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If you’re considering adopting a pet, know that in addition to being a great company, a pet has the potential to make your day happier. According to a British study, this relationship with pets also stimulates the production of useful substances for the brain.

Tips for adopting a pet (Image: Getty Images)

However, before taking the animal home and enjoying the benefits of this symbiosis, it is essential to know the shelter where the pet lives, explained Flavio Silva, dog and cat nutritionist and supervisor of scientific technical training at PremieRpet. “It is always important to assess a place that typically houses animals available for adoption, such as shelters and NGOs. The teacher should verify that the place has regulated documents (CNPJ, Shelter Act, etc.), as well as giving them freedom to express their behavior,” he points out.

As for the little animal’s new home, Bárbara Batista, a veterinarian at DrogaVET, warns that future teachers must prepare the environment to welcome the new member of the family. “Some precautions are basic, such as: placing screens on windows, balconies and doors, blocking access to the street (in the case of dogs, they should leave on leash only, with guardian supervision), and restricting and protecting access to swimming pools, stairs and balconies. In addition, access to products Cleaning, pesticides, medicines, poisonous plants and other things that are harmful should there be accidental ingestion,” says the expert.

In addition to this very valuable information, Thais Matos, the veterinarian at DogHero, has listed other golden tips regarding the care you should have when adopting a pet. paying off!

1. Health

Tips for adopting a pet (Image: Getty Images)

Pets need to visit a specialist more often, not to mention bathing and grooming. But we must also say that some unexpected expenses are not very common, especially in cases of health problems. It should be noted that some animals do not work alone. In this way, laziness can lead to problems, such as obesity and depression.”

Choosing a vet – According to a professional, there is nothing such a difficult decision. As much as you are a typical teacher, studying and offering the most suitable life possible, it is the vet who will need to share the steps of the pet, and in this specialist you will put all your trust for at least 10 years. “A teacher knows they have made a good choice of vet when they encourage him beyond the annual return. He is the one who sends a message in the middle of the day asking if the pet is eating well, if he really has basic needs right on the mat, or if he has Love his first pigeon at sea or if he has already made friends in Medan. He is the one who will encourage you to study, clarify your pet’s specific needs, advise on first aid, determine the best food and, of course, provide a delicious snack after a bite of the vaccine,” details Thaís.

2. Adaptation to pets

Tips for adopting a pet (Image: Getty Images)

Adopting a pet requires a lot of responsibility and a person must be very committed to ensuring the animal’s welfare for years. Whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit or any other pet, a person needs to devote a significant amount of time to caring for the new family member. Adopting a pet requires a great deal of responsibility and the person must be very committed to ensuring the animal’s welfare for years.

When introducing an animal to an unfamiliar environment, the first step is always to assess whether this place is suitable for it and what changes need to be made so that it can adapt easily and safely. Getting used to a new pet at home is not an easy task, however, following the instructions of Thais Matos and maintaining love and patience, everything will be less complicated.

the cats

According to the vet, it is normal for cats to be very nervous in an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, it is necessary to have dedication in this stage of adaptation. “They need privacy, quiet places, places to hide, environments where they can walk, climb and jump. It is also necessary to always keep the type of food he is accustomed to and provide several water sources and toilet bowls, so that he can feel comfortable and comfortable,” he comments.

The Thais add that it is necessary to pay attention to people who catch a cat without its permission. “It can make you nervous and afraid of getting hurt. If there are already very restless dogs and other aggressive cats on the property, double attention to this adaptation phase, because in addition to increasing stress, there is a risk of someone getting hurt in a potential fight. The secret is to leave the environment calm and present Safe escape routes (hide) inside the space for these moments. When there are dogs in the environment, the simple fact of placing shelves and tying the entire house up on several floors really solves the problem,” he knows.

Tips for adopting a pet (Image: Getty Images)

However, the situation can be more complicated when the animals are already adults: “So it is important to remember that cats are animals that prefer to live alone. Getting another cat or dog to please a cat is not always a good idea. On the other hand, cats get used to dogs. And other cats do well. In any case, always consult your veterinarian before making this introduction,” he instructs.


