Attacking player Jorge Jesus in Flamengo and Cagliari: the last time in football

Photo: Attack from a player, Jorge Jesus in Flamengo and Gallery: the latest in football

Jorge Jesus in Flamengo was the big news in football, however, a lot of information from other clubs such as Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Atletico MG and others has been summarized, to keep you well informed.

Jorge Jesus will be willing to make a “sacrifice” to lead Flamengo

Coach Jorge Jesus, who has speculated with Flamengo, is negotiating with Turkey’s Fenerbahce, and is still waiting to determine Paulo Sousa’s future to make a decision on his career.

According to Pilhado’s Youtube channel, the coach will block negotiations with Fenerbahce to await an introduction from Flamengo. People close to coach Jorge Jesus say that although Flamengo’s values ​​are not close to Europe, Jesus accepts a bit of Mingao’s training.

It would be a professional desire for JJ to lead Flamengo again, mainly due to the support that comes from the stands under his name. It is worth noting that the Arab world has already tried to appoint El-Sayed with a more financially attractive proposal and the coach has chosen to refuse to wait for the outcome of the Paulo Sousa story in Mengau.

About to leave? Calleri does not commit and opens the game about the future in São Paulo

Calleri is Tricolor’s most important player this season. The striker is the club’s top scorer of the year and who scored the most goals in the Brazilian championship, so far the Argentine has scored six goals in the first six rounds of the competition. But Sao Paulo fans are worried about the player’s survival.

In an interview with GE, Caleri did not stay at the club. Even by saying that he is happy at the club, he said he still did not know what his future would be, and he left the contract renewal in the hands of Sao Paulo.

“I am very happy with my present, day in and day out, and I always try to do my best. But I don’t know what will happen in the near future until the board tells me the choice will be made. The shirt is fixed with me. I am very happy with the shirt, my best moment in football was with Sao Paulo and I hope to stay here longer to win titles,” he said.

Palmeiras player is attacked by the fans and Laila speaks

Palmeiras issued an official statement this morning, Tuesday (17), denying the attack by Alfeverde fans on left-back Jorge’s car. The crime was to take place in the Barra Fonda football academy area. And the club revealed, in a letter signed by President Leila Pereira and published on the official website, that “the player had damaged the windshield of his car and was subjected to verbal threats.”

“Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras strongly condemns this cowardly attack against our athletes and will take all legal and criminal measures until the perpetrators are identified and punished in the strictest of law.” Set in 2021 following the departure of Viña, the former Flamengo side, Santos and Monaco have yet to find themselves under Abel Ferreira.

Jorge, currently, is the Uruguayan reserve Joaquin Bequerez, but he has played in some matches as the start of this season – which sparked criticism of the athlete’s performance by Palmeiras fans on social networks.

Ball Market: Fenerbahce could take Gabigol from Flamengo. understand

Coach Jorge Jesus is waiting to determine his future in his career, and while he has an offer from Fenerbahce, of Turkey, on his table, the coach is still waiting for the attack of Flamengo, targeting at the moment of pressure on coach Paulo Sousa. testify.

According to the Turkish portal Sporks, the Turkish Fenerbahce, will be interested in the striker Gabigol from Flamengo, and will have the support of Jorge Jesus to attack the striker. The European club’s plans are to negotiate at least two players and, subsequently, to make a move to get Gabriel Barbosa out of Rio de Janeiro.

Jorge Jesus has not yet responded to the Turks and has set a deadline of early June to do so. If the “master” goes to the Turkish club, then there is a high probability that Gabigol’s attack will take place in the middle of the year. Fenerbahce’s plan is to set up a 50% width of the Flamengo player’s pass.

Zaracho comments on the possibility of reinforcements arriving at Atlético-MG: ‘It would help a lot’

Atlético continues to prepare for the match against Independiente del Valle, Thursday, in Mineirao, for the Libertadores da America. Today, prior to the activity at Cidade do Galo, in Vespasiano, midfielder Zaracho was selected to speak with reporters. The Argentine was asked about his compatriot who could be a teammate since the middle of the year.

This is Christian Pavon, who is under contract with Boca Juniors until June 30. According to Radio Itatiaia, Atletico have made an agreement with the player who will arrive at the club in July. The trend is for it to be a replacement for Savarino, who has been traded in football in North America.

Zaracho agrees to a final appointment of Pavon and reveals a conversation with the athlete. “Pavon I don’t know personally, but I spoke to him. He seems to be a good person, a very good player. If he comes here, he will strengthen the team well. But I didn’t talk to him much. He is a great player who will help us a lot,” Zarrach said.

Pavon has not played the field since December 11, 2021, when Boca Juniors beat central Cordoba 8-1 in the Argentine championship. Since then, the club and the player have tried to strike a deal, but to no avail. With that, he was removed from the main cast and trains separately pending the end of The League.

If racism is confirmed, Corinthians already know what to do with Rafael Ramos

Internacional’s Edinilson has denounced the potential issue of racism, and the player said Rafael Ramos would have called him “the monkey”. The player denies this and says the Colorado midfielder misunderstood his speech. Corinthians believe in the Portuguese version. But, according to journalist Vitor Guedes, of UOL Esporte, if the racism is confirmed, Corinthians will terminate the contract with the side.

The spokesperson said: “I have inside information that if racism is installed by chance, it’s over, it’s over and not played, Corinthians will not pass a piece of cloth.”

Also according to the journalist, black and white leaders in Corinthians “framed” the Portuguese to understand the issue. According to the athletes, Rafael Ramos was firm in his response, saying that he did not call Edinilson “the monkey.”

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