Violent traffic also damages the heart and orphans of young parents – Special Reports

Daniel, 34, left Ottavia, 1, and Gabriel, 24, and won’t even be able to meet his youngest.

Daniel Ferreira Miranda, 34, died the day his first daughter Otavia turned one.  (Photo: personal archive)
Daniel Ferreira Miranda, 34, died the day his first daughter Otavia turned one. (Photo: personal archive)

On the day the first daughter turned one year old, on May 5, Daniel Ferreira, 34, said goodbye to Miranda. A motorcyclist and rest-aparter in the city of São Gabriel do Oeste, could not resist being hit by a garbage truck in the Jardim dos Passarros neighborhood, in the northern region of the municipality.

“He was delivering, and it was our daughter’s first birthday. From what they told me, he tried to resist, he looked at her picture and said ‘Love, love, love’, hard. She doesn’t understand, but when she sees a motorbike, she looks around to see what If her father is, but I don’t talk much, she keeps looking, and I’ll wait until she’s older to talk more,” confirms his wife Manuela de Almeida, 38, florist.

They had been together for 13 years and he was his first biological child in a relationship. Manuela already has a 14-year-old boy, whom Daniel took care of as a son. “He’s quiet,” Manuela says of her teenage son.

She remembers that on the day of the accident, which occurred around 10:30 p.m., her husband was rescued and taken to hospital. When I got to the scene they were trying to revive him. “He had three cardiac arrests. He couldn’t resist,” he lamented, remembering that once I got pregnant with a little Otávia, he gave up being a truck driver and made some rest.

Daniel with his wife and stepson.  (Photo: personal archive)
Daniel with his wife and stepson. (Photo: personal archive)

“He was a hardworking worker, a wonderful person, he took care of everyone, he was a very happy person. That’s what I’m going to pass on to her, who was someone who dreamed and succeeded. He wanted rest so badly and got it. He died working, he said, to give his children a future,” says Manuela, He stopped being a truck driver to be closer to his family.Daniel was giving birth in the neighborhood where he had an accident.

According to the wife, many mistakes happened and her husband ended up being a victim. The garbage truck driver is suspected of being drunk, but the breathalyzer was not taken. The car lights were still broken and the neighborhood didn’t have enough general lighting. “It was a route he always took, he walked all over town to deliver supplies, that was unknown,” he said wistfully.

three children – Gabriel da Silva Nunes was 24 years old when he died on May 12 after being hit by a truck at Villa Nasser in Campo Grande. The accident occurred in the morning, he could not resist and died on the same day, at night, in Casa Santa. In addition to his mother, sisters and wife, three children live, two from his first marriage aged 2 and 4 and an unborn child.

Wife Carla Larani de Oliveira Machado, 21, says in honor on social networks. Crying and unable to speak on the phone, she sent the letter she wrote to him in a tone of longing and sadness.

Gabriel with a couple of children aged 2-4 years.  (Photo: personal archive)
Gabriel with a couple of children aged 2-4 years. (Photo: personal archive)

“Last year we lost our first child and all my faith was with him, but you came and gave it back to me, you held my hand tight and said we could have another baby whenever we wanted. I couldn’t even get pregnant again, my body was fragile, but God ordained it was all right to leave A part of you is mine, so I can always be in touch with you, so I will never be alone in this world.”

For his mother, Marcia Aparecida Damazio, 44, her son had just returned to God. “I gave him back to God, where did he come from,” he declared, and the past few days have been very difficult. “He always lived with me and he’s been on the move for a year, but we’ve been talking every day on the phone,” he recalls.

Gabriel had an accident near his workplace, at an Internet company, where he had only been working for two days. “I just got hired,” Marcia recalls. “He was very passionate about his children and was very happy with the arrival of the third child. I was already arranging the room until he arrived.”

Little Isaac Gabriel is still in his mother’s womb, he is still due in three months and will not meet his father. Octavia, Daniel’s daughter, likely does not have strong memories of her father. Orphans from traffic violence, accidents that could have been avoided.

Gabriel on his wife's lap & # 34;  flattening & # 34;  The little unborn child.  (Photo: personal archive)
Gabriel on his wife’s lap “plays” the unborn baby. (Photo: personal archive)

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