Video of a Marine’s father collecting pistol cartridges after shooting an expert

Images obtained by Extra show the moment L’Oréval Ferreira de Lima, father of Sergeant Bruno Santos de Lima, collected pistol cartridges from the ground after his son shot civilian police officer Renato Couto. Both were arrested. On Monday morning, Renato’s body was found on a bank of the Guandu River, at the height of Japeri, in Baixada Fluminense. Like Bruno and L’Oréval, fellow soldiers from 1st Naval District Manuel Vitor Silva Soares and Daris Fidelis Motta are charged with the triple murder of the agent, as well as hiding the body.

in broad daylight: A video depicting the moment when an expert who was killed by marines was assaulted and kidnapped

The agent was injured: A civilian policeman kidnapped and shot by the army was alive when he was thrown into the river

A witness who witnessed the moment papillary imaging expert Renato Cotto, 41, was shot and apprehended in a Navy vehicle, told civilian police the details of how the crime occurred.

In a statement on the 18th DP (Praça da Bandeira), he said he was passing through the area around 2:30 p.m. last Friday, when he encountered “confusion,” as four men were trying to contain the fifth. The man said he also saw the men grab a tie and put it on the civilian police officer and then the first shot in the leg or foot of the papilloma operator. He also reported that after the second shot the victim fell but was still trying to get up. Then Louurival collected the capsules and dealt several blows against her, and Bruno fired the third shot. At this time, the expert army was placed inside the navy chariot.

‘Help me! I’m a civil police

Arrested for the act, the Marines not only confessed, but also provided details of the crime. Corporal Daris Fidelis Motta said Bruno, his line manager, said Friday he needed to go to the hospital to see an employee at his dump yard who was attacked by a militiaman. Arriving at the hospital, in Praca da Bandera, the soldier said that he saw this employee “injured” and “an egg on his head”. They then return to the 1st Marine District and later go to the scrap yard, after Bruno receives a call that the individual has returned to the Enterprise.

Apply this soon: Capo da Marinha and the sergeant insisted on shooting a civilian police expert

Excerpts from the testimony of Navy Officer Daris Fidelis Motta
Excerpts from the testimony of Navy Officer Daris Fidelis Motta, Photo: Reproduction

When they got to the scene, Darice said she saw Renato carrying a man with his hands on his hips. Bruno, getting out of the truck, was walking toward him, pistol in hand, saying, “You lost, thief!” The soldier said that after that he heard two shots and saw the papillary endoscopy expert hit, then he was shot and already fell, and Loreval was still kicking. Bruno had ordered the policeman to put him inside the truck, and at that moment the victim said: “Help me! Help me! I am a civilian police officer, take me to the hospital!”

Daris also reports that Bruno spoke in the car to Renato and saw his civil police license. The soldier said he heard Bruno order Manuel to follow the red line and even asked if they wouldn’t take the expert to the hospital, to which Bruno replied that he wouldn’t have time, “because he’s already dead.” Upon reaching Rio Guandu, they stop the truck and dump the victim. Then, they stopped at what appeared to be a car wash, requested a water hose and removed the excess blood from the car.

Draw, kicks and mercy shotPolice say the military intends to sell a dead expert’s weapon

On his return to the Naval Base in Praca Mawa, Bruno reportedly ordered the military to use chlorine and other cleaning products to “clean up the smell and traces of the crime.” The next morning, at the direction of Manuel, who was concerned about “the effects of the crime,” Darice said he washed the car again.

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