With the forecast of frost, actions are intensified to help the homeless in the Piracicaba region; Learn how to collaborate | Piracicaba and the region

Because of the meteorological scenario, the Municipal Secretary for Assistance and Social Development (Smads) in Piracicaba predicted Operation Winter, a measure that ramps up services for homeless people. The process, which usually takes place between June and August, has been brought forward due to the low temperature forecast and begins on Tuesday (17).

While working, teams from the Service Specialized in Social Approach (Sea) and the Municipal Civil Guard Providing shelter for the homeless until 11 pm.

Persons who accept services will be referred to the California Paralympic Games and Reception Center. In total, 100 seats will be available. Those assisted will remain on the sites from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM and will receive snacks, breakfast, and hygiene products.

The audience can ask Via Seas phones (19) 99446-4389, (19) 99446-5654 or 153Municipal Civil Guard.

With a sharp drop in temperatures, Piracicaba anticipates the winter process

With a sharp drop in temperatures, Piracicaba anticipates the winter process

In Limeira, the Municipal Social Promotion Center (Ceprosom), with the support of the Municipal Civil Guard (GCM), Civil Defense and Military Police, Will intensify this Wednesday (18) social approach at night for the homeless. And work continues in the months of June and July due to the low temperatures.

At the time of approaching, the services available in the municipality are offered, both for reception day and night. Those who have been approached may be redirected to a shelter center.

The space typically serves an average of 20 people per night, but seats 50. If necessary, the number of spaces will be expanded in other places. “All detainees have beds, blankets, clean clothes, hot showers and meals provided by the municipality. If any user has dogs, pets will also be housed‘,” explains Ceprosom President, Maria Aucélia Damaceno.

If residents find someone homeless at night, they can call the Civil Defense, via 199, or the GCM on 153, so the approach team can perform the service.

During the day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., calls can be made to the reception services phone 3446-8333 or 3442-4602.

The Welcome Center is located on Rua Capitão Bernardes, and is dedicated to overnight stays, personal hygiene and food. Casa de Convivência, in Recanto Alvorada, is a place for people who are willing to leave the streets and need a place to live.

At the Pop Centre, in the Jardim Ibirapuera, which is open during the day, users can wash their clothes, do personal hygiene, undergo social assistance and eat.

Map showing the possibility of moderate frost in Piracicaba on Wednesday – Photo: Reproduction / Tempocampo System

In Santa Barbara de Oeste (SP), the city council launched the Warmwear 2022 campaign last Wednesday (11).

This year, the Barbarense campaign carried the slogan “Your coat can have a happy ending. Donate! – Theme used in all cities of the Campinas metropolitan area (RMC).

Initially, there will be 30 collection points scattered throughout the city. New or in good condition clothes and blankets can be donated. Donations will be sent to the Social Assistance Reference Center (Cras) and Social Assistance Centers – Community Centers (NAS) in the municipality.

Check redemption points:

  • DAE (Department of Water and Sanitation) – Rua José Bonifácio, 400, Centro
  • City Council / City Council – Street. Monte Castillo, 1000, Spring Garden
  • Civil Defense – Rua Graça Martins, 464, Centro
  • Department of Economic Development – Rua do Ósmio, 975 – VIC Center – Store C – Mollon
  • Ciseran – Rua Curitiba, 259, Cidade Nova
  • City Hall – Luis Ometto Highway, SP-306, 1001, Residencial Dona Margarida
  • 2 CIA / 19th Military Police Battalion – Rua Maranhão, 290, Vila Grego
  • Military Police Community Base Rua Portugal, 1061, Jardim Europa
  • Territorial Administration Cidade Nova – Rua de Algoda 1431 Cidade Nova
  • Early Childhood Education School “Toca do Coelho” – Avenida Monte Castelo, 706, Vila Alves
  • The Imperial School – Avenida Monte Castillo, 816, Villa Alves
  • Colégio Pilares – Avenida Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 300, Centro
  • Perfect College – Avenida Tiradentes, 11, Downtown
  • NEI – Integrated Education Center of the Rumi Foundation – Avenida Monte Castillo, 1095, Jardim Primavera
  • NEI – Rumi Foundation Integrated Learning Center – Avenida Joao Umeto, 118, Jardim Banambi
  • Romi SA – Avenida Pérola Byington, 56, Centro
  • Romi SA – Highway SP 304, Kilo 141.5, Industrial Area
  • Romi SA – Luis de Queiroz Highway, 1824, Industrial Area
  • Atacadao – Rua da Agriculjura, 3650, Industrial Division
  • Canadian Maple Bear School – Rua do Osmium, 1517, Mollon
  • TRBR Indústria e Comércio Ltda – Avenida Marginal, 1515, Polo Industrial
  • Denso Santa Bárbara d’Oeste – Avenida Marginal, 1001, Industrial Complex
  • Treviso Residential Complex – Rua João Gomez Moreira, 715, Parque Planalto
  • State School “Juvelina de Oliveira Rodrigues” – Rua José Alexandre de Barros, 86, Jardim Paulista

A social approach to the homeless, in Piracicaba – Photo: Publicity / City Hall of Piracicaba

In Nova Odessa (SP), the city council is partnering with NGOs (NGOs) to provide temporary shelter for people who do not have a place to stay and their pets.

The work also includes Civil Defense, Social Promotion, Creas and Social Fund. “It is always a precarious situation for these very vulnerable populations, who sleep without shelter and often refuse their invitation to spend the night in a shelter or institution. Therefore, the current administration is doing this work, whether it is welcoming or supporting with warm clothes, blankets, etc.

Residents who wish to cooperate with these actions must Look for a Social Promotion (Rua Francisco Bueno, 131, Jardim Europa) or a Social Solidarity Fund (at Clube da Melhor Idade, Rua Heitor Penteado, nº 199, Centro). Casa Mais is located on Rua das Crianças, 1186, in the Jardim Nossa Senhora Fátima, and is also in need of support.

There is still a danger of frost in the area on Thursday – Photo: Reproduction / Tempocampo System

According to Klimatembo, Temperatures begin to drop early Tuesday (17) In Piracicaba, the lowest lows occur on Wednesday (18) and the scenario continues until Saturday (21). Check out the week’s forecast:

Minimum 10°C and maximum 21°C. Sun with some clouds. Does not rain. The wind speed can reach 12 km/h and the relative humidity ranges between 23% and 89%.

The sudden drop in temperatures occurs on Wednesday. Minimum 4°C and Maximum 17°C. sun forecast with frost at dawn. Clouds increase in the afternoon. The wind speed can reach 19 km/h and the air humidity ranges between 30% and 77%.

Minimum 6°C and Maximum 18°C. Sun with some clouds and no rain. Wind speeds reach 14 km/h and relative humidity ranges from 44% to 88%.

Today should be the lowest temperature of the week, with a minimum of 4 ° C and a maximum of 19 ° C. Sunny forecast with frost at dawn. Clouds increase in the afternoon. The wind speed is up to 11 km/h and the air humidity is between 41% and 90%.

Minimum 10°C and maximum 21°C. Sun with some clouds and no rain forecast. Wind speeds up to 10 km/h and air humidity ranges from 39% to 91%.

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