What strategy should be adopted after completing the basic course for the tax field?

Hello guys, how are you? Well, we know that the study for public tender has become a medium to long term preparation. Thus, a good strategy must be adopted during this preparation, both in the initial preparation of the basic course of studies, and later, in the introduction of more advanced disciplines.

So today we are going to talk a little bit about what a file is Basic course of studiesspecifically for tax areaand any The strategy can be adopted after completing these basic materials.

Basic Course for Tax District Studies

A very common doubt among those studying for a competition is how to start that study and how to organize without specific public notice as a basis.

First, there is a file A basic set of specializations in the tax field, which is necessary for the basic formation of a novice student, we call the organization of this group the basic course of studies. This is the basic group It is usually present on all tax exams, plus it often serves as a fulcrum for learning other subjects..

Therefore, for those who are starting out in the world of tax competitions, this is usually suggested 6 main themes For the composition of the course of studies, they are:

The Portuguese language

Administrative Law

Mathematical Logical Reasoning (MLR)

constitutional right

tax law

general susceptibility

There is no set time to build this basic knowledge base, as it depends on several factors that are individual to each student. But one can appreciate a teacher for at least one year to complete these general matters.

Therefore, after completing this basic course, some doubts may arise, especially regarding the following topics to add to your studies.

We’ll go Assessment of subjects that usually appear in examinations in the tax districtand how important they are and how to add them in your more advanced studies.

However, it is important to emphasize that the student should not abandon the topics he has already studied, but rather reorganize them in his schedule in revision mode.

analysisMaterials required in the last exams in the tax area

The last 6 government tenders in the tax area

Guys, we’ll do Analysis of the last 6 exams for the position of financial auditor for state treasury departmentsHow do Learn about the most important topics for these competitions.

The tax tenders that we will analyze are:

  1. CIVAZ-ES: Organized by Fundação Getlio Vargas (FGV), with auditions taking place on August 29, 2021;
  2. slap- AL: Regulated by CEBRASPE, with exams taking place on October 23 and 24, 2021;
  3. SEFAZ-RR: Organized by CEBRASPE, with exams taking place on November 7, 2021;
  4. SEFA-PA: Organized by FADESP, with tests conducted on 20 March 2022;
  5. do it: Organized by CEBRASPE, with exams due April 3, 2022;
  6. CIVAZ-AM: Organized by FGV with competitions on May 8, 2022.

Below is a table of the relationship between the subjects required in each of these six exams (the green part means that the subject was included in the relevant competition notice, the red part, that it was not):

Analysis of specializations in recent competitions in the tax field
Topics found in recent competitions in the tax area

table analysis withMaterials required for each exam

By analyzing this comparative table of recent tax bids, we can draw some conclusions:

9 topics are included in the notice of all these competitionsThey are: Portuguese, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Tax Law, Public Accounting, Cost Accounting, Civil Law, Criminal Law and Specific Tax Legislation (LTE) for each state.

3 The subjects were not part of the syllabus for one of these tests. The tax audit Not included in the SEFAZ-RR competition, the work law It was not in the SEFA-PA test and Information Technology It was not included in the SEFAZ-RR either.

– part of Mathematical logical thinking He was not present in the exams in Roraima and Para, however, these competitions covered the majors of Statistics and Financial Mathematics in the given area.

– Contents Statistics And Financial Mathematics at 4 of these 6 tests.

– Specialties Economie And Management It was only needed 2 of these 6 competitionsbeing SEFAZ-RR and SEFA-PA.

– part of computing was wanted in Just one of these contestsSEFAZ-SE.

Conclusion on the occurrence of major matters in tax competitions

Of the six core subjects identified for the novice student, 5 are included in all of these analyzed competitions: The Portuguese languageAnd Administrative LawAnd constitutional rightAnd tax law And general susceptibility. Thus, the importance of these matters for tenders in the tax field is proven.

Only Logical Mathematical Reasoning (RLM), which can be considered a core discipline of the tax cycle, was not included in all the tests evaluated. However, it can be noted that in those examinations where RLM was not present, the general notice covered statistics and financial mathematics topics, which are more advanced precise topics. Therefore, the importance of the RLM in the initial study cycle is obvious, as it also serves as the basis for other subtle topics that may emerge.

Other topics that are not included in the core course and that have appeared in all recent exams analyzed are: Cost CalculationAnd civil rightAnd Criminal law And Specific Tax Legislation (LTE).

In addition, the topics that did not appear in only one of the six competitions in question and that are very important to the tax district are: tax auditAnd work law And Information Technology.

Finally, the Topics that do not usually appear in all tax competitionsbut for more advanced students it is also important: StatisticsAnd Financial MathematicsAnd EconomieAnd computing And Management.

A strategy to be adopted after completion of the basic course of study

After providing the analysis, we can get a good idea of ​​which disciplines are most present in competitions in the field of taxation. But in addition to the frequency of its occurrence in recent tests, The weights of these materials must also be taken into account.

Typically, state tax exams are divided into two parts, the general portion and the specific portion, with the specific portion typically representing more points in the test total. these Specialties are specific It may vary from one test to another, but in general it: tax lawAnd tax auditAnd Advanced Accounting from CostsAnd Information Technology and the LTE from every country.

Therefore, taking into account their occurrence in the tests and their weight in the overall score, we can list Main topics which are a good strategy if added to your studies after completing the core course. are they:

Advanced Accounting And of costs

tax audit

Information Technology

civil rightAnd criminal And a job

– general part of tax legislation

Other important notes

After introducing these topics into your course of study, remember that core subjects cannot be left out completely. that it I recommend adjusting your schedule to put it into review mode, mainly troubleshooting.

And to get Most advanced studentwho also studied these 8 subjects, in addition to 6 of the core group, it may be interesting to add part of StatisticsAnd Economie And Financial Mathematics for your turn. Because despite the low frequency of collection in tax competitions, they are considered to be more complex matters and difficult to understand only in a short period of the post-bidding period.

Another important note is related to state tax legislation. Usually, for competitions in the tax sphere, this is the system with the greatest importance in the total test score and deserves special attention. However, since all LTE is country specific, it is recommended to study them only after the tender notice has been published. Except for the general part that refers to Kandir’s law, which can be studied before and serves as the basis for all selected LTEs.

Final considerations

Well, guys, I hope it is clear what are the main disciplines of competitions in the field of taxation and that now you are able to set up your own competitions Study strategy after completing your basic course.

Please note that This information is valid for state tax contestsfor federal revenue, these will vary, especially the specific portion.

And today we stop here, and have a good week and good studies everyone!

Deborah beat Ferrera

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