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The season ended and Belenenses faced the fate he had been trying to avoid since the start of the season: relegation. The situation between the Belenenses SAD and CF Os Belenenses is known to all, but this is not, at least for the time being, the main problem that the club that has fought so far in the Primeira Liga will have to face in the coming months, in the coming weeks and even the next few days.

Belenenses SAD’s financial situation was far from being the best in Liga Portugal Bwin, and relegation forced a reworking of everything about the club. Team budget and salary, yes, but not only. Next season promises to be a radical change for the Belenenses SAD and these changes will not only pass through the main team.

according to zero zeroBelenenses SAD is preparing to pick up his bags again (something that has happened in recent years) and leave Jamor permanently. Best wishes for “good luck” to Casa Bia, who He will face similar difficulties Next season at the National Stadium. Like we already did advanced In time, the future of the Belenenses SAD will pass through Malveira, but that future will not only mean a change of location.

Step One: Budget Cuts

Before taking the first steps in the 2022/23 season, with the goal of climbing the division already in the minds of managers, Belenenses SAD is preparing to make budget and sales cuts and then organize finances to see what you can count on next season.

Sale of Afonso Souza is mandatory Capta +

For this, the passing of Afonso Sousa (Read here) is as essential as it is insufficient. Louis PhilipAnd Yaya Sithole And Alison Sapphire They are the other names that Belenenses SAD has put on the market, which seeks to make it fit to allow it to fulfill its obligations, while forming a team to compete in the second league.

Part of this team will be made up of players from the current U23 teamWhich, by all indications, will become extinct at the end of the season, and be guided by it Franslim Carvalhothat will continue next season. The costs of the under-23 team (about 1 million euros) burdened the budget of the Belenenses SAD, which, on the other hand, will save a significant part when leaving Estádio Nacional do Jamor. The second step follows.

Second step: Malvera

Nothing has been closed yet, but sources from the Belenenses SAD and the president of Atlético da Malveira himself, Nélson Alves, have revealed to zero zero Belenenses SAD talks to move to Malveira started three months ago and have borne fruit.

distance Fail to switch to Grandola Technical details – it is necessary to equip an alternative stadium for La Liga a maximum of 100 km from the main stadium, which did not happen in Grândola (Bonfim was the nearest stadium, 102 km away) – the alternative was Malveira, for several reasons.

Franclim continues next season Kapta +

The region (Municipality of Mafra, Province of Lisbon) was decisive, first of all because of the greater ease of convincing players to play near the Portuguese capital, which did not happen easily in Grândola, but not only. The fact that there are young teams at Atletico da Malveira turns out to be crucial for Belenenses SAD and Atlético da Malveira to reach a deal that is close to being finalized, but it may be subject to changes.

In addition to PlaygroundWhere the Belenenses SAD will play, as long as they can pay for the necessary works, especially the lighting, at an estimated cost of €200,000 to €300,000, there could be some sort of merger between Belenenses SAD and Atlético da Malveira.

Step Three: Near Fusion

The newspaper reported the situation register it’s the zero zero In a position to confirm that there is an agreement on the table between Belenenses SAD and Atlético da Malveira.

To be clear: what happened to Sintra Football when it was founded with Estrela will not happen to Atlético da Malvera. In order to compete in professional tournaments, clubs need coaching teams and for this purpose Belenenses SAD will establish a cooperation agreement with Atlético da Malveira, which will formally include coaching teams as representatives of SAD Belenenses.

For this to happen, there is no need to change the name of the club. For now, this is not a scenario on the table, although it hasn’t been completely ignored. However, Atlético da Malveira will receive a counterpart agreement with Belenenses SAD.

If the two clubs go ahead with this “merger”, Atlético da Malvera will become a shareholder of SAD da Belenenses SAD, which, on the other hand, will use Atlético’s training facilities and teams from Malveira. to me zero zeroThe president of Atlético da Malveira has not confirmed the existence of a merger agreement with Belenenses SAD.

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