Television Brazil presents the premiere of the animation “Piratas Pirados!” In the institutional family session

the film”Pirates Pirates!“It is the highlight of the track Family session who – which Brazil TV Served this Sunday (22), at 2 p.m. Unprecedented small-screen animation for the public broadcaster combines stop-motion resources and frame-by-frame recording techniques, as well as characters and scenarios made of plasticine.

Pirates Pirates!

The film is directed by Peter Lord and Jeff Newtt. The team produced impressive seventh-art productions such as the innovative “Chicken Run” (2000) and the Academy Award-winning movie “Wallace and Gromit: The Battle of Vegetables” (2005), which won the statuette in the Animation category.

The two were developed by Studio Aardman. They both use the same stop motion hand animation technique. In the case of “Piratas Pirados!” Computer graphics are used to improve aspects of the plot.

Pirates Pirates!

Technologies impart agility making the pirate history scenario more lively for viewers of all ages. Rich in detail, the film about the saga of Pirate Captain stands out for the viewer who appreciate shadows and movements, giving more expressiveness and realism.

The script combines humor and principles

Full of adventures, dangers and emotions, interesting productions have many advantages. The film follows the adventures of a clumsy pirate captain as he strives for values ​​such as loyalty and friendship. It also encourages children to pursue their goals and believe that it is possible to achieve their dreams.

Pirates Pirates!

On land or on the high seas, the outlaws represented in the plot carry out incredible riots that fascinate and provoke laughter. The cleverly sequenced jokes make audiences of all ages laugh.

The script was adapted by Gideon Defoe for the script of his own books. Animation “Crazy Pirates!” Brings adorable characters and creative genres in the form of clay dolls. The film cleverly does this arrangement by revitalizing classic stereotypes of sinners.

Pirates Pirates!

The production soundtrack is also an attraction in itself. The children’s works feature a variety of works that blend works such as “Garota de Ipanema” and “Also Sprach Zarathustra” and British rock acts such as “London Calling” and “Alright”.

Clumsy Hacking Challenges

Captain Pirate is one of the most troubled navigators of the Seven Seas and beset by a series of misfortune. Although he hasn’t always been successful in his endeavours, he does have a dream: to beat his great rivals Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz to win the Pirate of the Year award.

Pirates Pirates!

The winner of the coveted laureate prize will be the one who succeeds in stealing the most. With expensive rivals, destroying enemy ships and taking huge sums, the captain needs to intimidate a urucubaca who harms him to fulfill his almost perfect desire for recognition.

In order to accomplish the daunting task of the plot in 1837, the captain and his crew go from the exotic Isle of Blood to the streets of Victorian London. But they do not succeed in fighting various enemies and seek to plunder the ships.

Pirates Pirates!

The failed looting attempts reflect the daily life of the group. Courage is not one of these sailors’ strengths. They are glorified by their peers, facing a sad reality. The failed pirate squad Ham Die is the culmination of their routine.

special historical figures

With a flashy beard, the commander meets two historical figures: the dwarf Queen Victoria and the famous scholar Charles Darwin. The luck of the clumsy captain and his pirates begins to change when they decide to invade the science expedition ship coordinated by the scientist.

Pirates Pirates!

The then young British biologist notes that the captain’s parrot, the ship’s mascot, is actually a dodo, an extinct bird. Darwin recognizes the rare animal, to everyone’s surprise. Upon realizing that his pet is a rare animal, the rambunctious crew leader notes that he can take advantage of the discovery.

He thinks Grandma has a lot of potential to bring glory, gold, awards and even Queen Victoria’s temperamental friendship. The king is always angry at ocean robbers who plunder the riches of the crown. The leader does not realize that he may fall into a dangerous trap involving a very unique gastronomical delicacy.

Pirates Pirates!

Charles Darwin lives with a monkey friend who interacts through stickers. Next to Queen Victoria, the world presents hilarious sights. The story makes use of the hook in entertaining discourses on evolution and ridicule of British monarchs.

data sheet
Original title: The Pirates! On an adventure with scientists.
Country: United Kingdom and the United States. year 2012. Genre: Animation. Directed by: Peter Lord and Jeff Newtt. Screenplay: Gideon Defoe. Unprecedented. 88 minutes Guided rating: Free.

Pirates Pirates!

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Family session – “Crazy Pirates!” Sunday, May 22nd, at 2:00 pm on Brazil TV

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