In the Pantanal wave, go to Bonito; See itineraries

The destination in Mato Grosso do Sul combines natural beauty with activities ranging from tree climbing to diving. (Photo: publicity)

by Eduardo Gregory

The soap opera Pantanal (Rede Globo / EPTV) has revived the desire of Brazilians to discover the beautiful destination of the landscape between Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. But the Pantanal is not the only star of ecotourism in the midwest region of Brazil. Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is already a well known destination but has generated even greater interest driven by the series and the growth of ecotourism in the country.

Like we did here already in Cidadeon Viagens with wet land In this post we point out tips and itinerary on how to get to know Bonito and what to do there.

paying off:

Preparing an itinerary before arriving in Bonito (MS) is the perfect way for tourists to enjoy local attractions without getting lost in the many options. The city has been selected 16 times as the best ecotourism destination in Brazil, and is a reference in managing natural attractions. Tour possibilities include activities such as floating, diving, trails, abseiling, tree climbing, and horseback riding.

There are 38 attractions from which to assemble diverse itineraries, which can offer proposals from the most serene, such as contemplating nature, to the most radical, such as scuba diving. Activities are promoted amid the landscape, such as rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and ponds. In addition to plants, tourists can also observe and communicate with various animals.

It is also possible to take a boat trip, cross buoy, quad bike, kayak, take cultural visits and enjoy the day at the spas. It is worth noting that all activities must be scheduled at a local tourism agency.

Activities have a limited number of places, therefore, it is recommended that visitors make reservations in advance. For example, the tour to Rio do Peixe is very popular and has more diverse waterfalls, trails and landscapes.

Since there are so many options for activities, a tip for tourists is to separate six days of travel, four days of programming in the city, one to go and one to return. Another way to organize is to select one tour from each category and do a maximum of one tour per day.

The Pantanal soap opera has reignited the desire of Brazilians to discover the beautiful destination of the landscape between Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. (Photo: publicity)

Day 1: Where do you start?

Upon arriving in the city, it is time for the tourists to check in at the hotel or hostel, leave their bags and acclimatize to the city. Depending on the arrival time, quieter activities may be alternatives to enjoy the place. However, it is recommended to save energy for walking the next day, as some can be more beneficial in the morning.

An urban walk is an option to get in touch with the region, its traditions, culture, and art. An alternative for the first day is to find leisure in options such as swimming in the natural aquarium in Bonito, which is 7 kilometers from the city center, the closest type of activity to the municipality. The attraction is located in the Baía Bonita Ecological Reserve.

Day 2: Caving in the morning and tree climbing in the afternoon

From the second day, after a proper rest, tourists can visit some Bonito caves in the morning. There are three caves open to visitors: Gruta do Lago Azul, Gruta São Miguel, and Gruta São Mateus. Lago Azul and São Miguel are located close to each other and can be visited in sequence.

The Lago Azul Cave is the only one that is flooded, and the activity is meditative. The inspiration for the name comes from the mirror of the crystal water, inside the cave, formed by the water table that feeds the lake.

Then the tour is referred to the Cave of São Miguel. The activity begins at the reception by walking down a suspended corridor. The trail consists of guides who provide details of the cave formation process.

A tip to complete the itinerary for the day is to include tree climbing at Sítio Ybirá Pe. 8 km from Praça da Liberdade in Bonito, the attraction began its first tree-climbing circuit at Mato Grosso do Sul. The tour takes place near the banks of the Formoso River and the visitor navigates among the treetops through crossings made of steel cable, bamboo, wood and rope.

Day 3 at Bonito: Parrots and Cross Buoy

The third day in Bonito can be written with tours that add paths, meditation, and fun. The tip is to pay a visit to Buraco das Araras, a rock formation resulting from a cave collapse.

The tour has a track of about one kilometer. Some animals shelter inside the hole, such as the vermilion parrots that give the place its name.

The second round of the day could be the Boia Cross Cabanas, conducted with individual buoys descending through the cliffs and waterfalls of Rio Formoso. This attraction begins with a 300-meter track on hanging walkways to the place from which the descent through the cliffs begins. The road accompanied by drivers.

Fourth day: enjoying in the waterfalls or spas

The entire fourth day can be spent in Parque das Cachoeiras. This is because the attraction has many entertainment options. It will take several hours to discover everything and discover the seven waterfalls on the way.

An alternative to a unique tour, which also guarantees fun for hours on end, is a visit to a spa such as Municipal or Sol. It is possible to enjoy crystal clear water, reception structures with a restaurant and bathrooms, for example.

Day 5: Adventure and adrenaline

Adrenaline tourism betting is always an option for those who love adventure. Therefore, it is worth setting aside a day for a radical walk. Abismo Anhumas, for example, has two options for activities: abseiling and floating or abseiling and diving. To delve deeper into this attraction, it is necessary to provide specific credentials. Floating is free for any visitor.

Another option is Lagoa Misteriosa, the main freshwater diving point in Brazil and the only hole open to visitors at Bonito. The depth of the lake unknown even to researchers and divers is what gives the place its name. The tour offers four different types of diving: baptismal, basic self, advanced self, and advanced nitrox.

It is worth noting that all the root attractions in the city have a Security Management System (SGS) from the Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tour Companies (Abeta).

Day 6: Trail in Boca da Onca

Since it is the last day in Bonito, tourists still have options for tours according to when they leave the city. A good programme, Half Trail Adventure Buraco do Macaco is an alternative to the traditional adventure route that takes place in the Boca da Onça tourist complex. This is the shortest track ever and extends for 2.1 km. The route is light and passes through seven waterfalls, with three bathing stops.

The rest of the day must be selected for check-out and return home.

where to stay

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Another option is Promenade Bonito. The hotel has breakfast included in the rate, an outdoor pool, shop and massage therapy service at an extra cost. There are two accommodation options in a 30 square meter apartment with mini pantry, Smart TV 43 and amenities.

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