Spanish doctors say the health condition of the former Angolan PR man is developing ‘pathologically’

LUANDA, May 18, 2022 (Lusa) – Spanish doctors accompanying former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos said today that his health is progressing “satisfactorily” and praised the competence of his personal physician, Joao Afonso.

In a letter that Lusa was able to reach and addressed to “Who May Concern”, Doctors Jorge and Teresa Rios, from the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, ​​stated that despite their health problems, which were exacerbated by the Corona virus, which forced an extended stay in hospital, the situation of José Eduardo dos Santo is developing “slowly and gradually, in a satisfactory manner”.

The document comes a day after the Angolan presidency issued a note from the former head of state, stating that only his personal doctor is able to talk about his health, after criticism from one of his daughters, Welwichia “Chesi” of Santos, about the treatment given to the father.

The document states that the Medical Center in Barcelona, ​​the city where José Eduardo dos Santos has lived since 2019, has been responsible since 2006 for the annual medical examinations of the former head of state, who presided over the fate of Angola for 38 years and in 2017, was replaced by João Lourenco.

They also note that over the past 16 years they have had the opportunity to meet their personal doctor, Joao Afonso, who accompanied the “examinations” and who requested consultations according to medical needs and with the approval of the former president.

“Throughout our relationship, we have demonstrated the impeccable value, competence, preparation and dedication of Dr. Afonso to His Excellency the Minister,” they wrote in the letter, adding that it was a “good decision to be a personal physician.”

Asked about the Spanish doctors’ letter, Chezzi de Santos Llosa said she wanted them to “help recover” her father, considering them “the best”, adding that she had not spoken to them about the document.

He also said his goal in revealing the situation was to make sure the people around his father were “doing their job” and making sure the family was “monitoring”.

“I only act to defend myself and myself. So treat me well, don’t interrupt my health, the point is to make my parents good, because they are the ones who make it bad, so fix what they did,” he stressed.

Regarding the recent visit of Jose Eduardo dos Santos to Angola, he wondered, “How can a person spend five months in Angola and have his health deteriorate without telling his family.”

In a note issued by the Angolan presidency on Tuesday and signed by the former president, José Eduardo dos Santos claimed that Joao Afonso is his personal physician, who has been accompanying him for 16 years, has “full confidence”, and is “the only entity authorized to speak” about his health.

This stance comes after Chase dos Santos denounced the “excesses” and “adjustment of freedom” in relation to his father, acknowledging that the family was dealing with a “police case”, which could prompt a complaint to the Spanish authorities.

“We, the sons of José Eduardo dos Santos (…) who want, in fact, to guarantee the safety of our father, our father’s physical and legal safety, feel helpless and we will have no alternative but to call in Spanish. The authorities must intervene because this is a police issue, the other alternative It is to make all Angolans aware of what is happening,” he said, in remarks sent to Lusa.

Chase dos Santos had previously questioned the intervention of the Angolan doctor, because he was going to tell Spanish doctors that they were helping the former president “to cancel appointments and not show up”.

In the memorandum issued by the presidency, Jose Eduardo dos Santos said that Joao Afonso “will remain the coordinating doctor of the multidisciplinary team” that guarantees him “medical assistance in Barcelona”.


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