Temperatures drop, the standard coldness is broken and frost alert

Bauru City Council / Disclosure

Anteater sitting in special protection in the zoo

The cold has arrived once and for all in Bauru. Thermometers dip this Tuesday (17), including reaching the lowest temperature of the year so far. At 7:05 am yesterday, the dip was 8.4 degrees. But according to Unesp’s Bauru Center for Meteorology (IPMet), it should be lower until today (18) and tomorrow (19), with only 4 degrees forecast. In addition to caring for the body, the alert is also to agricultural and animal activity, due to possible frosts.

Prior to this week, the coldest day in 2022 was April 16, when the temperature reached 10.3 degrees. If it’s 4 degrees today and tomorrow, it will be the lowest May temperature in Bauru since 2001.

Meteorologist Rita Sirqueira, of IPMet, explains that this raca is due to a mass of polar air that came from the south, and passes through the continent, making it stronger for those moving along the coast.

rural areas

This intensity punishes the human body as well as agriculture. There is even the possibility of frost in rural Bauru these days with low temperatures. “This could have a negative impact on agricultural activity and livestock, mainly, causing damage to crops and cold-sensitive creations,” warns Municipal Agriculture Minister (Sagra).

The dough reminds us that not all cultures suffer from low temperatures. For fruit trees in temperate climates, such as apples, grapes, peaches, and peaches, the accumulation of cold favors a period of dormancy and allows for spreading and fruiting more vigorously.


“The same does not happen to vegetables in general, including leafy ones. It is therefore recommended to keep sprinklers on the day of frost, until sunrise. This is because the water temperature is higher for the environment, which forms a vapor layer that protects vegetables from freezing, for example, That the leaves of the cabbage plant in the flowers are tied from above, in order to protect the buds,” the volume completes.

These precautions should be doubled today and tomorrow. Between Friday (20) and Sunday (22), the lower bounds will be slightly higher, IPMet predicts. On all these days, the sky must remain open.

The zoo protects the population

Bauru Zoo has also taken measures to protect the animals from the cold.

For the monkeys, heaters were installed in the enclosure of the Saguis, hammocks in the great primate enclosure and straw beds. In addition, mammals received heating lamps and protection from the wind in their dormitories.

Reptiles, in turn, acquired not only this light, but also a water heater, in the case of animals living in the aquatic environment, such as anacondas. The animals in the medical department were also remembered using heaters. “The aforementioned nets are made from fire hoses and provide a lot of convenience for the monkeys. Therefore, residents can, instead of throwing them away, donate to the zoo’s hoses from businesses and buildings in general that are out of use,” informs the park.

11 sought emergency care at Centro Pop

As reported by JC, in the face of the warning about cold records, the City Hall of Bauru, through Sebes, has taken advantage of emergency reception of homeless people. 20 places were offered for men, women, children, and teens at Centro Pop (Av. Nuno de Assis, 10-77). From Monday (16) to Tuesday (17), 11 were received in space. The place even receives animals with their teachers.

In the shelter run by Ceac (Rua Inconfidência, 7-18, Vila Vergueiro), 48 people were housed. The maximum capacity is 55 people.

In all, Bauru’s halfway homes offer 110 spaces, plus an additional 20 spaces open at Centro Pop this week.

The city council maintains an active research duty with the social curriculum until 11 p.m. The service receives calls from residents who come across homeless people facing hardship due to the cold. The team responds by phone 0493 98208 (14).

Winter clothing campaign

As temperatures drop, it becomes even more important to think about what’s next. To alleviate the coldness of vulnerable people and families, the Social Solidarity Fund has, since the beginning of this month, launched the Agasalho 2022 campaign.

The procedure seeks to collect new or used blankets and coats in good condition. In addition to the Social Fund itself (Praça das Cerejeiras, 1-59), there are several other points of donations: Unimed, ITE, USP, BTC, Plasútil, Paschoalotto, Unisagrado, Sincomércio, Havan, CDL, BR Telhas, Servimed, Instituto Mix and Acib and Assenag, Commercial Association, Tilibra, Ciesp and Banco do Brasil.

Businesses wishing to participate in the campaign can contact the Social Fund, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at (14) 3235-1119.

Other initiatives are also continuing to collect items to help those most in need. This is the case of Loja do Bem, created by Bauru Shopping. Until June 10, a customer passing through the shopping center can donate clothes and blankets in good condition. The Solidarity space is located on the second floor, opposite the bullshop and opens at the same time as the mall.

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