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The May edition of Café Empresarial brought the issue of startup meuResíduo Soluções Tecnológicas. Entrepreneur Fábio Ronaldo Tusset, the company’s co-founder and CEO, was a member of the meeting, which was promoted by the Association of Trade and Industry (ACI) in Santa Cruz, on the morning of Tuesday, 17, in Hall 2 of the entity. In front of an audience made up of entrepreneurs and business professionals, Tosit presented the “My Waste: Digital Transformation, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance” lecture, sharing the path of the award-winning startup that is currently a reference in the field of waste management in the country and has already started to walk on The way to establish itself in the foreign market as well. The event was moderated by ICA directors, Eduardo Cruz, second secretary, and Eduardo Bettencourt, from technology, and was broadcast in real time on the organization’s Facebook and YouTube platforms.

A graduate Systems Analyst at Unisinos and a Graduate in Information Systems at Unisc, Fábio Tusset has been in the IT field for over 20 years. He participated in the Entrepreneurship Program at Stanford University and in the SoftLanding Program at UPTEC – University of Porto, which greatly contributed to the acceleration of the development of the startup MeuResíduo. In the past five years, he has been dedicated to digital transformation in the environmental field with the company.

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According to the entrepreneur, MeuResíduo is a file start That originated within the company: Tekann Tecnologia da Informação, of which he is a partner and co-founder, at the request of the client, who is interested in submitting an application for assistance with waste collection. “At the time, my partner at TeKann and I were looking at investments to develop a new product outside the area we operate in. So we looked at this waste market and saw that it was an opportunity, as there was no program that specifically addressed this area.”

In 2015 he started developing the meuResíduo solution. The following year, the project was transferred to the Entrepreneurship Program at Stanford University. “There was a wonderful first contact we had with a scientist Startups How do these companies operate? From this experience, we came back with more knowledge to decide the investment and management of the business forward.” Only in 2018 did MeuResíduo become a company.

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With only a few clients initially, the partners decided to subject the company to acceleration programs that deepened their knowledge of the practices and work of the world Startups. “The more we participate in these programs, the more we realize how important it is to be close to all of the innovation ecosystems and the benefits this has brought to our business.” The next step was to invest in a digital sales structure, from marketing Even training employees to sell and deploy the program remotely. This became the main method of product marketing and the path the company took to accelerate its growth in the market.

Fábio Tusset recalls that the biggest challenge for meuResíduo was to be a pioneer in a market that does not use technology. Until then, everything was done by hand in waste, on paper, and very little on spreadsheets, because it was a market that didn’t have much investment. “We were the pioneers and faced all the difficulties arising from this situation in terms of openness and preparing the market to accept this technology.” Since then, meuResíduo has participated in many innovation events and even StartupsAnd winning awards, above all knowledge that is used to improve the performance of the company.

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MeuResíduo’s growth target this year is 300%. The next challenge is to expand into the international market, as it already has clients in Panama, Mexico and Angola and is now opening a front in Chile as well.

Present on the ACI calendar of events for nearly a decade, Café Empresarial is a space for knowledge exchange and networking. Welcome to breakfast, guests participate in a dynamic presentation and attend lectures focusing on the business area. This event is sponsored by the Extremo Sul Regional Development Bank (BRDE), UNISC, Unimed, Cindapa, Borba Imóveis, Lisaruth and Gazeta de Comunicações . Collection.


MeuResíduo is an environmental information management program associated with TecnoUnisc – Unisc’s regional technological science park. The start Shares information between actors and partners in a business relationship, including generators, carriers, consultants, recyclers and waste recipients. A management solution with features that contribute to a conscious future, where the waste cycle is structured and transparent, providing complete traceability and security in the information generated at every link in the chain. The tool automates processes and links them to real-time control, as well as providing governance and Commitment in waste management.


Opening the meeting, ACI President Cesar Chinato stressed the importance of innovation for the development of the region and extended an invitation to the Industry Week that the Council will promote with several partners starting next Tuesday, 24. The inaugural lecture is given by businessman Daniel Randon, President of Randon and Transforma RS.

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