The first step is to understand where the dog is coming from. and shelter? Dogs training? From the family home? “From this, the ideal is to try to imitate as much positive situations as possible that occurred in the place before our house. Not only in terms of space, but also in smells, sounds, and routine. No access to the new home and changing food, walking, feeding times, sleeping arrangements. (whether alone or with others), etc. The dog can treat each stranger strangely, which makes him even more insecure.“At this moment he starts barking, crying and even aggression,” says the vet.

For you to understand these issues more clearly, the professional has listed some basic topics below. see below

The size of the space you will be in – If a young child comes from a shelter or shelter, they will likely be accustomed to smaller spaces. So, actually unlocking the entire house can leave the animal missing. Therefore, the ideal option is to reduce the pet’s space in the early days to make it easier for him to find water, toilet mat, bed and toys.

Smell – Many beginners bundle a “puppy kit” with fragrance already. There are also individuals who place several aroma diffusers around the house to avoid puppy smell. All of this is very aggressive to a dog’s sense of smell and can make them very angry, making them difficult to adapt to. Instead, it is better to take a rag or towel with the smell of the place where it was. This way he will feel more comfortable.

Do not hold the dog all the time – “Whoever acquires a ball of fur that wants more is to hold it and hug it and hold it and kiss it. But this is strictly forbidden. Unless the pet is seeking that kind of affection.” Forcing the animal to stay on your lap can make it difficult to adjust to a family (and a lot). He may start to fear people if he doesn’t like backing off. And if the pet likes this behavior and spends all the time attached to the owner, it may be suffering from separation anxiety.

Tips for adopting a pet (Image: Getty Images)

If adult dogs are uncomfortable, they may bark and howl. Cats may try to escape. It takes time for them to feel safe and fit into the family, since most of the rescued animals have already been abused.

Play when the dog wants – It is normal for a shy and calm dog to arrive in the new home, because it is a different place that needs to be explored. So if he wants to slow down, he should be respected. No poking the animal, throwing a toy to hunt it down or provoking it for a very turbulent game. Everything is new to humans and dogs.

Get to know your pet’s personality Several studies have already shown that dogs have distinct personalities just like humans. This begins to develop in the mother’s womb. “Some dogs are more fearful and sensitive. If they are not respected, they can become reactive and even aggressive. There are already those others who are very excited and full of energy. In this case, boredom and a lack of things to do can be a huge problem, which can lead to Destruction and unwanted behavior.”

An adult and/or an older dog – Adult and elderly animals can easily get and adapt to a new home. Everything will depend on the created expectations and the commitment of each of the residents. “An older dog can take up to six months to fully adapt to a new home. But every day, we must introduce something new to the animal that interests him. There is no point in buying a whole pair of pants before he arrives, without knowing his character and tastes, as there is a possibility that he will not be The dog is used to interacting with the chosen type of toy,” says Ty.

In this regard, the main advice to facilitate the adaptation of an adult or elderly dog ​​is to go little by little, introducing one item at a time. “Gradually the street progresses, day by day, the rounds and how his life will be from now on. It may seem like a difficult thing, out of another world. But I swear that with devotion and observing the nature of the dog, puppies, adults and old people adapt easily. If a problem or difficulty arises, Be sure to hire a behavior specialist to help you through this process. A good adaptation, with positive associations, is the best gateway to an eternal friendship of trust and affection.”

3. Toys and utensils

Tips for adopting a pet (Image: Getty Images)

Tips for adopting a pet (Image: Getty Images)

Thais Matos provide more details about the essential items in the daily life of a pet that will be welcomed into your home.

walk – Even if it is not used to sleep, it serves as a “pet corner” where he can lie down and play. Anyway, knowing that little space is his tiny room.

Utensils for water and feed – Most likely, the master will have to purchase temporary pots. Since the puppy is so small, the pot should adapt to its size and you will increase it as it grows. If not, he may have trouble eating and drinking if the pot is too big or too small.

Kids Games – It is important that the teacher already buys toys for the puppy, so that he gets used to what he is entitled to bite and what he cannot put in his mouth from an early age. “Many people usually give their own toys or household items that they find ‘cute’ for a puppy to play with. In addition to being dangerous (because they are not specific to animals), this can end up spreading the misconception that he has a right to take things out of the house to play with. ‘, he explains.

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