President of Marketing at Internacional, who made the token available to fans at the end of last year, the market is relatively new and still generates distrust for most residents. “We are carefully studying and evaluating the market. We launched the Internacional NFT, in partnership with Só, and little by little we are implementing measures for the masses to get used to this new product. For about ten years, there is still distrust and insecurity on the part of the market and consumers.

Bruno Maia, specialist in new works in sports and author of the book Innovation is the new marketing, ensures it’s only a matter of time until people get used to the novelty. “Sports is an industry with digital assets, just like other forms of entertainment. This process is a cultural shift, something similar to what happened with the development of the Internet. At that time, explaining what was a strange email or website to people and some clubs created their websites earlier , but in the end, they all ended up creating their own official platforms.


Athletes are also increasingly associated with the world of cryptography. NeymarStar Paris Saint-Germain And the Brazilian national team, in his Instagram profile picture is a picture of a monkey in a hat, glasses and a tuxedo. The star bought two NFTs from the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) group, for R$6 million, and put one of them as a profile picture. In his digital wallet, the attacker owns about 21 NFTs.

Agreements between digital asset companies and institutions are also a trend in international football. The World Cup in Qatar will be sponsored by, which it has partnered with FIFA (International Football Association). The company will be the official cryptocurrency exchange for this event and will showcase its brand at the most important tournament in world football.

“Companies seek the sports market because it is the most beneficial way of presentation, because it combines a vision with a passion for sports. However, it is important, associated with this image, that there is a way to make the fan experience with new technology as friendly as possible. Initiatives such as fan icons are welcome, but It has to be linked to the clubs’ involvement with the fans,” says Bernardo Pontes, sports marketing specialist and partner at BP Sports.

Check out which Serie A clubs have agreements with Bitcoin companies:

  • América-MG: Partnership with Sorare (NFT), but has not launched a fan token
  • Atlético-MG: launched the $GALO token (in partnership with and is a partner in Sorare (NFT)
  • Avaí: She launched a fan icon in partnership with two British companies, SportyCo and Blackbridge Sports
  • Botafogo: Closed Partnership with Bitci and Will Launch Token Soon
  • Ceará: Partnership with Sorare (NFT), but fan token has not been released
  • Corinthians: Launch of SCCP$ (partnership with and Mercado Bitcoin Sponsorship)
  • Coritiba: Closed Sponsorship with Bitci, Token Launching Soon
  • Cuiabá: Partnership with Sorare (NFT), but fan icon hasn’t been released
  • Flamengo: MENGO token launched in partnership with
  • Fortaleza: Sponsorship closed with Bitci and has yet to announce whether it will release a fan icon
  • Internationally: The $SACI token launched in partnership with
  • Palmeiras: Launched the $VERDÃO token in partnership with
  • Santos: Launched the SANTOS Token in Partnership with Binance
  • São Paulo: $SPFC token launched in partnership with

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