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Specializing in information technology
Specializing in information technology. Credit: Pressfoto/Freepik

The field of technology is the fastest growing worldwide, and due to the demand, the sector is finding it difficult to recruit qualified professionals to fill the current vacancies. The trend is that the demand for this labor will only increase. Just to give you an idea, a study by the Consortium of Information, Communications and Digital Technology (Brascon) indicated that 797,000 new IT professionals will be needed in Brazil alone by 2025.

As a result, some companies have begun to offer alternatives to attract employees, such as the possibility of working remotely, allowing the candidate to work from anywhere without having to change city, in addition to the traditional face-to-face positions. Companies located in Espírito Santo and in other states have more than 660 jobs in the most diverse formations.

The Itau It has more than 400 opportunities, focusing on the software engineering, solutions engineering and data sectors. Most jobs are to work in São Paulo, but there are also options for working from home. Required requirements vary depending on the job required.

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Interested parties should access the Banco Itaú Unibanco careers page and search for the field of activity in which they intend to apply for a vacancy.

The Betray, a fintech company specializing in agricultural credit, will create more than 70 jobs throughout the year. Some of them are already open, and part of them are in the hybrid model.

For areas of technology, all work will be carried out remotely. The areas with initial selection processes are divided into marketing, digital engineering, software engineering, artificial intelligence and market intelligence.

The company selection process is done remotely and interested parties can apply through the startup jobs page.

The i4pro, a company that works with technology solutions for the insurance market, with open positions in the fields of technology and business. There are 19 new hybrid or 100% telecommuting jobs, all contracted under the CLT system.

There are still opportunities in WSO2, a technology-driven company for digital transformation, is looking for talent to support its expansion in the country, with the majority of opportunities in the software engineering field. The offer is 11 vacancies, with seven positions in Brazil and four for operations in Argentina, which Brazilians not residing in Brazil can also apply for, working remotely as consultants.

For more information and registration, interested parties can access the WSO2 Careers page on the company’s website.

How to apply: Interested parties can register on the site.

  • Vacancies: To work in São Paulo or in the remote form.
  • Database Administrator – Complete IT Risk Management Analyst DBA
  • Senior Information Security Analyst – Appsec
  • IT Analyst – Full Service Management
  • Identity Management Analyst
  • Analytics Engineer
  • PHP Developer
  • Complete DesignOps
  • Cloud Network Specialist
  • Software Development Specialist | Principal engineer
  • iOS Specialist – Security Experience
  • Specialist (staff engineer)
  • Access and Identity Management – Deploy IdentityNow Sailpoint
  • technology manager
  • Machine learning engineer
  • data analyst person
  • Person Fraud Prevention Analyst
  • data scientist
  • android developer person
  • DevOps Developer
  • Front end developer person
  • iOS developer person
  • java developer
  • PHP developer person
  • Product designer person
  • Person data engineer
  • Quality engineer person
  • software engineer person
  • Product Manager Person
  • technology manager person
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Product Design Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Technical Lead – Software Engineer Person
  • Technical Manager

How to apply: Interested parties can register on the site.

  • Vacancies: For Vitoria, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and the distant model
  • B Analyzer
  • Analyzer Control
  • Asset Management Analyst
  • Gulf Research Center Analyst
  • Infrastructure Analyst
  • Data Protection and Privacy Analyst
  • Network Analyst
  • Requirements Analyst
  • Support Analyst
  • Test Analyst
  • Solution Engineer
  • Backend developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • cyber defense analyst
  • Cyber ​​Defense Infrastructure Support Specialist
  • Internet Exploitation Analyst
  • Online Managed Detection and Response Leader
  • Cyber ​​security engineer
  • Backend Python Developer
  • DevSecOps
  • Infrastructure Specialist
  • network specialist
  • Account Port
  • Project manager
  • Network Security Engineer
  • OSINT تهديد Threat Search
  • People and Culture Coordinator

How to apply: Interested parties can register on the site.

  • Empty: to Guarapari
  • Developer

How to apply: Interested parties can register on the site.

  • Vacancies: to Vila Velha
  • IT Training Analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Innovation and Optimization Analyst
  • software engineer
  • Full C# developer
  • Full .Net Developer
  • Product owner
  • IT Support Technician

How to apply: Interested parties can register on the site.

  • Vacancies: For Aracruz, Anchita, Vila Velha, Vitoria and a remote model.
  • Documentation Analyst
  • Procedure Analyst
  • Requirements Analyst
  • Analyst developer
  • systems analyst
  • Technical Analyst
  • PL Test Analyst
  • Quality Test Analyst
  • Solution Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • manager assistant
  • file assistant
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Person Requirements Analyst
  • Background developer person
  • C# developer person,
  • Full stack developer person
  • java developer
  • .Net Developer Person
  • Python developer
  • UX developer person
  • scrum main person
  • Technical Recruiter
  • IT technician

How to apply: Interested parties can register on the site.

  • Vacancies: For Sao Paulo and in the remote form.
  • Gulf Research Center Security Analyst
  • Backend software engineer (backend developer person)
  • Cloud platform engineer
  • Data Analytics Engineer [pessoa engenheira analista de dados]
  • DBRE Reliability Engineer Sr (DBRE Reliability Engineer Person)
  • data engineer
  • The data scientist leads
  • DevOps Engineer Pl (DevOps Engineer)
  • Cards financial planning specialist
  • FP&A . Training
  • Full front end developer (front end developer person)
  • Full stack developer (React.js/Node.js)
  • FP&A مدير Manager
  • iOS developer
  • Fraud Prevention Analyst
  • Investor Relations Analyst
  • Creative designer focused on CRM
  • Copywriter Focused On CRM
  • Lead product design
  • Product Design
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Technology Manager (Software Development Coordinator)
  • UX Researcher

How to apply: Interested parties can register on the site.

  • Vacancies: For Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitoria and remote model.
  • Marketing and Commerce Analyst
  • Sales Consultant
  • Regional Sales Representative
  • Relationship Agent
  • wine shop seller
  • CRM Analyst Person
  • Person Accounting Analyst
  • Accounting and tax analyst
  • Person Tax Analyst
  • Accounting Assistant
  • logistic assistant person
  • Supervisor / Supervisor
  • Graphic designer
  • media designer

How to apply: Interested parties can register on the site.

  • Empty:
  • Full PL/SQL Developer

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