The founder of the Fernando Reichert Institute says, “Goodness must be spread.”

Social contributions have always been part of the working routine of the brothers and partners of Free Multiagencia, Roberto and Romeu Reichert. The teachings he received from his father Fernando Reichert culminated from an early age in actions to support institutions and families in need.

God has always been kind to us and our forefathers have always taught us to help others Romeo explains.

At first, when the brothers still provided printing services to advertising agencies, donations were modest. But social actions have grown and become repetitive as Multi-agency for free The advertising and advertising market has been shaped and conquered by the professional development of the brothers over 35 years of hard work.

Sometimes I help alone, with my brother, or share with groups of friends, but whenever we discover a story, or a family that needs help, we find a way to help – says Roberto Richert.

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With nostalgia and joy, Romeo recalls one of those wonderful actions that blended with the successful track of the agency.

– Our first big customer was a toy factory that went bankrupt and we received payments in the form of musical instruments we used for Great social work with children in need.

The plant in question accounts for nearly 50% of the agency’s revenue, but after a week of social action, another big client knocked on the agency’s door.

Every time I closed a door, I opened a bigger one.. Therefore, God has always been very generous with us,” Romeo recalls.

Roberto and Romeo Reichert
Brothers and Partners of Free Multiagencia, Roberto and Romeu Reichert

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Over the course of 35 years, Free Multiagencia has had to face challenges and the Fernando Reichert Institute was one of them, emerging painfully, but naturally as a family legacy, after the sudden departure of Romeo and Roberto’s father, victim of complications arising from Covid-19 in February 2022. The creative team suggested Free Multiagencia owns the name and develops the company’s logo. A non-profit organization dedicated to social work.

– They came up with everything ready, we were surprised by such a post. Our team managed to make our father present in the heart and in every action that will be taken – say the brothers with teary eyes.

Intense, social aspect Multi-agency for free The Reichert brothers took on a name, shape and inspiration, as a way to spread good deeds and serve as an example for other companies to follow.

For 35 years we have never explored this, but we have realized that it is time to spread the good, because evil spreads more than good.

Romeo, who has been one of the sponsors of the Women’s Cancer Network and has voluntarily and freely produced entity campaigns for the past 10 years

– I think this is still very little, but we are building our legacy – he comments.

Fernando Richert Institute It will be a show of good. Over the past 35 years, actions have been carried out separately, and now the company has begun to act not only as a joint, but also in the search for new partners and entities that need support.

– In this first moment, we use our network to bring together those who collaborate with our goal, introduce some of the actions we have already developed, as well as learn about new projects and discover new ways to help them. In the sequence, again, we will use paper to implement a dream, which is for us a way to get acquainted with all the support we receive from our parents: Create a social institute – Romeo points.

Some actions have already begun to be part of the IFR, such as continuing contributions to families in need, as well as donating 3.5 tons of food over the next few months to NGOs Casa da Esperança, Casa Santa Ana and Instituto Família Velez. Easter will be made even sweeter by donating more than 50 baskets of sweets as well as basic baskets to two entities in Blumenau.

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Communicating with Entities and Society

Among the institute’s missions is dialogue between entities and society. For this purpose, a registry is prepared for NGOs and families in fragile situations, as well as for projects that engage with the objectives of the IFR, which are aimed not only at regulating remittances and needs, but also to search for new partners for projects.

“Alone we really make a difference. Imagine when we can join forces? This dream embodies our father’s entire legacy. We are already sharing the project with friends, family and our clients, to expand this network of solidarity. We must spread the good and do what we do best, with distinction, using social media to Social Transformation – concludes Roberto Reichert.

Do you want to stay informed about IFR procedures? Go to the site Free from multiple agencies.

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