The most prominent modifications in the games

About to turn 125, even if you’ve never read the novel Bram StokerYou sure know Dracula And even if completely faithful adaptations with his literary version are rare, these same adaptations are numerous and multimodal.

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The number of vampires is held The Guinness Book of Records Two important records:

  • The literary character most adapted for the film
  • The horror character most adapted for the movie

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Even being the record holder when it comes to cinema, the most famous vampire of all time has also had his share of adaptation to the gaming world; Let’s go to the list!


Platforms: PRAÇA

launch: 1986

Nosferatu Vampire It is an action game based on the German director’s movie Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau It worked on Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum computers. The game is developed by design design and posted it Piranha . Program.

F.W. Murnau is known as the first film adaptation of Dracula, despite a change of characters’ names and an allegation of copyright infringement by the author’s widow, Florence Balcombe.

And the most intriguing thing is that even the game takes the title of the German movie, in Play We played with classic characters from Bram Stoker’s novel like Jonathan HarkerAnd Lucy And Van Helsing.

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Simon (left) and Dracula (d)

Platforms: nintendo

launch: 1986

players control Simon Belmontthe descendant of a legendary vampire hunter, enters Count Dracula’s castle to destroy it when he suddenly appears 100 years after his defeat by Simon’s ancestor.

Castlevania It is the first title of what is now one of the developer’s most popular franchises Konami.

Dark Lord

Platforms: Main system and Jim gear

launch: 1993

Developed by Sims and posted it Segathe game Dark Lord It is a platform game, very similar to Castlevania and in its plot we control a psychological world called doctor. Ferdinand social.

We are in mid-Victorian 19th century London, when our young hero receives warnings from his spiritual guardians through a Ouija board, saying that terrible murders will happen unless the source of this evil is eliminated: Dracula, the Prince of Darkness.

The chase begins on the outskirts of the famous River Thames in London where he will face the killer Jack the Ripper, passing through 13 other scenarios until his final confrontation with the master of the vampires.

Dracula Bram Stoker

Platforms: Mega Drive and Super Nintendo

launch: 1993

Based on the director’s film Francis Ford CoppolaThis is probably the game closest to the novel, although the director used some creative liberties in the film. Here the player controls a young lawyer named Jonathan Harker who must free himself from Dracula’s capture, follow him to London and end his terrifying reign.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Alucard (L) and Dracula on his infernal throne (D).

Platforms: Play Station

launch: 1997

This is perhaps one of the most famous titles in the series and in my humble opinion: the best of all the many titles in the franchise. at Castlevania: Symphony of the Nightvampire hunter Richter Belmont back, but it is used by aperture To revive Dracula. Then it’s up to Dracula’s son, AlucardDefeat your father.

In the metroidian style that has influenced many of the other subsequent titles in the franchise, the 1997 title guarantees many hours of Play Including a false ending, as few come to the true end after encountering Dracula on his evil throne in the heart of his infamous cursed castle.

Dracula: Resurrection

Platforms: Playstation and PC

launch: 1999

Set in 1904 in Transylvania, the game is a continuation of the Bram Stoker novel, where seven years after the death of Count Dracula, wife of Jonathan Harker, mineShe finds herself mysteriously drawn to Transylvania. Jonathan then travels to the location in an attempt to rescue her.

Here, the player takes on the role of Jonathan and uses the point-and-click interface to solve puzzles and navigate the game world, often with the help of an object called the Dragon Ring.

The adventure game developed by index+ It was the company’s first traditional game; The team had previously created a program focused on educational and cultural tourism, an approach that influenced the design of Dracula: Resurrection. Based on myths, legends, Bram Stoker’s novel and vampire films, the creators sought to create a continuation of the Stoker story that was imbued with the same atmosphere of horror as the pages of the book.

Castlevania: Blame the blessing

Leon Belmon (left) and Mathias Kronqvist (right).

Platforms: Playstation 2

launch: 2003

Set in the year 1094, it focuses on the origins of the series’ premise – the eternal struggle between vampire hunters from the Belmont clan and the immortal vampire Dracula. We are here to follow Leon Belmont While he was researching the vampire castle Walter Bernard; who kidnapped his bride Sarah.

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence It is the first game in the Castlevania series chronologically, as well as the first in the PlayStation 2 series and the third to use 3D gameplay.

Unfortunately, Leon does not arrive in time and discovers that the love of his life has been turned into a vampire. With her sacrifice, her soul absorbs the whip of her lover who turns legendary Vampire Slayer’s Whipwhich appears throughout the franchise.

At least Leon gets revenge on him and defeats Bernhard, but the corrupt vampire spirit is used by Belmont’s longtime friend, Matthias KronqvistWho rejects humanity itself and turns into Dracula! Thus, the most famous and powerful vampire becomes the sworn enemy of the Belmont family forever.

Van Helsing

Platforms: PS2, Xbox and Game Boy Advance

launch: 2004

After the same plot of the movie Van Helsing: The Monster Hunter championship Hugh Jackman In the main role, the player controls Van Helsing after a battle that leads to the death Mr. Hyde In Paris, the Vatican sent a monster hunter to protect the gypsies Anna Valerius Dracula was hunted in Transylvania.

Although the game tries to recreate the features of Hugh Jackman and Richard Roxburgh (Dracula), nowadays it is impossible to say that this mission was a success, but at the time it was definitely a great thing to control characters that depict real people.

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Castlevania: Shadowlords two

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC

launch: 2014

Awakening after centuries of rest, weak and longing to free himself from the shackles of immortality, Dracula must regain his powers and make a pact with death to defeat evil and gain eternal rest. Blood will mean everything in this dramatic final battle between good and evil, as Dracula faces off against his opponent and his descendants’ relentless quest for revenge.

In spite of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Fans of the franchise were not as pleased as its predecessor, here we have an adventure that takes place in a vast modern world and the return of great characters such as Alucard.

Despite the franchise’s sixth title, Castlevania: Lamment of Innocence (2003), being the first in the canon and featuring Matthias Kronqvist who became Dracula, in Reboot From the franchise in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (2010) we have Gabriel Belmont Become the prince of darkness.

Dracula’s wrath

Platforms: board game and the computer

launch: 2015

The year 1898. Eight years ago, the evil Count Dracula traveled to London to spread the curse of the vampire. He was stopped by a small group of Hunters who managed to spoil his plans and destroy him in the shadows of his castle. At least that’s what they thought… Dracula’s wrathIn the role of the Vampire Count, the player stealthly moves across Europe, creating vampires and ambushes for their pursuers. Dracula’s opponents are the Hunters, who must find out where the monster is before his minions rule the night.

Originally released in 1987 by Games Workshopthe fourth edition released by fantasy flying gamesThe board game – which also has a digital version for PC – allows 2 to 5 players and has:

  • 70 location cards;
  • 28 encounter cards.
  • 75 event cards.
  • 38 class cards;
  • 13 Dracula combat cards;
  • 12 combat card hunter;
  • 5 energy cards
  • 4 hunter reference cards.

In addition to the letters board game It also contains miniatures, several signs, a plate with a map of Europe, character sheets, and a rulebook.

It is worth noting that the game is one of the few games that came close to the original version of Dracula published by Bram Stoker.

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