The civilian policeman who was kidnapped and shot by the military was alive when he was thrown into the river

Specialists from the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) have concluded that papillary endoscopy expert Renato Cotto – who was kidnapped and shot at least three times by Marines – was alive when he was thrown into the Guandu River, at the height of Japeri, in Baixada Fluminense. According to the experience performed on the corpse, the civilian police officer was killed by gunshot hemorrhage and also by mechanical suffocation caused by drowning.

The corpse was there at about eight in the morning on one of the banks, clinging to the vegetation. According to the investigations, Renato was killed after an argument with three members of the navy and the owner of a bunker, last Friday (13), in Praca da Bandera, in the northern region of the city. A corporal, two sergeants and the father of one were arrested for the crime.

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After the survey, a team of the 18 DPs (Praça da Bandeira) arrived on the scene and provided support to the victim’s family and wife. A colleague of the policeman knelt and cried next to the corpse. Relatives of the victim after identifying the body will pray. Hand in hand, pray our father.

The family indicated that Renato made several records of facts against L’Oréval. They say that when he was killed, the policeman had a bill for the stolen items in his pants pocket.

We want justice and severe punishment. Nothing justifies what they did. All in the video. My brother has been there several times. They proceeded to kill him. Killed with the receipt in his pocket. My brother searched only for what he had. I just went to review what was there. My brother was attacked. They were an illegal junkyard. The last time I saw my brother was on Mother’s Day and said I owed it because of it. Only those who work hard know how expensive everything is. And my brother set up the shop to earn a second income and build the house for my mom – said physiotherapist Deborah Coto de Mendonca, 38, one of Renato’s sisters.

He received many reports of thefts. What shocks me the most is that they are military for the population, on duty, leaving the place and doing it. The certainty of impunity, doing what they did in broad daylight in a plaza, where a lot of people pass. They were sure of impunity. They are not good soldiers. A desperate person fights, shoots, and leaves. They baptized everything, in one day of service – they completed the victim’s sister.

Renato is the eldest of five siblings. He leaves two daughters, 4 and 8 years old.

Firefighters search for the body of civilian police expert Renato Cotto in Rio Guando
Firefighters search for the body of civilian police expert Renato Cotto in the Guando River Photo: Fabiano Rocha / Agência O Globo

What caught the eye was the brake sign on the top of the bridge and drops of blood flowing to the place where the policeman was thrown. At least 30 meters away, the path taken by the criminals could be seen. According to investigators, those involved carried Renato, who was bleeding from his injuries, until they threw him off the bridge.

The body was also searched for by air, Sunday. A police helicopter flew over the Guandu River, where Renato’s body was said to have been dumped by the Navy.

Staff Sgt. Bruno Santos de Lima – who was arrested along with his father, businessman Loreval Ferreira de Lima, as well as military personnel from 1st Naval District Manuel Vitor Silva Soares and Daris Fideles Mota for triple qualified murder and concealment of the body of papillary endoscopy expert Renato Cotto – said the group “did not Agree on anything specific” about where to put the body. In a statement he made at the Eighteenth Police Station (Praça da Bandeira), Bruno stated that after they left Avenida Radial Oeste, where he shot the civilian police officer and put him in a Navy vehicle, he was “on public roads”, in the direction of Baixada Fluminense, ” He saw a big river,” Guando suggested leaving the victim, not knowing if she had vital signs when she was thrown over the bridge wall.

Case dynamics

According to the army statement, which was accessed by EXTRA, Bruno said that last Wednesday, the 11th, L’Oréval informed him that a man had sought him out at a scrap yard to threaten and accuse him of receiving items stolen from his work. According to his father, he replied that he only works with donations from public bodies, but the individual demanded money and promised to return.
On Friday, the 13th, Bruno said he had received calls that the man was going back to his father’s junkyard and had threatened him if he didn’t transfer R$10,000 to him, calling one of his subordinates, Third Sergeant Manuel Vitor Silva Soares. and Corporal Daris Fidelis Motta to go with a vehicle from the 1st Marine District, to defend L’Oréval.

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Bruno said that at the time he was carrying his own pistol, a 9mm Taurus, and was wearing a flak jacket. When he arrived at the institution, on Rua Oswaldo Aranha, in Praça da Bandeira, he saw his father “with a glowing face, beside an individual”. For this reason, the sergeant said that he got out of the car with the rifle already in hand, identified himself as a soldier and ordered Renato Cotto to raise his hands.

At the filing, the first sergeant reported that when searching for the papillary endoscopy expert, he noticed he had a pistol in his waist, and on that occasion the civilian police officer drew the pistol and the two got into a physical fight. L’Oréval, Darice, and Manuel had also taken part in the fight, trying to separate them. Bruno said he remembers that “at a certain point, he managed to shoot Renato in the leg,” but still, he could have taken his gun.

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The third sergeant claimed that during the whole operation Renato Cotto shouted “Police! Police”, without specifying whether he wanted to identify himself or ask for help. For this reason, Bruno Santos de Lima stated that he fired another shot at the height of the expert’s abdomen, and then his resistance decreased. “In trouble because of the events and turmoil that was going on around her,” the military said it tried to put the victim in the car, with Dares’ help, and left the scene.

At the 18th round of the DP, Bruno said he did not remember if he and the other soldiers had considered taking Renato to the hospital. When asked about the weapon of the papillary endoscope expert, he told that he had put it in his pocket and, without noticing whether there was a civilian police emblem on the bolt, threw it into the Guandu River with the victim’s body. They then returned to the 1st Naval District base, Prakka Mawa, and the 3rd sergeant reported that he had finished his service “at normal hours”.

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