Fatima Lopez adopted a dog that was abandoned at a service station

Fatima Lopez adopted a dog that was abandoned at a service station

The announcer was always saying “no” when her daughter asked her to have a dog. Everything changed when Beatrice turned 17.

Brownie is six and a half years old. Fatima Lopez adopted him when he was just over a year old, after he was “left at a service station, and tied to a pole with a short rope”. The 53-year-old SIC presenter reminds PiT of that period and how her dog changed her life.

“He came with his marks. It was a dog reported by my daughter who was waiting to be adopted into an association after being abandoned‘” remembered Fatima Lopez.

Today, Brownie is afraid of “special noises which frighten him so much, perhaps because of his past,” but he is a happy dog. “When he came to our house, he adapted immediately. The first night was a little more complicated, because everything was new to him, but then things went beautifully. He is a dog with a sweetness that is hard to describe. The sweetness in his eyes is what he has in his character. ‘, says the speaker, noting that ‘you can’t describe what it’s like to incorporate an animal into a family, especially one coming from a shelter’: ‘They just want to give love and receive love. Nothing else interests them.’

Fatima does not deny, however, that she was reluctant to bring an animal into her family. It was her daughter, Beatrice, now 22, who convinced her. It took years. “I only had this dog when my daughter was 17. I had always told him before that I couldn’t secure the walk and care I thought he deserved. I even played with my daughter and said, ‘If I don’t have time for a walk…'”, as Says.

“I can’t say no”

One day, Beatrice used a weapon that left the caller with no alternative. “She was told all her life no, that having a dog was a job to me, that he would be home alone all day. One day, Beatriz made me a document, a kind of letter of intent, with all the challenges and all the tasks that having a dog represented. There was a budget for the costs Food, veterinary medicine and everything. Besides, he devised a method for solving each of these situations: tours, weekends, paying expenses,” Fátima Lopes recounts to PiT.

“That is, she prepared a document that showed that if I wanted to, I would never participate. Faced with this, I thought that I could not say no to a girl who offered me solutions to each of the difficulties I mentioned to her.”

Today, Fatima Lopez insists on sharing tasks regarding sweet brownie. “There was no need to get over it when he was, in fact, a family member. Even my daughter’s friends would take him to take him for a run. And he loves him,” he laughs.

He is Philip, the 13-year-old son of SIC presenter, the “torment” of Al-Jahez. “In the morning, I can walk around the house as long as I want, and Brownie doesn’t come after me. When it’s time to wake my son up so he can go to school, Brownie knows and follows me right away. I give Felipe two kisses and he wakes up and then licks my brownie. Therefore, it is already part of Philip’s awakening to receive this love. And Brownie only stops when Felipe throws him a party.”reveal.

“A child can hardly feel what love comes from an animal.”

The presenter, who was present at a campaign against animal abuse, believes that the presence of an animal “helps to raise a child, to convey certain important values.” He embodies: “There are people, perhaps, who do not understand this, but it is the way we teach our children the role, importance and value of an animal that makes the most difference in how this child faces later. Life and others experience the difference. It seems not important, but it is very important.”

Fatima goes further and justifies it with a cause she knows well. “There are children who find it difficult to feel love from adults. It does not mean that there is no such love, but they feel difficult either because their parents do not show it in a noticeable way or for some other reason. The point is that the child hardly feels what love comes from an animal. She feels She, though, is a closed and introverted child,” he warns.

“I have already followed cases, even in my family, of children who were more shy, because of few words and less expression of feelings. From the moment a dog entered the house, they were very different. He concludes that animals help to regulate feelings and release them in a different way.”

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