“Beth and Life”, or Amy Schumer’s Midlife Crisis

The songs are like this: they are intrusive. Unexpectedly and desperately. For example, who knew that in front of the new Disney + series, Beth and life, a dramatic film with half-hour episodes, as if it were a sitcom (which it isn’t), about a woman who works as a commercial at a New York wine dispenser and is miserable, and who would have thought given that premise that we’d cast some lines written 40 years ago in Lisbon? “Change your life / If you don’t live satisfied / Change your life / You are always in time to change / Change your life / You should not live contradictory / Change your life / If there is life inside of you in another way.” This is Antonio Variakis, the poor devil who became Marchano who became a barber who became a singer who became an icon, embracing the world, including Hollywood, we think we’re going through the story created by Amy Schumer about the midlife crisis in women. As we ponder the idea that the song’s main lines are the third and fourth, not the first two. There is always time for change – and that’s exactly what Beth will do, albeit only after a shocking chain of events.

The death and troubling medical diagnosis of Beth (Amy Schumer) call into question her life in Manhattan, her work, and her long relationship with Matt (Kevin Kane), who works for the same company she works for and is a sales star. It prompted her to question whether the unhappiness she was feeling was caused by inertia, or letting go of herself, and avoiding friction-inducing decisions. When she gets the double whammy, she ends the relationship and decides to take a city break – back to her native Long Island, where she fled years ago, to re-evaluate the options. This is where most of the ten episodes take place. It’s where Beth encounters the ghosts of the past, and the family events and idiosyncrasies that set her on the path she’s on, through flashbacks we see as a teen (Violet Young) encounter a controlling and needy mother. To get attention (Laura Benanti). It’s where we get to know her family’s circumstances better, with her father (Michael Rappaport) and sister Anne, who are in adulthood (Susanna Flood) not even close to her mother, unlike Beth, who has an affair with Jane. dependency relationship.

The protagonist is seen as a semi-autobiographical construct and mobilization for Amy Schumer’s last years novel: marriage, health problems, difficult pregnancy, motherhood… The comedian plays a serious role here, leaving the humor especially for the characters around. And that doesn’t invalidate the fact that there are moments when this dramatic comedy comes close to the graphic format that made it famous Inside Amy Schumer. However, there is a dramatic element that cannot be skipped in Beth and lifeWhich deals with depression and its deep roots, and prevents this woman from living a full life. To prevent the series from getting too heavy, Schumer, who wrote half of the episodes and directed four of them (and is an executive producer), experimented and mixed variations. He goes on to the romantic comedy that he stars in with the character Michael Cera. This game plays the role of a rural worker with few social skills, John, whom Beth gets close to once she arrives on Long Island. A couple who, according to the American press, act together like Amy Schumer and her husband, chef Chris Fisher, in real life, in a kind of parting of love.

Beth and life He has that almost voyeur side. But there’s also a more detached way to recommend it: If you liked the latest version someone somewhere (HBO Max), with former Schumer companion Bridget Everett, likely to enjoy the series, which premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, May 18. If not, then be it to see the great David Byrne (Talking Heads), in his 70s, doing (more) a little leg up on TV. This could result in you flicking through the night and listening to old recordings. Even because if we take something from here, it’s that we always go on time.

Disney +. Wednesday (T1 demarcation)

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