A Brazilian family complains of xenophobia at a Braga restaurant

A Brazilian family complains of being the target of xenophobia at a restaurant in Braga. Pictures of a man calling himself “the owner” and yelling “you came here to do what you want” quickly went viral on social media, particularly among Brazil’s immigrant community. But the establishment repudiated the situation and ensured that the person in question was “not the owner of the restaurant”, but rather the “owner of the place”. The case can go to court.

It all happened last Friday, when the family – a couple, a mother-in-law and two children, ages 4 to 11 – were having lunch at O ​​Gato do Rio, in Este S. Pedro, Braga. At the end of lunch, a group of elderly people, including the man in question, sat at a table outside, where the Brazilian family was.

“The 4-year-old was in the garden and picked a little flower. Then this guy went there and said to her, ‘Look, you can’t pick flowers.’ And the little girl came back to her mother shaking,” O Minho told the Brazilian couple, who asked Anonymity, regretted, first of all, the fact that the man approached the child directly instead of drawing the attention of adults at the table.

However, while asking for the bill, the couple’s man went “with the children to the river bank”, to comfort the crying girl, and they “played with it until it was not a stone, but a pebble, little, in a river.” At that time, the master approached them saying that they could not throw stones into the river.

“I apologise, we don’t do that anymore, we were going back to the table, when my mother-in-law arrived and said, ‘You, please, take care of your grandchildren, and we will take care of our grandchildren,’” says the complainant, noting that this is where the man “turns” and begins to act harshly. Because of this, at that moment, he began recording the scene with his cell phone – a video that ended up on social networks, but has since been deleted.

“Come here and do whatever you want.”

“It’s the part of the picture that’s seen, where he’s kicking us out and introducing himself as the owner. [Nós respondemos] Well, we’re leaving, and not even going back, despite it being a restaurant of our choosing. He was giving a speech, and he began to stand on the podium and give a speech: “Come here and do whatever you want.” Who are you who are you talking about? Are you talking to me, to the child who sent the stone to whom? ‘ asks the man.

The public humiliation completely disproportionate to the warning ‘Please don’t throw stones into the river’ began with sadness.

“We entered the restaurant, the staff were very embarrassed and ashamed, even because they know me, I am a customer of the house, and I apologize,” he says, adding that he asked for the complaint book. They said: You will hurt the restaurant, he is not the owner, he is the father of the owner of the restaurant. But I can’t be humiliated in public and be silenced.”

Then the owner of the place enters the restaurant again, calling the family: “Who is going to complain, this is ridiculous, who do you think you are?”.

It was then that the couple’s man called the police and when they responded, “I left.”

Lawyers outline ‘strategy’

Both the husband’s husband and the mother-in-law wrote in the book of complaints.

For the couple, there is no doubt that it was a case of xenophobia. “I think he was referring to Brazilians. We hear this a lot. That’s also why it’s so popular on the networks”, confirms the woman.

But the couple have handed the case over to lawyers who are studying the “strategy” to be followed.

“You are not the owner of the restaurant, but you are the owner of the place.”

After announcing the case, the restaurant issued a statement on its Instagram account that “strongly rejects any and all acts of racism, xenophobia, or aimed at offending or ostracizing anyone.”

Gato do Rio notes that “the unfortunate episode that occurred last Friday, May 13, in the yard of our establishment was carried out not by the owner of the restaurant, but the owner of the place”.

“We make it clear that the owner does not have any authority and authority over the activities of the O Gato do Rio restaurant, possibly to prohibit or criticize any activities or actions of our customers,” the statement confirms.

He adds, “We receive daily people of different nationalities and always work in an attentive, friendly and professional manner, because it is one of the mottos of our house to receive clients as if they were part of our family.”

“Our priority is the satisfaction and well-being of our customers, in order to create unforgettable moments in our company and space. We show our solidarity with the concerned family and the whole community, making us ready for whatever is necessary. The singular act should not be attributed to the O Gato do Rio Foundation, nor to its employees, who share the same principles and values ​​of excellence as us,” says the O Gato do Rio management, reiterating that “it is not so seen in any xenophobic or disrespectful attitude.” for anyone “.

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