Samsung introduces The Wall 2022 TV up to 220 inches

To enhance the long-lasting experience and state-of-the-art LED technology, Samsung Presented at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022, in Barcelona, ​​The Wall line consists of the smallest pixels ever, up to 146 inches. While The Wall All-in-One variant offers 4K TVs up to 146 inches, with unlimited thin borders to create large billboards, including images generated by various sources. In addition, the company has also introduced displays with Micro LED technology. Find out all the news below.

wall 2022

The new generation of font excellent the wall It features a MicroLED display – a technology that represents an evolution of OLED, which combines the best of OLED and LCD screens – with stadiums 0.63 and 0.94 pixels, which means the lowest pixel density in a single core. According to the South Korean manufacturer, soccer field 0.63 is the smallest in the world, and promises an immersive experience by expanding the viewing area with additional screens.

Samsung presents 2022 Wall TV with a size of up to 220 inches
The 2022 edition of The Wall could reach 220 inches (Photo: Samsung/Playback)

Among the key features are 120Hz frame rate, HDR10/10+, and HDR LED. Model options offer resolutions from 4K to 8K, in sizes from 110 to 220 inches. To display this enormous image, it is equipped with an extension Micro AI (Artificial Intelligence), which analyzes every second of content instantly and improves image quality while removing noise.

technology multi viewfrom the TV screen, allows simultaneous playback multi-source (Multiple Lines) With up to four lines, all on one screen, without the need for additional dividers to display dynamic content. The device also supports technology black seal, capable of creating a perfect screen for the purest black levels, with an anti-reflective film applied to reduce external light reflection. Finally, it features 20-bit processing for excellent image quality and a smooth viewing experience, backed by a maximum brightness of 2000 nits.

Wall all in one

the difference Wall all in one The ISE 2022 was also offered, in three different models: a 146-inch 4K panel, a 146-inch 2K panel, and a 110-inch 2K panel. The highlight is the sleek design that measures just 49mm in diameter, with infinity-edge bezels for a streamlined, immersive look. They all embrace the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, so you can also create an ultra-widescreen 32:9 with two units.

Samsung presents 2022 Wall TV with a size of up to 220 inches
The Wall All-in-One can be perfect for events or presentations at large events and companies (Photo: Samsung/Reproduction)

The line difference in the 2020 model is the more convenient installation that comes with a pre-assembled kit with decorative frame and S-box media player which, according to the manufacturer, will allow its customers to reduce the total cost of installation..

small LED screens

Finally, Samsung announced new Micro LED multi-display models. The line can be applied in different situations, and it brings the outside vision verified by Insurance Labs (UL) and provides durability due to its resistance to water and dust IP56 certified.

Samsung presents 2022 Wall TV with a size of up to 220 inches
Versatile, the screens can be used for both agencies and teaching, replacing dishes (Image: Samsung/Reproduction)

One of the premium models was an update paintingA line full of novelties with multiple applications. With 55 and 75 inch models, these monitors can be installed in different environments. An example given by the company itself is the implementation of devices in electric vehicle charging stations.

Samsung presents 2022 Wall TV with a size of up to 220 inches
IP56 certified waterproof and dustproof outdoor billboards can be displayed outdoors (Image: Samsung / Reproduction)

The Samsung Flip 2022 is another premium device from the company. It is an interactive whiteboard available in 75 and 85 inch sizes with an emphasis on the teaching area. Its screen allows simultaneous collaboration of up to 20 people with its massive multi-touch support, as well as its ability to manage up to 50 simultaneous connections of devices with Smart View Plus.

Samsung presents 2022 Wall TV with a size of up to 220 inches
The screens can act as a large panel, capable of displaying high-resolution images and interacting with the screen (Image: Samsung/Playback)

Additionally, the new generation features easy video control, up to 65W power output with USB-C and an array of four front and rear speakers. “Improve the overall classroom experience and enable seamless video communication”According to the company itself.

Price and availability

The Wall Collection is now available for pre-order worldwide. At the same time, Wall-In-One and Mircro LED screens are not yet available. Prices have not been disclosed.

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source: Samsung newsroom

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