12 topics to write the enemy 2022

Great Expectations for the National Secondary Examination (Or) is a subject revision. Thinking about the possibilities of the topics that could fall into the test and putting into practice the production of texts is central to this preparation process.

The first step is to know What topics are already covered in Enemy’s writing?. With this information, it is possible to get an overview of the topics covered and how the exam is asking for them.

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Various topics related to CitizenshipAnd JobAnd immigrationAnd violence against Woman And Psychological health It was already in the largest educational assessment in Brazil.

To learn about topics that might fall into writing Enem 2022, Brasil Escola spoke with Fernanda Pessoa, who was a writing teacher for three students who scored 1,000 points in Enem 2021; Fabiola Neubren, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Polyhedral course Sao Jose dos Campos; And teachers of the pre-vestibular course in Student workshop (SP): Vanessa Bottaso, editor, and Daniel Simoes, geography.

12 topics to write the enemy 2022

1) Effects of the epidemic on education

Analyzing recent thematic themes charged in sprint writing, Fabiola Neuprene highlighted that education could be a potential topic of the year. In recent editions, the exam included the following topics: Technique (2018), the culture (2019), health (2020) and Citizenship (2021).

Mapping by thematic axes is interesting, according to Fabiola, to understand general charged topics and, accordingly, to highlight those that have not been charged for some time and are relevant.

Among the objective approaches to education, Professor Fabiola noted: Effects distance lessons For teachers and students. evolution for New teaching techniques; lack of access to technology and the internet for studies; The importance of school in socialization.

The World Bank has released a report on the negative effects of the pandemic on Brazilian education. According to research, two out of three Brazilian students may not have learned to read a simple text correctly by the age of ten.

The National Institute for Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) conducted a survey between February and May 2021 with 168,739 schools in the public and private network. The survey provides data on schools’ performance during the pandemic.

The Inep study showed that 43.4% of public schools provided equipment to assist teachers, and the proportion in municipal schools was 19.7%. The data indicates the large number of education professionals who have been affected by the lack of technology support in the teaching and learning process while face-to-face classes are suspended.

2) Domestic violence against children

How do social isolation during the covid-19 pandemic As a virus prevention measure, the time people spend at home has increased dramatically. The number of reports of abuses against children and adolescents has risen since the start of the pandemic, according to data from the National Human Rights Ombudsman.

Fabiola Nierbern, from Poledro Corso de São José dos Campos, referred to Domestic Violence Against children as one of the writing possibilities this year.

Susceptibility to violence increased due to school suspensions, which caused children to stay home. Although the numbers are alarming, it is important to note that there are cases that have not been adequately reported, indicating that the problem is greater than the statistics indicate.

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3) The importance of voting in the exercise of democracy

In 2022, elections for the president, senators, representatives of states and federal states take place. As a result, the controversy over The importance of voting As a mechanism to ensure practice democracy expands.

Among the possible approaches to this topic, in addition to voting as a democratic element, Fabiola Nierbern also referred to youth participation in elections and aspects of the electoral process itself, such as the importance and function of electoral propaganda.

4) UN 2030 Agenda

Written by Fernanda Pessoa, the United Nations 2030 Agenda (United nations) may be one of this year’s script production topics.

The 2030 Agenda consists of a global action plan that includes 17 goals related to Sustainable development and 169 goals aimed at eradicating poverty and promoting human dignity.

The Convention was established by 163 countries from the United Nations in 2015. The objectives set out in this plan include the three sustainable dimensions: social, environmental and economic.

Fernanda thinks it’s time for some environmental discussions in the Enem newsroom due to Brazil’s need to control and accelerate the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

5) Post-pandemic economic growth

The economic scenario in the world has been severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. In this sense, discussions about the influences that occurred during this period, as well as aspects of growth in the post-pandemic moment, can ship in Enem’s editorial room, according to Fernanda Pessoa.

A World Bank report indicated that the first year of the epidemic affected the economies of 90% of countries, the highest rate ever recorded in 120 years. The economic impact of the pandemic was greater than that of the two world wars and the global economic recession of 1929 and 2007.

6) Factor 4.0

Thus, the increasing sophistication of technological products from the so-called Industry 4.0 increases the demand for professionals trained and interested in working with these innovation processes.

Industry 4.0 is a concept that includes automation and information technology. The term is associated with more modern consumer goods such as: The Internet of thingsAnd Artificial intelligencebig data, leraning machine, among others.

In this sense, Professor Fernanda Pessoa believes that aspects of the work dimensions and factor 4.0 are potential for the subject of writing sprint.

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7) Children’s rights

In order to ensure the protection and development of children, it is essential that the fundamental rights of this public are guaranteed. These rights are: health, food, education, safety, well-being, family, social life and dignity.

The writing teacher of the pre-vestibular course in the Student Workshop, Vanessa Bottaso, has argued that as a result of the deteriorating socio-economic situation of the population as well as the effects of the pandemic, the protection of children’s rights is gaining a central place in the public debate.

8) Valuing the teaching work

Teaching is an essential profession to strengthen and develop education in any country. In Brazil, the reality of those who work as teachers is characterized by difficulties in evaluating their work.

Problems that already existed with . have been intensified covid-19 pandemicAccording to Vanessa Bottaso. Among them are low salaries, cutbacks in career plans, excessive monitoring and individual accountability, devaluation of professional qualifications, instability in the structure, and conflicts in the school environment.

9) Youth, work and life project

Changes in the national scenario regarding the economy, work and education directly affect the youth life project. In this sense, it is important to understand and conduct a critical analysis of the current social reality and relate it to the dimensions that surround people’s life stages, as is the case for young people.

According to Vanessa, this topic has gained space in the public debate due to the new dimensions that have affected the reality of young people. Among the changes High School Repair The social and economic reality of Brazil. Vanessa said these facts raise questions about high school students’ choices in preparing them for work in the social environment.

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10) Visualize well-being and happiness

The pandemic scenario has greatly affected people’s mental health, and many researches point to this. A scientific study issued by the World Health Organization in March 2022 (Who is the) shows that cases depression And worry Showed 25% growth worldwide.

Given this, it becomes increasingly necessary to research and discuss it well-being. Professor Vanessa Busato pointed to the fact that Brazilians’ perception of well-being and happiness has declined. For the professor, this is closely related to the period of increasing pessimism that can affect the proceedings for the resumption of the country’s development.

11) Food insecurity

Another important impact of the epidemic to be analyzed is starving. The Brazilian economy has suffered from persistently high rates of inflation, however, eating out has been a challenge for many Brazilians.

social problem Food insecurity It is affected and related to various aspects such as the rise in food prices that make up the basic basket, and The unemployment Vanessa Busato concludes that the rising and falling value of consumer power.

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12) 5G Internet and its effects on society

Technology is a subject matter with a tendency to fall into writing Enemy 2022According to geography teacher Daniel Simoys of the entrance examination course before entering the student workshop.

Daniel cited the impacts on society through the 5G internet. For the professor, a much-discussed aspect is how the greater mobility that 5G provides tends to affect businesses, which can spread operations around the world. And also the reactions in the labor market, which will require increasingly qualified personnel, with a versatile and flexible profile.

“Issues related to the growing power of large telecommunications and technology companies are also common, as are discussions about the criminal use of the Internet by extremist groups, terrorists and other forms of misdemeanour,” Daniel Simoys explained.

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