Technology invades football and becomes an essential piece for clubs

Campinas, SP, 16 – use Artificial intelligence In the club routine football It is already a reality. we departments Football, technology is used in areas such as analysis performanceAnd physical and technical reports for athletes and attracting and evaluating promising youth signatures. In addition to the clubs FIFAthe maximum entity of the method, is also already using the resource technology to reduce Mistakes and raising the level of competitiveness in football all over the world.

Data Scientist Internacional CEO Eduardo Seligman states that the information obtained through the use of technology is fundamental to decision-making by the Board of Directors and the Technical Committee. “Here at Inter, and in other teams as well, a lot of the information we get is generated through algorithms and automation. This is data that affects aspects such as athlete attraction and performance monitoring and analysis,” Seligman explains.

Clubs used technology to recover athletes
Clubs have used technology to recover athletes (Photo: Evan Storte/Santos)

For Bruno Maia, CEO of Feel The Match and CEO of Sports Innovation, technology is fueling a real transformation in sports. In the opinion of the expert, good use of artificial intelligence and data reading should be used to develop and update the method.

“Access and the ability to interpret data is the foundation of all the transformations football is going through and that it will experience in the coming years. The use of AI technologies seeks to accelerate these two things, as well as offering solutions and technologies that are inaccessible or expensive for human skills, in a scalable way. “. But what is artificial intelligence? Basically, it is a machine that “imitates human intelligence” to perform tasks and improve itself based on the data and information it receives.


With a mission to bring clubs, entrepreneurs and players together on the same platform, the “Chronus Sports” app, from Mooh! Tech, registered professional athletes last Tuesday. In the app, managers, coaches and managers will have access to information such as match history, technical reports, physical conditions and general picture analytics for players.

The technology, which produces reports with technical, health and reputation attributes, has been validated by MBP School, a training school located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Atlético-MG, the current Brazilian champion and striker Hulk, one of the highlights of national football, have officially announced that they will both score on the podium. The club and sports are announced in partnership with FootCoin, one of the investors in the app.

“The app is up to the professionalization of comparisons between athletes and revolutionizing the relationship between players, clubs and entrepreneurs. There is also the social function, which is to give visibility to amateur athletes, who work in “ghost conditions” and will be able to register their work for evaluation on the platform. With Chronus Sports, we hope to bring technological advancements to the world of football, provide solutions and promote the development of sports in the country,” explains Everton Cruz, CEO of Mooh! Tech.


FIFA, world football’s governing body, has announced that it will use artificial intelligence to improve the performance of the VAR. The goal is for referees’ decisions to be made faster and more accurately, at which point the appeal is often criticized. The concept is that technology can be more active in reviewing obstacles. The new system has between 10 and 12 cameras mounted on the surface of each stadium, plus sensors that, combined, will track 29 points per athlete, 50 times per second.

“Whether it is used to maintain player health or help determine the best group of players for a match, AI is helping to change the world of football as we know it. Technology and football are building a relationship that can change more than just the way the sport is played,” he said. says Jorge Braga, CEO of Botafogo.

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