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On the day Académica’s relegation to Liga 3, Pedro Roxo, president of AAC-OAF, introduced the so-called Athlon Group, as an investor in Briosa recently. As the foundation’s famous partner says, “He showed up with the supposed bride to announce the wedding tomorrow.”

Not much is known about this group of investors, as reported here: What is known about the mysterious investor wna Académica?. Little. A little bit. Anna Guerreiro has not appeared in public since the promised “wedding”, nor has she responded to questions from the National Dialogue Conference.

Malo de Abreu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Assembly. Whoever registers, did not attend Academic Council meetings that were discussing the creation of SAD, called for a civic shock and scheduled elections.

But at the end of the application deadline, no list had been submitted to the Board.

At the last academic council on May 3, which ended at dawn, a chancellor lamented that the two factions competing for the last electoral law (Pedro Roxo and Joaquim Reyes) had not reached an agreement. When disputing the places each individual is entitled to in the new governing bodies. Another member of the Academic Council tells us that such an agreement may still be possible.

Meanwhile, another group of partners embodied the new movement “Academic Reconstruction. Always Presa”.

On the 20th day, members will finally know how many lists will be put to a vote. Grief is the lifeblood! Who will be the new owner of Academia?

In the same Academic Council, the administration of Pedro Roxo submitted its proposal to SAD. As a result of various interventions by the management, SAD is now presented as the lifeblood of a bankrupt Academia.

Just last week, the stadium was cut off due to non-payment of bills as reported here

But there are many debts that have accumulated on the current management of the bankrupt Académica. In addition to the employees who are still months behind, among the various finances, financial and social insurance debts are already thousands of euros in debt, Jorge Anjinho’s ward acts as collateral for creditors.

In this context, management explained its desperate contract negotiations with “Athlon Fund” to make a statement issued by the company. However, since there are no guarantees of payment, management will seek to obtain it.

According to several members of the Academic Board, there are still several issues to be clarified: After all, who is behind the fund that will hold the shares? In other words, where does the money come from? What are the investment guarantees?

It was agreed that until the day of the vote on switching to SAD, the Board of Directors would disclose all documents and identify the new owner of Académica. Yes, because the documents already available make it clear that although on paper AAC-OAF owns 51% of the new company, in practice it will not have control over it, since the most important things must be decided by the investor unanimously and this can be prevented. This is corresponding to an investor who owns only 49%.

This is the framework in which members can be invited at any time to vote on converting SDUQ to SAD. We’ll see if it will be before or after we find out the composition of the new direction for Academia, whose elections are scheduled for June 4th. In José Eduardo Simões’ time, the SDUQ/SAD discussion took nearly two months, then the SDUQ was defended by Académica by 100% of the partners. At the time, Pedro Roxo defended SDUQ.

Académica Movement Dinner 100% of members defending SDUQ

As Académica approaches bankruptcy, there are those who remember that this process has many similarities to that of Beira-Mar in which even one of the champions is repeated.

Entrepreneur Nuno Patrao, as we reported in 2018, was present in the decisions of Academia Sports during Pedro Roxo’s tenure: Costina and the “other Patrao”: “The difference is that Nacional did not waste time listening to strangers.”

In the photo, members of the governing bodies of the AAC-OAF, businessman Nuno Patrao and Alices Santos, as well as football coach Sergio Gamenha who also passed through Academia.

The rise of Nuno Patrão at the Académica is a recurring topic among the partners. It will also begin with the businessman’s meetings with the candidate who succeeded Jose Eduardo Simويسes and whose first victim was Nuno Oliveira. Nuno Patrão’s promise was to get €2 million before the start of the first season in the second league following the departure of José Eduardo Simões, for the sale of just one player. The promised two million never came.

Nuno Patrao: “Players are the biggest advertising medium”

Nuno Patrão represents players who have had a place at the club such as Traquina and central Zé Castro. This season, the Hugo Seco promotion, is also managed by Nuno Patrão Company. But many other players are also noted who have spent these six seasons in Liga 2 for Briosa.

The countless coaches who have passed through Coimbra to attack the promotion to the First Division, they have the toe of a businessman. Academia, as we know, ended up in the third degree.

Nuno Patrão is linked to the bankruptcy of Beira do Mar as he presented himself as the “asset manager” of SAD auri-Negra, where he was responsible for the selection and management of professional footballers, as well as the technical team. Also at this club, he publicly promised sales of 2 million euros.

Before that, in the middle of their honeymoon with a man from Arabia, Patrao explained to O Jogo the “little spotlights and ‘hates interviews'” of Majid Peshiar, an Iranian businessman, the interests of the SAD club and how he himself appears in the project.

The newspaper added that Nuno Patrao was Pechiar’s right-hand man in Aveiro and an employee of 32 Group.

Any resemblance to what is happening at the Académica is at the reader’s discretion.

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