Messi in a new team, revealing Jorge Jesus, a possible departure from Palmeiras, Neymar and more: the latest in football

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Tuesday (17) will be busy with football. In addition to another round with the Brazilians in the Copa Libertadores, the day will also see matches in Sudamericana and a match opening the eighth round of Série B., with the ball market raging.

A prominent figure in the history of football, being the idol of Flamengo and wearing a hopscotch, former player Zico gave advice to striker Neymar to achieve more significant achievements in his victorious career. In Galenio’s view, the player and jersey number 10 of the selections need to know how to handle the entire provocation scenario, show his differential quality, and turn it into goals or objective play.

“Know how to accept provocations and always try to use the space you have on the field, the skill you have and the technical quality to enjoy close to the goal,” the former player said in an interview with the Galera Esporte Clube, from RedeTV! , which was broadcast on Monday (16).

Barcelona? Messi reveals his plan and may have an unexpected fate after his departure from Paris Saint-Germain

Without giving his best at Paris Saint-Germain, forward Lionel Messi could make a sudden change in his career. According to the “DirectTV” broadcaster, the Argentine star will acquire 35% of the shares of Inter Miami, from MLS, and move to the North American team after the termination of his contract with PSG, valid until the middle of next year.

“It has not yet been signed, but it is printed and ready and it appears that there is already a certain agreement between Messi and Inter Miami,” the network said.

About to leave? Danilo Palmeiras is offered to the European giant

Featured with a Palmeiras shirt and one of the most promising discoveries in football today, midfielder Danilo has been offered to Barcelona. The information was revealed by the Spanish newspaper “Sport”. The young man recently had a renewed relationship with the São Paulo team, with the extension fixed until the end of 2026. According to the newspaper, the Blaugrano team is considering drafting an official proposal.

“The young Southbau, who plays at a high level in South America and was just called up by Tite for two friendlies in June, is ready to make the leap to European football in the middle of the year. He is growing by leaps and bounds and has the level to play in one of the greats in Europe,” he stated. in the publication.

Former goalkeeper Veloso was a guest on the podcast “Reis da Resenha” by Jovem Pan last Monday (16). When analyzing the powers of Brazilian football, the squad commentator highlighted concern about the future of Atlético-MG. In his view, the club’s indebtedness to clients was surreal, and the account should not be closed.

“Atletico MG puts their foot in their hands a little. It doesn’t have that bullet, it’s in debt and we don’t know how it’s going to end. Not Palmeiras and Flamengo, there’s a financial balance. It’s a 1.3 billion R$ debt. There has to be a sustainable formula. Having a family that pays for it.” Not so. One day this source will dry up, and then you need other means, one of which is investing in the base so that there is a rework, ”said the former player.

The “TV series” about Mbappe’s football future continues with new chapters. The “Goal” portal reported, Tuesday (17), that the player’s transfer to Real Madrid will take place, and a date has already been set for the supposed official announcement by Merengues: May 28, after the Madrid team. To play in the Champions League final.

Expert Says Rafael Ramos Didn’t Call Edenelson ‘The Monkey’

The case of the alleged racial injury of Rafael Ramos and Edenelson was the subject of last weekend in national football, and is still being investigated by authorities. In an interview with Rádio Guaíba, expert Giovanna Girotto pointed out that the Corinthians player did not call the Colorado midfielder ‘monkey’.

“Tests were conducted using the merit acoustics technique. This takes into account the context of the analysis. According to our experts, the word used was not monkey. And yes the car is ****. For the word monkey it resonates, the swear words are shorter. If it was a monkey, it wouldn’t be articulated. The mouth is reserved.”

Andres Sanchez denied Corinthians’ offer and called Jorge Jesus a liar: “Everyone who plays football knows who he is”

In an interview on the “De Lavada” podcast, former Corinthians president Andres Sanchez denied that São Paulo club sought Jorge Jesus to take charge of the team after Sylvinho’s resignation. Despite not taking charge of football at Timão, Sanchez said he maintains contact with Duilio, the current president, ensuring that the coach is offered and not sought after, other than what the master has indicated.

“this is a lie [que o Corinthians tentou contratar o Jorge Jesus]. He’s a liar. Bruno [Macedo], his manager, who kept calling everyone. Duilio is talking to the world, but the businessman has been offering back and forth. To play games, because he won’t come,” Sanchez revealed.

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