Is the 2022 Jeep Renegade Sport the best value in its class? See how much it costs to keep it

Four-wheel drive vehicles provide a good level of equipment and the most powerful engine in the range of 130,000 Brazilian riyals

The Jeep Renegade It hit the 2022 streak, in February, with another subtle visual revision and an important novelty under the hood: the new engine T270 1.3 Turboflex – Already used by the brothers Compass and Commander, as well as the Fiat Toro truck which retired the old e.TorQ 1.8 flex and 2.0 turbodiesel from the 4×4 versions simultaneously.

Present on all versions of the SUV, the engine generates 180 hp with gasoline or 185 hp when fueled with ethanol. A torque of 27.5 kgfm is achieved with either fuel.

in settings Sports (127,590 BRL) and Longitude (142,590 R$), both of which are front-wheel drive only, and the SUV is equipped with Six-speed automatic transmission Introduction by Aisin. Already the S Series and Trailhawk versions (both cost R$169,090), are equipped with 4×4 traction, the automatic transmission is a nine-speed ZF

But it’s the entry-level version, the Sport, that draws most attention for its cost-effectiveness. In addition to the new engine, the model leaves the factory with an interesting set of standard equipment in the same price range as the less-equipped 1.0 turbo four-wheel drive SUVs – the Chevrolet Tracker LTZ, Fiat Pulse Impetus and Hyundai Creta Limited, for example.

Standard and optional equipment

Just for registration, the file Renegade Sport 2022 Comes with six airbags (two front, two side and one curtain); four-wheel disc brakes with ABS; stability and traction controls; Independent emergency braking, driver fatigue detector, lane-keeping assistance; traffic sign recognition system; electronic parking brake; LED headlights and lanterns; Cruise Control; speed limiter; Starting system Multimedia center with 7-inch screen and wireless connection to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay; 17 inch alloy wheels; Ceiling racks, among other things.

In addition to the metallic paint ($1,565) and pearl ($2,220), the Renegade Sport can optionally receive the Exclusive Package (BR5,379), which adds leather-covered seats and 18-inch wheels. Jeep is still offering the Mopar package (R$587) with rubber mats and side moldings.

With all the options, the Renegade Sport 2022 ends up costing R$135,776.


Scheduled repairs for the 2022 Jeep Renegade are performed every 10,000 km or every year (whichever comes first). Below are the maintenance values ​​​​up to 50,000 km. paying off:

10000 km: BRL 669
20000 km: 768 Brazilian Real
30,000 km: 857 Brazilian Real
40,000 km: 795 Brazilian Real
50,000 km: R$1,297
Total: 4386 Brazilian Real

parts basket

We’ve also raised prices for the parts basket with Jeep, made up of the following components:

Right headlight: 4,339 Brazilian Real
Right outside mirror: R$701.99
Complete front bumper: 990 Brazilian Real
Full right rear light: 2390 Brazilian Real
Air conditioning filter (element): 63.60 BRL
Engine air filter: 99.00 BRL
A set of four shock absorbers: 2268 Brazilian Real
front brakes: 487.55 Brazilian Real
Engine oil filter: 52.00 Brazilian Real
fuel filter: 27.00 BRL
Total: 11418.14 Brazilian Real

Fuel Consumption (Inmetro)

urban consumption: 7.7 km/l (ethanol) and 11 km/l (gasoline)
road consumption: 9.1 km/l (ethanol) and 12.8 km/l (gasoline)
Road autonomy (55 liter tank): 501 km (ethanol) / 704 km (petrol)

How much does it cost to fill up a 2022 Jeep Renegade Sport?

Given the average fuel prices in São Paulo in the first half of May 2022, filling the Jeep Renegade Sport 2022 55-liter tank costs the following values, according to the Ticket Price Index.

Ethanol (5.220 R$ per liter): 287.10 R$
Gasoline (R$7.039 per liter): R$387.14

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