Suites have a TV, gardens, and a private beach. Your dog will want to stay in this hotel

Suites have a TV, gardens, and a private beach. Your dog will want to stay in this hotel

In the Algarve, near Portimão, Hotel Do Cau is the ideal solution for those who are going on vacation and want to take their big dog close to them.

Going on vacation to the Algarve? Take your dog with you and drop them off at this real resort for our four-legged friends. Located in Quinta Vale da Marinha, between Portimão and Monchique, Hotel do Cão promises to change the way you see dog hotels.

The boxes, or rather the air-conditioned suites, are single and have an area of ​​10m2 with indoor and outdoor area. All animals that use it are guaranteed continuous monitoring of their health status, 24-hour video surveillance and nighttime surveillance. Additionally, the crates are all soundproof, which prevents dogs from starting to bark when the next door neighbor is heard barking, which creates a huge barking noise, as is common in other kennels or hotels. This helps a lot in keeping the stress levels of the fanatics under control.

Guests are also entitled to stroll daily through 30,000 square meters of lawn, divided into seven fenced gardens. Since the Algarve is a paradise for beach and sun, you can’t miss a place to cool off your dog. With the new artificial beach, in the hotel gardens, you will not lack for snorkeling and sunbathing.

The hotel has a capacity of 150 animals, and also provides grooming services, training and walking the dogs at home.

The daily basic accommodation costs €19, however, it is possible to upgrade to premium facilities, where your friend will stay in a real 5 star hotel room. With direct access to a garden, a king-size bed and even a TV, “Dog Homes” cost €26 and aim to reproduce the comfort your dog can have at home as much as possible, reducing any stress or anxiety. separation that may arise.

In this way the Hotel do Cão was created, in an effort to reproduce the comforts and treatments that dogs enjoyed at home. From eating habits, walking, health and everything that could be part of the routine you are used to is faithfully repeated by the guards.

Miguel Maya Costa, owner and CEO of Hotel Do Cau, tells PiT that it is the details that make this project a success: “We tried to humanize the hotel, because more and more people see their animals as family members”he says, adding that “the goal is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for the animals.”

Bed details or sofas make them feel right at home, as do televisions, which many dogs are accustomed to.. When choosing more basic crates, we always ask to bring a bed or a blanket for the dog so that they feel as comfortable and at home as possible,” emphasizes the businessman.

From a riding center to the largest dog hotel in Europe

This Lisbon-born, who moved to the Algarve 30 years ago and is an agronomist by profession, in 2013 opened what he considers one of the most rewarding projects of his life: a riding center, raising German Shepherds to work. One day, a friend challenged me to use the maternity suites used for breeding as spaces to house dogs.” The request was immediate “And so the hotel was born.”

The business developed rapidly and the initial eight funds grew to today’s numbers. It is not always easy to manage such a large number of animals, especially because “the hotel has up to 2,000 different dogs per month”. “Several thousand dogs have passed through the Do Kao Hotel.”

With a steady team of 15 workers, working year-round, the accommodations, which get more occupied during the summer, see reinforcements staff up to 50. “We have demand all year round, but the high tourism season is very strong because people come on vacation to the Algarve, sometimes they stay in places that don’t allow animals, so they are close to their teachers, they can be seen at any time. It’s easier on everyone.”

If this is the default option, this is not the only reason. “We are often the answer to delicate cases, from dogs that are pummeled, dogs of people who have died, people who are hospitalized, families with premature babies.” But not only that: “We also look for people who want to come and walk their dogs, because here, even dogs that try to escape, can run free. The parks are big and all are fenced.”

Here (also) there is a cat

If cats are your thing, don’t worry, the 40,000 square meters of Quinta Vale da Marinha have the Hotel do Jato. Here you can leave your cat in suites with different platforms, hiding places, a window with exposure to the sun, air conditioning and heating (as they like it very much), an outdoor solarium and pipe music. Daily accommodation 14 euros.

In the case of both dogs and cats, there is a decrease in the daily value in the case of a long stay or when there are more than one animal in the same box, which only happens with animals of the same owner.

Scroll through the gallery and learn about the hotel’s facilities and some of its guests.

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