Benfica Athletic Bilbao Partnership visit to Lisbon

BTV Report

On May 17 and 18, Sport Lisbon Benfica hosted in its facilities Athletic Club Bilbao, which had the opportunity to visit the stadium, museum, pavilions and the Benfica Campus, within the scope of the cooperation partnership signed between clubs focusing on the areas of professional football, grassroots football and human performance management (HPD). ).

Close collaboration includes dynamics such as Sharing good practicesAnd short term training In both clubs Investigation And Development Of the topics that the two entities consider relevant, in order to understand the new working methods.

This meeting in Lisbon formed the second moment of The beginning of cooperation Between Sport Lisbon, Benfica and Athletic Bilbao after meeting in Spain In the last days of March.

Roy Basu, Vice President of SL Benfica

Roy BasuAnd Vice President of SL Benficato the club’s official television and explain the purposes of this partnership.

“The objective, with this sharing and exchange of information, is what we can be Stronger and more competitiveTaking advantage of the fact that Athletic Bilbao is also involved in soccer, women’s soccer and youth soccer. We think we can in these areas To develop‘, he announced.

“They have something powerful and impressive, but when they see the conditions we have, whether on the pitch or on the Benfica campus, they are amazed, because We are an example and a reference in the world‘, he finished.

Joao Cupito, Benfica

delve into more technical and detailed issues, Joao KopitoAnd IT Manager at SL Benficato what is at stake.

From a technological point of view, Benfica has been working in these areas for many years And he has constantly invested, in the main team, in training and in sports. What we see today in all the clubs is that There is more and more data and more and more technologies being used in sports. Obviously, following these trends and understanding how to use them to our advantage is am the strategic objective of Benfica“, He said.

“When we talk to clubs outside Portugal, like Bilbao, The idea is to understand what maturity is, how it is used on a concrete daily basis and understand how it can help teams win On the other hand, understand any Choices made and directions takenand that’s obviously an advantage when we leave our area of ​​control, which is our club, and see what’s going on outside,” he revealed, to BTV.

Nuno Mauricio

Nuno Mauricio, Director of Analysis and Performance at BenficaHe explained the bridges that unite the clubs and how to use them for mutual benefit.

We are looking for innovation points and scientific knowledge It could benefit both Benfica and Athletic Bilbao, a situation where the difficulties of one can be resolved with the answers that the other club already has. We are sure that we have access to the good practices and scientific knowledge that Athletic has acquired in La Liga. The same goes for them with respect to us. It is not a partnership in which we will share confidential information, but rather Good practices, processes and methodologies that can benefit both clubsHe pointed out and gave examples…

Training is a good point to put this partnership in context. We have a team that is recognized all over the world and has a very specific context as it can only have players who are born or live in the Basque Country. Athletic has managed to have competitive teams, being one of the few Spanish clubs that have never been relegated. We have to “drink” how they manage to do it with a small sample of players, and they have to “drink” how we can be one of the most famous teams in the world‘, he explained.

Andoni Poppin

Andoni Bombin, coach of youth football at Athletic BilbaoThey stressed and reiterated the statements of the embodied officials, and highlighted the importance of working and developing together.

What matters to us is learning together. What we learn here will help us develop themes that Benfica has already developed, and vice versa. We believe that learning can be reciprocal. We are very united in what we want to achieve and the idea is to find commonalities and Work on projects that help both organizationss,” he said.

“Football and training can breathe everywhere. Benfica is a big club in the development and preparation of footballers. It is a very emotional club, and we sympathize with it. We are a popular club with a lot of traditions. We are very united and very allied‘, he finished.

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