Benfica de Valongo Match 1 Quarter-finals

Game Summary

International Championship
Playoff (match 1)
The final result
Benfica 5
valongo 4
Lucas Ordonez (1′)
Pablo Alvarez (18 inch)
Diogo Rafael (27 inch)
Carlos Nicolia (57′)
Carlos Nicolia (58′)
Facundo Navarro (7′)
Diogo Abreu (40 minutes)
Diogo Abreu (42 minutes)
Facundo Navarro (53 minutes)

In a twist not for the faint of heart, the Benfica He defeated Valongo, in Bavelhau Fidelade, 5-4, after overtime, in Game One of the National Hockey Roller Championship quarter-finals.

On the road, The whistle started… Benfica’s goal! What an entry Nuno Resende had with the goal of painting him in Argentinian colours. Watch Carlos Nicolia and Lucas Ordonez to open the scoring. 1-0, at 1′. Valongo responded well to the goal he was hit, and stretched out on the rink, trying to equalize. The Eagles, in turn, had her More possession of the ball And they were adding opportunities.

Benfica Valongo

Tie came to 7′. Northerners attack, the ball arrived Facundo Navarro, who invented the single movement and beat Pedro Henrique to 1-1. The tone stayed balanced, and the game was lively and with few pauses. to me 11′Pablo Alvarez was captured in the area and the referee team pointed Penalty kick missed by Carlos Nicolia.

Benfica kept pressing to break the tie and An accurate shot came at 18 minutes. Paul Manrupa was discovered behind the goal Pablo AlvarezFootball Club, Argentina supported, first, to do 2-1. In the next minute, in 19 ‘Blue card for Pablo Alvarez and direct free kick to Valongo Facundo Navarro has not converted. to me intervalBenfica in front vs. 2-1.

Benfica Valongo

Just like starting the game, In the second half there was … a Benfica goalWhat a goal! Diogo Rafael I worked on the direct sign and Bomb fired at 3-1, at 27′. The minutes that followed showed that both teams felt the goal differently. Benfica increased the pace of play and had many opportunities; Falongo was somewhat stunned, making mistakes in defense and attack.

to me 40′The North Banner is back in the game. The ball reached the triple in Valongo’s attack Diogo Abreu, who fired first 3-2. This goal had a tonic to stimulate Valongo who reached 3-3 for the same thing Diogo Abroto me 42 ‘After a good team play, after a direct free kick from Facundo Navarro, it was saved by Pedro Henriques seconds before. to respond to 43′, direct free kick for eagles Unverified by Lucas Ordonez.

Benfica Valongo

With the result of a tie, The game has become more openwith Benfica pressing in the last minutes to avoid extra time, but 3-3 He stayed until the end of 50 minutes.

In the extensionValongo managed to take the lead for the first time in the match by Shot by Facundo Navarro From the middle of the street to 53 ‘to 3-4. In the second half of extra time only Benfica … and Carlos Nicolia. to me 57 ‘Pablo Alvarez was pushed into the penalty area. Carlos Nicolia He did not turn the maximum penalty, but Persistently, shoot 4-4. In a game not for the faint of heart, the comeback was completed in the next minute, the hour 58 ‘on one direct free kick Convert it by himself Carlos Nicoliaand select Final score in 5-4.

Benfica advances to the quarter-finals and Securing the semi-finals If you pass Valongo in the municipal wing of Valongo, Saturday May 21 at 5:30 pm.

Benfica Valongo


Nuno Resende (Benfica coach): “Valongo had nothing to lose and did well here, with a good rhythm, it was just like him, but we were too, with quality. These are playoffs, Valongo is in an excellent season and we got the most important thing today. [quarta-feira], who was destined to win. There were pros and cons. The lack of Gonçalo Pinto was filled with other solutions. What we want is to recover quickly, because we know that on Saturday we will have a difficult match and we mainly want to win in Valongo.”

Benfica Valongo
5-4 (AP)
devotion suite
Benfica is in fifth place
Pedro Henrique, Diogo Rafael, Carlos Nicolia, Edo Lamas and Lucas Ordonez
Rodrigo Vieira, Pablo Alvarez, Jose Miranda, Paul Manrupa and Boca
Five Valongo’s starting line-up
Bernardo Mendes, Rafael Moreira, Nuno Santos, Facundo Navarro and Facundo Bridge
Goncalo Pinto, Ruben Pereira, Miguel Vieira, Diogo Abreu, Diogo Parata
at rest 2-1
Benfica: Lucas Ordonez (1′), Pablo Alvarez (18′), Diogo Rafael (27′) and Carlos Nicolia (57′ and 58′); Valongo: Facundo Navarro (7′ and 53′) and Diogo Abreu (40′ and 42′)
March Marker
1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 4-4, 5-4

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