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Felipe Andreoli (Photo: Mauricio Fidalgo / Globo)

Felipe Andreoli (Photo: Mauricio Fidalgo / Globo)

Between recordings, agenda meetings and appointments, Felipe Andreoli He needs to be beaten when he gets home. He is still looking for ways to share the demands of Leon, his two-month-old son with his wife Rafa Brightsbroadcaster of “Globo Esporte” (TV Globo) has dedicated a lot to giving confidence to his 5-year-old son Rocco.

The GQ BrazilAndreoli says that the double dose of parenthood has given him some of these discoveries, reflections, and even fears. The main reason, according to him, was Rocco’s reaction to the promotion to the position of elder brother.

“We always think we’re ready, that everything will be easier and lighter, in a way, but what we don’t expect and don’t even know is that the dynamics with the eldest son are changing. We didn’t know how he said over the phone.”

One of the surprising factors that the journalist did not count on was that his son’s jealousy would go to him all the way. “I don’t know if he started tying the dots because he realized that Leon really needed Rafa now, but he wanted to ensure what is already his own. [risos]”He says.” We’ve been super connected ever since, so somehow I’m flattered. “

As for the activities the younger one requires, Andreoli says he is still looking for opportunities to connect with Leon. “Bathing, burping, bathing, playing…but there are things a baby needs from his mother. For example, he asks Rafa to breastfeed every two hours,” he explains.

He adds, “This time I can notice how hard it is for women. I sleep very lightly, so I notice when you get up to breastfeed.”

Felipe Andreoli and Rafa Bright with their children Rocco and Leon (Photo: personal archive)

Felipe Andreoli and Rafa Brights married in 2011 and had their first child, Rocco, in 2017 (Image: Personal Archive)

Felipe Andreoli with his youngest Rocco, two months old (Photo: personal archive)

Felipe Andreoli with his youngest Leon, who is 2 months old (Image: Personal Archive)

In addition to the new perception of what it means to be a father, Felipe Andreoli also saw motherhood with different eyes. “I keep thinking: How long will she be able to breastfeed at this rate? So I try to show as much appreciation and understanding as possible because it’s unusual,” he says.

On the one hand, if the presenter found news, the arrival of his second child also confirmed something he already knew – and knew from the first time: his passion for this role at home.

“What a man does is the least he does, but he has to do it because that makes a big difference.”

Andreoli says.

“I think it’s the best thing I do in life. Better than journalism and sports, the best thing I do is being a dad. I feel very happy about that,” he points out. The journalist also plans to explore this passion for fatherhood at work, but says he hasn’t yet figured out how to do it.

Felipe Andreoli mentions the possibility of creating a podcast with Rafa Brights or even with other men to discuss matters related to the topic, which according to him is still little explored by the male niche.

“Men don’t open up, they don’t talk about deep things with each other. I miss that a little bit, the guy says, ‘My son is going to get an injection and I’m the one to cry.’ Few men have the guts to admit that kind of thing,” he embodies. “It’s something I’d like to talk about more and swap out these little stickers.”

So uniting sport and parenthood would be the best of all worlds for Felipe Andreoli. He adds that he was able to do so on Globo Esporte. The presenter reveals that this year the program will witness an unprecedented series of episodes that tell the stories of the athletes and their parental relationships.

Felipe Andreoli and his two children;  Rocco and Leon (Photo: Personal Archive)

Felipe Andreoli and his two children; Leon and Rocco (Photo: Personal Archive)

As for the breeding of the family, Andreoli ensures that he and Rafa Brights have decided to “close the factory doors”. “After Leon was born, we looked at each other and decided: Let’s stop here. So we’re enjoying every moment because it’s going to be the last time, unless something extraordinary happens. Every passing minute is a countdown.”

Married to the influencer and presenter for over ten years, Felipe Andreoli says he values ​​life together and now with two children, this aspect of the couple is being recast. “We also enjoy our lives as a couple. Little by little we manage to get back into that, to get on our schedule, to have our day,” he says.

Professional life

Felipe Andreoli (Photo: Mauricio Fidalgo / Globo)

Felipe Andreoli has been presenting the Globo Esporte since 2019 (Photo: Maurício Fidalgo/Globo)

With the World Cup approaching, Felipe Andreoli does not hide his desire to be one of the correspondents in Qatar, which the radio station has not yet determined. “I don’t play for the national team, but I want to announce the same players who want to be called up. [risos]’, jokes.

Andreoli was due to travel to Japan to cover the 2020 Olympics, but with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything changed. “It was a big dream, but then I came up with a new plan,” he says.

Although the presenter still doesn’t know if he’ll follow the trophy from close range or from a distance, he says he’s happy to share it anyway. “No matter if I’m there in Qatar or here, it’s very important,” he says. “Knowing that they are counting on me makes me so happy, so excited for what’s going to happen in the future.”

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