The new league will not change anything important in our football – 05/18/2022

Here comes the Brazilian Football League, which is already called Libra. Let’s leave the bad name alone. Let’s move on to the concept, methods and form.

The league will be created by the biggest clubs in our football after the most famous and richest leagues in Europe. That’s not what I want to talk about, but I need to at least put the following into context: We’re, again, mimicking what they’re doing there.

We no longer think of our football in original ways: it has become a tradition of what (no one but me) is called the epicenter of world football, which is Western Europe. Brazil, the country that has reinvented football including dribbling and joy, is now bowing to Europe and everything that is being done there.

This will be the first critical evaluation. But suppose, after a good discussion, it was understood that the models of European leagues are really great, and therefore, perhaps the tradition is good for Brazilian football. Yeah. Let us accept this as an introduction for the purposes of continuing considerations.

I saw screenshots from a video of the future Libra meeting. There were no women, there were no blacks, and there was not – as far as I know – anyone officially affiliated with the LGBTQIA+ community, they are the same old hats, even if they change their name and address. Does anyone really believe that those who created the problem will be able to solve it?

Our football does not have the face of Brazil. Our football is not like Brazil. Our football lacks Brazilian creativity.

Or some might argue: yes it is. Brazil is it. Brazil is straight, conservative and boring. But there is a Brazil in the cracks, as Luiz Antonio Simas knows, which is neither straight, nor conservative, nor cowardly, nor boring. It is the Brazil of samba, in general, street parties, and popular culture.

Our football should reflect this Brazil. And not the usual Cartagem Brazil.

“Oh, but Libra will generate more money for the clubs.” Yes, this sentence must be true.

But to whom does this money go? Will you improve football for everyone, including the middle and small teams, including the lives of the small and medium worker who depends on football for their survival?

Or the league is the logic of “if you pay for baggage, the ticket price goes down”. He fell? No, guys. you did not. went up.

They say we need to make the pie rise and then divide it. This phrase has been said by liberal economists since the dictatorship.

Economist Maria da Conceicao Tavares taught: “An economics that says it must first stabilize, grow and then distribute, is a fallacy.”

He concludes, “It does not settle, it grows in the form of fools and does not distribute. This is the history of the Brazilian economy since the post-war period.”

For Tavares, the interest of political economy should always be on who pays the bill. That would be the question: And who pays the bill in football?

we. Fans and fans. And who we are We are black men and women, we are women, we are LGBTQs, we are workers who work 15, 16, 17 hours a day just to pay the bills. Are we responsible for trying to change football? no. Are we somehow involved in this alleged transformation? no. Once again, we got kicked and kicked into a corner.

and who we are

We are the PCDs, we are the residents of fringe and favela neighborhoods, we are the ones who stay up to see our team even though we have to get up early the next day and face hours on public transportation, we are the ones who can no longer pay for tickets, T-shirts and more. Not to mention becoming a fan partner. These are the ones who pay the bill. How will the scale benefit them? Will you bring them back into the game?

I wish I was wrong. I would like this scale to revolutionize our football. In this way, the stadiums could be attended on a large scale by the working population of the periphery, from the blacks. That this fan was as important to the club as those so-called “members”. That a formal shirt can be bought by the rich and the poor.

I would be wrong to think that our football will continue to be violent, racist, misogynistic and misogynistic. I hope all prejudices go away. That we’re back in being the cultural navel of world football, as we were in the 70’s, 82’s, and ’86’s. Will Libra, who takes care of the national championships, cooperate for this? I doubt it.

“Political transitions are not a matter of new ideas, but a matter of new interests,” Vladimir Savatly teaches. “It’s not new ideas that produce big transformations,” he says. “It’s new influences that produce great ideas.”

In order to influence ourselves in other ways, it is necessary to coexist with other forms of being. We need to move through different ways of life.

Affects the creation of behaviors. They guide us to perceive, understand, and judge. Always being affected in the same ways will make us always act in the same ways.

That’s why I think Libra won’t change anything fundamental. It will continue to increase inequality (in football and beyond), and it will continue to enrich and exclude most of the population from this game we call our game.

The league is still studied by the top hats. Several modifications must be made to the original plan. Nothing has been confirmed or sanctioned. But I doubt it will not be implemented. What I think is that, for those who matter, everything will go on as bad as it once was, when the CBF served as Director – a hideous word that disguises someone else considered not very noble: the Director. The manager is responsible.

Do I wish to be wrong? I would like. I’d like to. It would be the best mistake of my life. What makes me happier? But I wouldn’t bet on it.

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