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A four-legged hexa – consisting of five girls and a cat – has garnered millions of views on social media. Videos of animals in different costumes have gained thousands of followers between TikTok and Instagram. They are always shown wearing different themes, such as Christmas, Halloween, Paquitas, Monica’s gang and even as saints. On May 13, the animals appeared dressed as Our Lady of Fatima, the day that marks one of Mary’s apparitions.

It all started as a joke, according to one of the teachers, Luciana Athede. We posted a picture of them on social media with some fruit on their heads while they were playing fruit salad. People started laughing because they found Zara [a gata] Funny, because she is among the dogs, and secondly because she makes faces and mouths, ”recalls the businesswoman.

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The teacher said that, with the good reflection of this first photo, she decided to continue taking photos and videos of the group and posting them on TikTok, which soon began to attract followers. Luciana helps her two daughters, Luana and Isabella, with the animals.

In addition to costumes, the animal teacher also wears matching sets. Photo: personal archive

Currently, the Hexagram wears the clothes of Our Lady of Fatima, San Francisco, Christmas, Easter, Paquitas da Xuxa, Halloween, Powerpuff Girls, Monica’s Gang, and many other costumes.

“I love posting on commemorative dates, like Aboriginal Day, Christmas, and Our Lady of Fatima feast. They also rock a lot in Pink October. With that, their TikTok has grown very quickly,” adds Luciana.

“Sextet” with eight animals is successful on social networks. Photo: personal archive

The group was best known as the “Sexteto de 4 Paws”, but it currently consists of eight animals: four Golden Retrievers (all female), a poodle, two cats and a cat. The last two cats arrived when the Hexagram was already known, and Luciana preferred not to change the name of the group.

“It all started with Lola (the poodle), who is the oldest. Of the eight, Lola is the only one bought; the Goldens (retrievers), the kittens, are all adopted. “Lolina will be 12 by the end of the week,” said the businesswoman. Next, I will celebrate her birthday.”

The owner explained that the second dog to arrive was Sophie, now five, donated by her niece, who had a golden retriever, shortly after the litter was born. The third, Julie, came when Luciana met another teacher, who was leaving for Canada, and he needed to donate the animal.

“Between that break, Zara, the funniest cat, appeared sullen. She came with a purpose. My youngest daughter was terrified of a cat, because she was attacked by one of them, so she panicked. I talked to the psychiatrist, and he said the best medicine is to have a cat,” so Luciana adopted Zara at a show set up by a pet store.

Memorial dates are one of Luciana’s favorite topics when deciding on costumes. Photo: personal archive

The fifth member of the group that made it to Luciana’s house was Chloe, who was born in the same litter as Julie, but the guardian had to donate it. “There, everything was ready. Luciana recalls.

The second cat, blue, was found by Luciana when she was leaving Parque do Coco, the main urban park in Fortaleza. “But blu has arrived. I was leaving Coco and a guy said to me “Look, there’s a trunk under your car”. When I looked, they were three cats that someone had placed. I brought her home, took care of her, fed her and put her to donate, but Bleu stayed and became a member of the family, ”explained the teacher.

Zoe, the seventh to arrive in the family, was trapped in a rainwater drain. She was dying. I took him to the vet, I was going to put him up for adoption, but my daughter was attached,” he highlights.

With Zoe’s arrival, Luciana thought the group was closed with the seven animals. “But a friend of mine told me ‘Luciana, I have a gift for you,’ and when I arrived she was another golden baby, a one-month-old.” Thus, Laurie joined the group, the last member.

success on social networks

A viral video went viral when Jolie participated in – and won – a beauty contest. The production had a huge impact on TikTok, taking the profile to go from 100,000 to 300,000 followers at the time.

Animal welfare and the group’s success led Luciana to change her career. I worked with the event organization, but the sector was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The girls were always ‘beautiful,’ and people were very curious. So what happened? I opened a dog clothes shop,” explains the businesswoman.

The campaign against loud fireworks served as a fashion inspiration. Photo: personal archive

Participation in events

In addition to social networks, sextet also participates in corporate events and campaigns. This activity started when a mall in the capital invited them to take a photo.

Because of that, people started inviting me to events. We didn’t charge anything for anything, we just asked, if they wanted, for someone to donate food to a shelter, always to help other animals,” explains Luciana.

Now we are often invited to hospitals. We did it in Luís de França last week and it worked, because a psychiatrist there – who is my follower – called me asking if I could take the girls. He said he had two girls who were undergoing cancer treatment, and one of them has been living in the hospital for months,” the teacher adds.

See more photos of 4 Paws Sextet outfits

San Francisco Hexagram. Photo: personal archive

Monica’s Gang was one of the chosen costumes. Photo: personal archive

The queen of juniors, Xuxa, and paquitas have also inspired hexagram fantasies. Photo: personal archive

Luciana also imagined animals as ghosts. Photo: personal archive

Disney Princess costumes for dogs in Ciara. Photo: personal archive

The classic nativity scene was also one of the chosen themes. Photo: personal archive

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