Craveiral, the farm that connects comfort with luxury without forgetting the bigeye

Craveiral, the farm that connects comfort with luxury without forgetting the bigeye

On the Alentejo coast since 2018, the farm has a restaurant that supports local trade and the chef has a Michelin star.

The countryside is the best place to get away from everyday problems, but it doesn’t necessarily mean solitude. As the sun comes up, it would be great to enjoy a swim in the pool, but nothing takes the place of the waves on the beach. This residence that we offer you has three swimming pools, one of them is indoor, and it is only 15 minutes from the beaches of Zambujeira do Mar. In Craveiral Farmhouse, your only dilemma will be deciding which one you want to go to.

Craveiral was founded in 2018 and from the start accepts animals with open arms. “Sometimes I joke and say it’s more human-friendly than pet-friendly because animals are really comfortable”tells PiT Pedro Franca Pinto, the farm manager, with a laugh.

“In terms of the farm’s values: authenticity, comfort, freedom and the desire to make people feel at home, this has always made sense. Not allowing someone who has a pet to bring it with them wouldn’t make sense, these are our values,” the official explains, stressing that the requirement The only thing is common sense on the part of the owners.

With the exception of the pools, animals can enter all areas of the Craveiral, including yoga classes, which are available when visiting the farm. Classes are for people only, but you can bring your best friend with you.

Staying the animals includes a fee of €15 per night, and if you’d rather not keep them in your room overnight, the Farmhouse has a kennel with boxes available to take them in. When you check in there are some cookies for your companion which are also sold in the farm shop.

“When we know the sanctuary has an animal, we put in beds for the animal, appropriate for its size, and troughs for water and food,” Pedro says. The store also sells solid shampoo for animals.

From € 208 per night

The farm includes 38 homes, ranging from studios to very private farmhouses, as well as other types of facilities. Some have a bedroom and others have two bedrooms. Prices vary, the cheapest being €208 per night.

Every property is wonderful and refreshing. Whether it is the farm where the animals are, the vegetable garden or the paths where you can lose yourself in the wonders that nature has to offer, the entire environment will make you enchanted and want to stay there forever.

The hotel’s restaurant menu is built around local ingredients from that region of the Alentejo coast. “All the vegetables are from our garden. The fish is from the Sines auction and the meat is from the Alentejo meat producer in Odemira. We also make kombucha and beer ourselves,” says the official. The organic waste of the restaurant is properly treated so as not to pollute the environment and a large part of it is used to feed the farm animals.

social awareness

In addition to the tourism business and environmental concerns, the company reveals an unusually comprehensive awareness. Therefore, she joined a pizzeria and created the Craveiral Pizzeria Association, which is made up of three partners: Craveiral Farmhouse, In Bocca Al Lupo Pizzeria and VilacomVida Association. The latter aims to defend and promote the social integration and independent life of people with intellectual development difficulties, such as autism or Down syndrome, who despite having these characteristics are able to lead a normal life within the community, work and live independently.

In a pizzeria we integrate a person with these characteristics and one euro from every pizza sold goes to VilacomVida. It is a very important cause for us and we are very proud of our ability to help,” Pedro told PiT.

In addition to this initiative, Farmhouse, along with Blank100, has an experiment called Blank100 x Craveiral Artist Residency each year. This is intended to encourage artists interested in environmental impact and social inclusion. “Next is in November and the next will be in January. We have concerns about sustainability and social integration for everyone and this is a way for us to help,” emphasizes the official.

Scroll through the gallery to learn more about Craveiral Farmhouse and the activities it offers.

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