“He chose me,” says the new “mother” of Thor, the dog that was towed by car—capital

The vet who took care of the dog adopted him and yesterday he finally came home after more than 30 days

Thor in the new house.  (Photo: social networking clone)
Thor in the new house. (Photo: social networking clone)

Thor, the one-and-a-half-year-old bull, who was injured after being pulled with a rope tied to a Chevrolet Cadet, had tough days, undergoing treatment, but yesterday (17) he took a “turn” in life.

He got a new home, clothes, and even the ability to choose where he’s going to sleep. Vet Jessica Santos de Carvalho, 30, now owns the animal.

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When I first saw him, I fell in love. I even cried. He chose me,” Jessica Santos told Campo Grande News.

The vet helped treat a bull in the clinic where the animal was taken by the NGO (NGO) Cao Feliz, after it was rescued. “I took care of him in the afternoon and at night, it is impossible not to fall in love,” he said.

And according to the vet, there was another point that made her love the animal at first. “It looks a lot like the Hulk, the bull I lost 3 months ago. When I saw him, I even cried because I remembered the Hulk,” he recalls.

As posted on Instagram Stories, Thor was moved to his new home yesterday. Video showing it inside the car. Jessica even posted the moment her new partner chose to sleep with her in bed. Watch:

Despite feeling guilty about losing the Hulk, Jessica said she made the decision to stay with Thor last week. “I suffered a lot from losing the hull, and was afraid of catching another little animal. So I talked a lot at home, where I live with my brother and a friend. It was a joint decision. Thank God here at home, everyone loves dogs,” he explained.

Thor chooses where he sleeps, in his bed or a bed
Thor chooses where he sleeps, in his own bed or his “mother’s” bed. (Social media)

After arriving home, Thor makes friends with everyone and according to the new “mother” is messy, very interactive and fun. He comments on the photos that he began to post on social networks: “I have already created a book from it.”

Thor’s treatment is over, and now the new “owner” will wait for the cold to pass and improve wound healing to castrate the new friend afterwards.

According to the delegate of Decat (the Specialized Police Center for Environmental Crime Suppression and Tourist Aid), Maércio Barboza, Thor got a new home after the vet signed the animal liability clause. The period is temporary until the final decision of the judicial authority is issued. With this, she cannot sell, she cannot dispose of the animal, she is the owner. “At the end of the process, we ask the judiciary to turn it into a final surrender, a gift,” the delegate said.

Until then, the animal’s owner was accused of mistreatment.

the case – On April 18, the owner of a bull was taken to the police station, a 26-year-old boy, and gave a statement. On this occasion, the veterinarian, Liris Reis, sent by the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine, examined the dog and found that, in addition to numerous abrasions on the body, the animal had an exposed muscle wound. She recommended that he be admitted to the hospital.

The delegate clarified that day that although the boy claimed that the dog had been the victim of a death, failure to treat the animal could also be considered a crime of abuse.

Photo of a bull in the hospital in a clinic in the capital.  (Photo: Happy Dog)
Photo of a bull in the hospital in a clinic in the capital. (Photo: Happy Dog)

Security camera caught Cadet pulling a dog around 3 p.m. on April 11. The images were sent to Direto das Ruas channel by an employee of a company located in Vila Nhanhá. As I mentioned Campo Grande news on timeAnd The man tried to reach the car to free the dog but failed. “I couldn’t do anything. The animal was trying to get up,” he said,

The next day, Decath’s team went to the site and got more pictures. And in the face of the repercussions, lawyer Bruno Tamasero, representing the dog’s owner, went on Wednesday (14) to the police station, explained the situation and set the date for his client’s testimony on the eighteenth day.

Before the animal was captured, the defender released a video in which the teacher explained what had happened, without revealing the identity. Thor appeared in a shirt. Therefore, it was not possible to see the wounds on the body, only on part of the face.

The video only shows the boy’s voice saying he didn’t realize the dog was connected to the car. “My grandmother didn’t know I was going out and tied the puppy to the car and got under it and didn’t see him, I didn’t notice and left with the car. If I had seen it, I would have stopped. I walked two blocks and turned to leave the car at the shop. When I got in I saw my dog ​​on the rope Behind my car, at the time, I was like, “You’ve lost your mind. I didn’t know what I was doing. I took him in my lap, and everyone saw Believe I didn’t really know the dog was car leashed at all.”

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