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Discover some online platforms that can simplify property rental, purchase, decorating and maintenance (Photo: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels/Creative Commons)

Online tools that simplify life (Photo: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels/Creative Commons)

Moving out of the house can become a very complicated process from the start: leases and purchases involving many documents, structural renovations and even decoration, which become more complex than they seem with many unexpected events and a variety of options.

In an effort to simplify the process and make it more enjoyable for the consumer, technology companies are developing tools that seek to make real estate more accessible and democratize decor. Check out some of the platforms below:

1. loft

The the attic It is a digital platform that offers, through technology, uncomplicated solutions for buying, selling, exchanging and renovating apartments. The company has been operating in Brazil since 2018, and aims to shorten the path of acquiring a property, making the process less bureaucratic.

2. Fifth floor

QuintoAndar is a Brazilian technology company that seeks to connect owners, renters or buyers through a digital platform, simplifying the process of leasing, buying and selling. In the rental mode, the company manages the payment to the landlord, exempting the tenant from presenting a guarantor, a surety bond or a security deposit and simplifying the process, which is done entirely online.

3. WestwingDesign

Westwing is the first online shopping club focused on high quality furniture and decor accessories in Brazil. The items sold on the platform are coordinated and made available in short-term campaigns at attractive prices.
In April of this year, the brand launched WestwingDesign, an interior design consultancy that provides professional assistance when setting up and decorating an affordable environment.

4. EasyDeco

It is a platform that offers professional decor designs at an affordable price and completely online, according to the client’s style and budget. After providing specifications and references, the consumer will contact the architect or designer responsible for the project. At the end of the process, the realistic 3D environment, floor plan and shopping list with project items are available – which can be purchased from partner sites with exclusive customer discounts.

5. Yucca

The yucca he is proptech It offers vacancies in fully-ready apartments for tenants who want to escape from bureaucracy and work on house maintenance, facilitating the living process. Customers pay one monthly fee, which already includes IPTU, rent, furniture, appliances, cleaning, internet and maintenance. The platform offers both individual properties and studios the way coloring. The whole process is done online.

6. Mobile

Mooble is a free platform that allows you to create a 3D project online without any prior knowledge. The tool is intuitive and has partnerships with several Brazilian suppliers, allowing, at the end of the project, the user to access the shopping list. Some brands, like Leroy Merlin, have the platform built into their website with only their own products.

7. Color simulation

Many paint brands have applications where they can, through augmented reality, visualize what an environment would look like if it were painted another color. Suvinil’s Color Simulator offers many tools to compare and create paintings and even geometric drawings on the walls before buying paint. In the application, it is also possible to order the selected product.

8. Getninjas

GetNinjas is a service contracting platform that connects service providers with customers. You can find from plumbers to teachers for their private account. The entire recruitment and payment process is done through the website or the application. In addition, you can read reviews from other users to check the reputation of the professional.

9. Fix

Fix follows the same principle as the previous company, but focuses on home repair and home maintenance professionals. The customer sends his order and receives quotes from different providers to choose the one that best suits him. The whole process is done online.

10. Archie

It is a digital decor consultancy platform that brings together industry professionals and clients interested in renovating rooms in their homes. After testing their technique, the user talks more about themselves (if they have pets or children, for example) and sends photos for references they like and a drawing of their environment, to inform the measurements. The platform selects the architect who has a profile close to the client and connects them. After a few days of conversation, the professional hands over the final complete 3D proposal to the user and a shopping list for the project to be implemented.

11. Decoration

Decorafit is a CONSTRUCTEC which seeks to simplify and reduce stress during works, from project design to final handover of work. The start Concentrates all services, costs and suppliers into one contract. The client can follow the entire process online and has a single employee dedicated to all aspects of the project, centralizing the service. To ensure calm and assurance to the contractor regarding the excellence of the services provided, the company attaches a contractual fine if it exceeds the agreed period.

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