The National Agriculture Fair starts on June 4 dedicated to innovation and technology

FNA 22 – National Agricultural Fair / Feira do Ribatejo, which takes place from 4 to 12 June, at the National Exhibition Center, in Santarém, with its theme “Innovation and Technology”, aims to introduce the changes that agriculture with the application of new technologies will have, one of the most Issues related to the modernization of the sector.

FNA aims to offer many technology offerings that already exist, but have not yet been widely implemented, such as 5G, biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and others. In this context, the exhibition will witness the “Innovation Space” of “Klaustros” – one of the most noble places in the exhibition – which will have an exhibition of solutions related to these issues.

The evolution of the epidemic and the general vaccination of the population allow the FNA to return to its normal molds, without the mandatory use of a mask or applicable sanitary rules. It will be possible again to feel the life and traditions of Ribatejo.

farming talk

At the fair, seminars and discussions take place almost every day of the week, with a focus on CAP’s “International Conference on the Future of Agriculture”, which will take place on June 8, 10:00 AM.

But other meetings and discussions are planned:

June 6

  • Workshop Restoration – Org. integrin

June 7

  • Tenth Young Farmers Competition – Organization. hat

June 8

  • International Conference The Future of Agriculture – Org. hat
  • Animal Welfare Certification – Organization. Spriga
  • Sustainable Livestock Production II Food Efficiency Organization. hat
  • Restrictions on the use of antibiotics in livestock: problem or opportunity – Org. plurivit
  • Adaptation of Grazing Management – Org. plurivit
  • First Symposium on Viticulture: The First National Symposium on Renewable Viticulture – “Soil Health in Climate Change Mitigation” – Organized. compost
  • Sustainable Livestock Production II Food Efficiency Organization. hat
  • Entrepreneurship Nersant – Org. Nirsant

June 9

  • Long-term vision for rural areas – Org. hat
  • Presentation of the CAP4ALL Project – Org. hat
  • Integrated Weighing Systems – Cachabos Solutions – Organized. cachabos
  • Nanotechnology and agricultural production in a zero waste mode – organization. vital

June 10

  • Security Training Role – Org. Doctor

agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery is one of the most important areas of the event where news and major brands in the market, which offer innovative and differentiated solutions, are presented. It is an area that attracts industry professionals, enables communications and business, in addition to attracting the attention of many visitors, for its luxury.

Ribatejo’s betrayals

On the other hand, FNA is back to bet on Ribatejo’s traditions and appearances. This year the National Association of Forcados Groups will have its own space to present its activities.

At the same time, the audience will be able to witness the staging of bulls, parades, campinos competitions, speed and skill, driving by messenger, folkloric fairs, traditional markets, traditional and folk music.

In terms of equestrian activities, the first Luso-Spanish Tradition Collage will take place on June 10th, but many other activities highlight the importance of the horse at the National Agricultural Fair, with major horse farms present.

The equestrian activities program includes the following:

  • National Dressage Competition – 22 FNA Cup 4 & 5 June
  • JUNE 4th & 5th National Labor Equivalency Championship JUNE
  • Morpho – Bullfighting Functional Aptitude Test Jun 9
  • The 11th National Competition Avelhada da Pred Lusitana June 10
  • The Twenty-eighth Official National Competition of Portuguese Horse Farms June 10
  • Portuguese Fashion Competition – Manuel Sabino Duarte Cup “VECA” June 11
  • Saddle Show Competition June 11
  • National Jumping Competition June 11th and 12th
  • Open Santarém horse ball on June 11-12

tasting pleasure

FNA 22 – Feira Nacional de Agriturismo / Feira do Ribatejo also contains the Prazer de Provar salon which collects in the same place many high-quality products such as wine, olive oil, cheese, sausages, honey, jam, fruits and other food and provides consumers with access to some of the best products National, namely in tasting the best wines, the competition “Vinhos de Portugal” by ViniPortugal, olive oils from CEPAAL, honey from FNAP and the best cheeses, sausages, liqueurs, desserts and more from Qualifica organize the best and best national competitions. In this context, FNA will host award ceremonies for various competitions.

Salon Prazer de Provar has a wide presence of municipalities in a particularly specific area, including those that make up the international community of Lezíria do Tejo, and others such as Alijó, Carrazeda de Ansiães, Murça, São João da Pesqueira and Vila Franca de Chira, among others other.

Also of note is the space dedicated to the Portugal Sou Eu programme, an initiative that aims to boost national productions and has many representatives in the market.

At the same time, “live cooking” events take place, with product fairs and tastings, as well as tastings of olive oil, wine, water, honey, gin and vegetables.

More information about the National Agricultural Fair / Feira do Ribatejo here.

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