Trends in the shopper’s shopping experience

Bet on charming visual communication and a more specific and news-filled mix that helps you be more successful in sales.

Our shoppers are increasingly looking for innovations and new ways to find the product they are looking for.

Whether it is a gastronomic experience, where he can savor his favorite chocolate in a playful environment full of tech or even in a movie that allows him to feel smells, fears and other emotions, regardless of the framed social class, the thing is: the Shopper wants to find news! And this desire is not limited to the gastronomic, technological and digital world. On the contrary, this trend has already reached the pharmaceutical environment.

Imagine that 10 years ago, your client was taking their child for an injection and finding an environment with a scent able to calm the fear of injections, warm lighting, fun decor on the walls and at the end of the procedure, the child would leave laughing why didn’t you feel the pain and you won a princess certificate? Hard to imagine right? But this is one of the trends that is already being applied in outpatient pharmacies.

In addition, our shopper can, if he likes it, buy the flavored oils and essential oils that he liked to feel in that environment, because in current pharmacies we can already include a sector of alternative therapies / botanical products – oral, cosmetics , topical or eco-publisher – where our shopper can find all those ‘gratification-free’ organic, veggie, and cruelty-free products. This is even one of the sales categories that have grown the most and gained strength in the past five years, with growth of 130%, according to Nielsen.

Another trend that is growing and has the potential to grow even more in drugstores is PET lines. The Brazilian market is the third in the world, second only to the United States and the United Kingdom in the consumption of products and services for animals. Adding this information to the shopping experience of our shopper, who upon entering the pharmacy will be able to find items for your pet such as: accessories, food, hygiene line, we have a scenario that enhances the experience and convenience for the shopper who is the “pet parent”. In addition to the in-pharmacy experience, the shopper will also be able to find a private area to leave their pets safe (if accompanied) outside the pharmacy.

And for fans of sports, such as cycling (this category, by the way, which has gained new fans with the epidemic), in pharmacies you can find products exclusively for ingestion and use in the practice of these sports. For some time now, the dietary supplement line has been explored in retail pharmacies, but with the increase in sports enthusiasts and the restriction of gyms during the pandemic, users of these products had to change their way of exercising and the pharmacy gained and so, a new profile of customers who began to find in pharmacies that I took advantage of this business opportunity, on a safe point to purchase nutritional supplements, accompanied by guidance from pharmaceutical professionals who specialize in sports nutrition.

Many pharmacies have even included in their new design a section with a more detailed mix of products, with furniture dedicated to this category of products and which speaks directly to this target audience.

To explore one of our largest audiences in drugstores – children – the trend is based on providing shopper mothers with shopping experiences aimed at the care and well-being of the child; For this purpose, the children’s sectors are designed with the thought of how to provide solutions to the challenges that mothers bring. An example is the placement of scales built into the wall furniture in the children’s sector (mother will bring baby milk, for example, and can already check the weight of her child), children who will return to-face lessons and will be able to find among the available accessories, cups, supports, lunch boxes, as well as nutritious foods; Accessories such as slippers and T-shirts with UVA / UVB protection are also included in the mix of this sector, especially in pharmacies located on the Brazilian coast or in tourist cities.

And for those who will give a gift to the new mom, current pharmacies are promoting popular “gift/baby shower lists,” where the mom picks the items she wants to win, guests buy at the chosen pharmacy and the future mom can still win. Some of the benefits of choosing a pharmacy! Just like online wedding gift lists (which have always been a hit in both physical and virtual stores), baby shower lists are becoming popular in Brazilian drugstores!

Another important point in new trends is the attention to the flow of customers within the store. That pharmacies are no longer just points for buying medicines, we already know that! But the current innovation is thinking about ensuring the longest possible experience within the pharmacy, creating segments that “delight” our shoppers and increase their stay time. As a result, the shopper consumes more and the pharmacy reduces the incidence of “cold spots” (points where the offered product does not sell as much as it would if the flow of customers at that location was greater). This effect can be achieved through pharmacy models that prioritize the single flow (one entry and only one exit), whereby our shopper passes along the covered path, through all sectors of the pharmacy and finds in it, very well placed, the categories hygiene, perfume and beauty, It has furniture with a charming visual connection, to a more specific and full of news in the field of grooming and beauty.

In terms of ‘look’, there are 3 types of pharmacies: traditional pharmacies (with traditional furniture and product mixes), and boutique pharmacies (where the focus is on cosmetics, healthcare, body awareness and a lot of landscaping in her proposal). and grassroots drugstores (which invest in shopper-possible economics, buy in larger quantities and pay less, in generally continuous use items; in this model there is the ‘promotional’ of mix, strategic furniture (baskets/piles) of the brand and color pattern.

As you can see, there are many innovations that have appeared recently! It is now up to you to decide what type of shopper frequents the pharmacy and explore the innovations available!

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Source and image: Desenvolve Consultoria Director, Marcelo Christian

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