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The regulation that approved the implementation of the new system DNIT . Contest (National Transportation Infrastructure Administration) Faced with this information, many candidates are seeking information from the last public notice, which was published in 2012 by ISAF Bank (College of Financial Management).

Therefore, we will give all the details so that the concourses have a tendency to begin their studies and anticipate their readiness.

It is worth noting that the DNIT competition should offer several vacancies, since according to the data for 2021, the department has 1717 vacanciesbroken down into jobs:

  • Transportation Infrastructure Analysts – 206 Vacancies
  • Management Analysts – 182 Vacancies
  • Transportation Infrastructure Support Technicians – 1302 Vacancies
  • Administrative technicians – 27 vacancies.
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notice DNIT . Contest It was published ten years ago and offered opportunities for applicants at secondary and higher education levels. The vacancies were distributed among the various positions and specializations as follows:

upper level

  • Transport Infrastructure Analyst
    • Specialization: Environmental
    • Specialization: Geoprocessing
    • Specialization: Civil Engineering
  • management analyst
    • Specialization: Accounting
    • Specialization: Information Technology
    • Specialization: Administrative

Average level

  • Transportation Infrastructure Support Technician
    • Specialization: Methods
    • Specialization: Laboratory
    • Specialization: Surveyor
  • Administrative technician
    • Specialization:: Administrative

DNIT Salary Competition Started

Upon approval, future civil servants can count on the following starting salaries:

  • Transportation Infrastructure Analyst: Up 7815.81 Brazilian Real
  • Management Analyst: So 5,408.21 Brazilian Real
  • Transportation Infrastructure Support Technician: Up 3545.88 Brazilian Real
  • Administrative technician: until 2507.30 Brazilian Real


Since the DNIT competition has offered job postings for several specific positions, the activities that the servers have to do are also different.

Check out the responsibilities of each position below:

  • Transport Infrastructure Analyst:
    • Planning, management, research, studies, project preparation, monitoring of works, inspection of contracts and agreements, operation and traffic engineering with the aim of constructing, restoring, maintaining and operating federal roads, roads, railways, ports and waterways
  • Management Analyst:
    • High-level administrative and logistical activities related to the exercise of the powers of DNIT, making use of all available equipment and resources to achieve these activities
  • Transportation Infrastructure Support Technician:
    • Specialized technical support and support for planning, management, research and studies, project preparation, works monitoring and inspection of contracts and agreements, operation and traffic engineering, with the aim of establishing, restoring, maintaining and operating the infrastructure of federal transportation and roads. railways, ports and waterway
  • Administrative technician:
    • Medium-level administrative and logistical activities related to the exercise of the powers of the DNIT, utilizing all available equipment and resources to achieve these activities

Position requirements

Before subscribing to DNIT . ContestCandidates must be familiar with all requirements of the public notice, as well as meet the requirements required to take up the position. See what was in 2012 public notice:

  • a) have been approved and rated in the competition, as provided in this notice
  • b) Brazilian nationality; In the case of Portuguese citizenship, it must be supported by the status of equality between Brazilians and Portuguese, recognizing the enjoyment of political rights, as stipulated in Article Decree No. 13 of Decree No. 70436 of 4/18/1972
  • c) the enjoyment of political rights
  • d) Equal to electoral commitments
  • e) be even with military service obligations, for male candidates
  • f) He must be at least 18 years old
  • g) Have the physical and mental capacity to perform the duties of the job, proven by the DNIT . Medical Board
  • h) hold a diploma duly registered with the Ministry of Education (MEC) or recognized in the case of a certificate from a foreign institution, which certifies the education referred to in subsection 1.2, in accordance with the position/area of ​​specialization and the indicated legal qualifications
  • i) Provide a certificate of distribution sectors to the criminal judicial authorities of the places where he has resided, in the last 5 (five) years, of the Federal and State courts
  • j) Submit a registration paper for the Federal Police and the Police of the States in which you have resided in the past five years, which was issued no later than 6 (six) months.
  • k) To submit, in the form of current legislation, a signed statement from the candidate that he has not in the last 5 (five) years:
    • I – responsible for acts judged to be irregular by a final decision of the Federal Court of Audit, the Court of Audit of the State, Federal District, or Municipal, or even by the Municipal Board of Audit
    • II- shall be punished, in a decision of which there is no administrative appeal, in a disciplinary process for an act detrimental to the public property of any area of ​​government
    • III – Convicted in criminal proceedings for crimes against public administration, surrendered in Chapters II and XI of the Special Part of the Brazilian Penal Code, in Law No. 7492, dated 06/16/1986, and Law No. 06/1992
  • l) Submit such other documents as may be necessary, at the time of inauguration.
  • Failure to demonstrate any of the requirements specified in this subsection and those that may be established under the letter “l” will prevent the candidate from taking the position.

DNIT . Competition Exams

The tests were one of the stages of the event and had an exclusionary and qualifying nature. The value set at this stage varied according to the educational level of the candidates. Check it out below:

  • upper level:
    • a) Objective Test 1: Maximum 50 weighted points
    • b) Objective Test 2 – a maximum of 100 (one hundred) weighted points for each area
    • c) The third test – discursive: a maximum of 60 (sixty) points
  • Average level
    • a) Objective Test 1 – a maximum of 50 (fifty) weighted points
    • b) Objective Test 2 – a maximum of 80 (eighty) weighted points for each area
    • c) The third test – discursive: a maximum of 50 (fifty) points

The Distribution of questions in tests DNIT . Contest The year 2012 was as follows:

Transport Infrastructure Analyst

management analyst

Transportation Infrastructure Support Technician

Transportation Infrastructure Support Technician

Administrative technician/administrative area

You can check the specific program content for each position in the 2012 public notice available at the end of this article.

vacancy distribution

View the DNIT Tender Notice published by ISAF Bank in 2012 1200 vacancieswhich were distributed in specific units and monitors.

Below we will present how the vacancies were distributed:

DNIT Competition: Vacancies
DNIT Competition: Vacancies
DNIT Competition: Vacancies


  • Banking: to be determined
  • Positions: to be determined
  • Level: to be determined
  • Last competition: 2012
  • Bank Latest Public Notice: Esaf
  • Last Public Notice

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