More than 500 homeless people are welcome in Porto Alegre; Learn how to help | Rio Grande do Sul

Porto Alegre city council has more than 500 people sheltered from storm Yakikan in the early hours of Wednesday (18). The Tesourinha Gym, in the Menino Deus neighborhood, accommodated 46 people on Tuesday night (17), 240 places were occupied in shelters and 282 people stayed in partner hostels, totaling at least 568 people.

In the gym, people received meals, were provided through donations from partners, and were able to take a hot shower. The pets were also able to stay out of the cold and rain in a place designated for pets. Reception procedures will be evaluated throughout the day, according to weather conditions, to see if they will also be maintained on Wednesday.

According to the municipality’s civil defense, winds of 70 km per hour were recorded in the morning. The subtropical storm continues to advance across the ocean as it is far from Rio Grande do Sul.

According to meteorologist Vanessa Jehm, of the state’s Civil Defense, moderate to strong winds can still be recorded, especially over the North Coast and Sierra Gacha, but tend to decrease gradually over the next few hours.

“The effects of the storm were less severe than expected and residents responded to the warnings,” said Sebastiao Melo, mayor of Porto Alegre.

How to donate clothes and food

Check out the donation points below:

  • city ​​Council – Montevideo Square, 10 – Historic Center
  • Shopping in Praia de Bellas – Avenida Praia de Bellas, 1181 – Praia de Bellas
  • Zaffari Supermarket Network (Soon, receipts must be confirmed)
    Lima e Silva Store – Rua Lima e Silva, 606 – Cidade Baixa
    Santa Cecilia Store – Avenida Ipiranga, 3000 – Santa Cecilia
    Fernandez Vieira Store – Rua Fernandez Vieira, 401 – Boom Fem
    Cabral Store – Rua Paraguay, 100 – Rio Branco
    Otto Niemeyer Store – Avenida Otto Niemeyer, 601 – Sorrow
    Equestrian Shop – Avenida Juca Batista, 4.255 – Equestrian
    Andradas Store – Rua dos Andradas, 933 – Historic Center
    Marechal Floriano Store – Rua Marechal Floriano, 333 – City Center
    Fernando Machado Store – Rua Fernando Machado, 860 – Historic Center
    Boulevard Store – Avenida Assis Brasil, 4230 – Paso de Aria
  • Barra Sol Shopping Center – Avenida Diario de Notícias, 300 – Crystal
  • Jim scissors – Avenida Erico Verissimo, s / n – Menino Dios
  • . public market Porto Alegre – Largo Jornalista Glênio Peres, 1 – Historic Center
  • Iguatemic shopping – Avenida Joao Walig, 1800 – Paso Daria
  • Super & Wholesale Disco – Rua Ramiro Barcelos, 430 – Forest
  • Shop Joao Pessoa – Avenida Joao Pessoa, 1831 – Farrubella
  • Cardiology Institute – Avenida Princesa Isabel, 395 – Santana
  • CDL Porto Alegre – Avenida Julio de Castillos, 377 – Downtown
  • Department of Urban Road Maintenance (DCVU) – Rua Engenheiro Antonio Carlos Tibiriçá, 319- Petropolis
  • Municipal Department of Urban Services (SMSUrb) Rua General Lima e Silva, 972 – Cidade Baixa
  • unisinos – Dr. Street. Nilo Pechanha, 1600 – Boa Vista

Damage to city infrastructure

All in all, the municipality was responsible Eleven trees and eight poles were damaged. The southern region was the region that recorded the highest number of recurrences. The roofs of two homes were damaged and families were treated with an emergency kit of tarpaulins, mattresses, blankets and a basic basket.

On the other hand, the Public Transport and Recycling Company (EPTC) registers Four shootings stopped on the roads due to falling treeswhile seven cases are still open, being Two with partial ban and five with no traffic effect.

Of the nine traffic lights that stopped working, seven have already been restored. There is also a record Six points with poles or wires fell on the track One has already been edited with a full lock. A road with a record of water accumulation has already been freed, while three accidents remain with a partial ban and two without a ban.

Ginásio Tesourinha opened to receive the homeless in Porto Alegre on Wednesday (18) – Photo: Eduardo Paganella / RBS TV

at Classes will be suspended in the municipality’s public network on Wednesday morning To assess the effects of bad weather. Routine will resume in the afternoonincluding agreements and early childhood education.

The Municipal Social Assistance Service (SMDS) and the Foundation for Social Assistance and Citizenship (Fasc) will be on the streets with Extended hours until 22:00 Approach the homeless and refer them to hostels, shelters and hostels.

The Municipal Water and Sewerage Department (DMAE) had some units without electricity overnight, but Service has already been restored. units health operate normally.

Department of Urban Services (Smsurb) and Municipal Department of Urban Cleaning (DMLU) with teams on alert for events, such as Tree pruning and removal.

Municipal services can be contacted by phone. 156 And via WhatsApp (51) 3433-0156. In case of doubt and emergency, it is necessary to call the civil defense (199or the fire department193).

The clothes and food donation drive, which kicked off last week, continues to collect clothes and groceries. Donations are delivered to people in need through institutions that have agreements with the City Council, in accordance with technical criteria that define social vulnerability.

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